Monday, July 20, 2009

S/mileage - aMa no Jaku pv review

at last FINALLY we have a pv from h!p's newest group....

Here It Is:

the pv is great. and the school uniforms & dance shot outfits are adorable.
the dance is OK(its sorta boring). The Song could have been a lot better.
And honestly, i like this pv a bit more than Morning Musume's newest pv(their pv was disappointing).

i personally am not really into this image that they seem to be trying to go for, but They suit the image that is given to them well.
and i don't really know the members all that well either(i only know Yuuka & Saki).

but it's OK, since its their first single.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Buono - Take it Easy Preview

i honestly just don't like this song. its sounds to much like country music and i really don't like country music. i was expecting something better since MY BOY was just so awesome. and Momoko's high pitched voice is back too(i don't have a problem with Momo's voice being high pitched, i actually love her high pitched voice), unfortunately im absolutely sure that the Momo haters are gonna start back bashing Momoko about her voice.

I hope this gets a good pv(im hoping the pv is gonna be outdoors).