Thursday, April 29, 2010

Momo a University Student Soon?

It was annouced on Momoko's solo radio show that she would be a university soon.

Nouciel from Hello-Online translated a script that 2ch has provided of Momo talking about being a university student,
here it is:

So, everyone, April has already ended.
In this month, many things happen.
For example, I work, but since this April I've started writing in a diary.
There are lots of of people that do challenges this month.
So, Momo, hmm, starting this spring I will become a university student. I've became one!
Ah, I said it too fast, it's "I'll become" (lol)
So, I'll become an university student starting this spring, so I think there will be some people surprised about this.
Since quite sometime ago, I've thought about high school, for about 1 or 2 years.

Yeah, everyone, it's the time to think, like, which path do you want to walk in life.
Well, wether if you like or dislike studying, that's not where the answers are.
It's more like well, well, wether you *want* to study a bit more.

I think I also want to go to university to increase my circle of friends.
Well, a lot of examinations will practically allow you to start working.
So, I'd feel so lucky if I passed an examination *laugh*
It would be good *laugh*

Studying something specific sort of makes you feel like, relieved.
Since Momo likes small kids, I'd like to be able to be a kindergarten teacher, or a primary school teacher.
Although... the width of a job can be extended, yeah? (* I think she means that she could also work on more things, like, being a kindergarten/primary school teacher is not the only thing she'd want to do)

Ah, so, for sure, I want to work in something that is about getting involved with kids.
Manager, did you listen?
I want to do that
Yeah, I want to do that *lol*

So, radio listeners,
about me taking that examination, some of you might get worried
But, now more than ever, you can ask me about stuff.
Momo wants to listen.

So, when I start getting the actual lessons...
There are also fun things to do when you're an university student.
I also want to be in conversational challenges (discussions?). Momo, as well as other people, let's do our best in our life as university students.

-My thoughts-
I'm VERY happy for Momo-chan! I mean of all the members from Berryz to go to college, I'm pretty sure just about all H!P fans thoguht she would be the least likely, since she's seems so focused on her idol career, but it looks like she's proven proven a few fans wrong! :)

I'm thinking as of right now, Momo plans to be both an idol and a university student! I don't think she wants to give up either one of them even if doing both is very hard and stressing(If you've noticed NO H!P girl has ever tried to do both at the same time .... KonKon ended up leaving Morning Musume for her college education). I do think Momo will do fine with doing both though... She IS a hard worker(the hardest worker in Berryz) and I just don't think she will give up on being an idol anytime soon(after all... Didn't Momo herself say in an interview that she wants to be an idol even when she's old? XD)!
Momo is a really special idol(imo)! Idols with extreme personalities like her don't usually think ahead of their careers(At least.. I don't think they do?), but she is! VERY admirable, right guys?
And also.. Didn't Captain herself mention about college a few months ago? I don't quite remember what she said about it, but I know she mentioned it... I wonder hows it going on her end? Haven't heard anything.. o.O XD

Friday, April 23, 2010

℃-ute - CAMPUS LIFE ~Umarete-Kite Yokatta~ (Live On WEST WIND @NHK)

Yay! We get a live performance!
This is good promotion for C-ute! I'm hoping they have some other performances of this song coming up!

LOL. Did you guys notice how happy the girl's looked here? They didn't look nearly as happy as they do here in C-ute's SHOCK performance! XD

This was a good performance! Airi sounds great as usual(XD) and Maimi sounds good too(imo)! And there's seems to be a lot of energy & also.. Everyone got to sing their solo lines! Yay! ^_^ <333

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maasa Sudou Picspam

Kishiko, today, so nicely just asked me to do a picspam of his all time favorite Hello!Project member Maasa Sudou!! xDDD
So here's my picspam of Maasa for you Kishiko!! I hope you enjoy it!! <333>

Kishiko's favorite C-ute member(Mai Hagiwara) and all time favorite H!P member(Maasa Sudou)... What a nice pic those 2 took!

She's so lovely! Don't you agree, Kishiko!!

I'm doing a Saki Shimizu picspam next!! XDDD

Friday, April 9, 2010

Poll Results

I recently did a poll on whether or not you guys think C-ute's leader, Maimi Yajima, is a good singer, and here are the results:

Yeah! I think she's a GREAT singer!!: 18 Votes
No! That girl sucks! She can't sing to save her life!: 7 Votes
She's alright! Her singing is average!: 25 Votes

So, most of the votes went to "She's alright! Her singing is average!", huh?
Well, I think that's good! Since that's what I personally voted for! XD
18 votes went to "Yeah! I think she's a GREAT singer!", Hmmmm.... Quite a bit of people voted this.. Interesting....
LOL. And 7 people voted "No! That girl sucks! She can't sing to save her life!", I know some of the people who voted for this(looks at Kishiko & Kira)!! XD

I think Maimi is an overall OK singer, she ain't bad, she can control her voice pretty good sometimes... Her vocal tone is just rather unpleasant for me(& probably lots of other fans).. But she has some pretty nice performances!

I still like her Natsu Doki performance the best(Sorry Airi! XD)!

Next poll is gonna be H!P Kids centered again(as always!!:P)! XD

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello!Blog 2010 Poll

Pretty much EVERYONE else has posted their results, so why not post mines as well, right?

If you wanna do the poll as well, just click here:


2. I will ALWAYS love you Airi, no matter what!
3. She's so sweet!
4-6. I usually put Captain before Risako & Maasa, but for some reason.. I put Risako & Maasa before Captain... Why did I do that?? lol. XD Either way.. These 3 are basically on the same level with me.. I love all 3 of them the same!
7. I love me some Miya! <3
8. My funny little vocalpower house! xD
9-12. Love them all the same!
13-18. They're all pretty good singers(Especially Ai & Linlin) & have their moments! I like them!
19-22. I should have given Sayu & ManoEri 19 & 20! xD
23-25. Risa's a good singer, but I don't care much for the other 2! :P


1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Berryz!! They have the best releases(imo) right now for me!
2. I love Buono!
3. I will support C-ute even through they're rough times.. Afterall they were the first group I liked because of they're music, and not members! :P
4. They bore me a lot sometimes.. >.>
5. Her single's aren't that boring anymore! xD
6. ......I'm waiting for them to impress me.. XD
7. Even if it does have Nakky & Risako... It's still too focused on the anime for me..

......My ranking didn't come out as well as I hoped... But at least I got my top members where I wanted them!! XD



May all your wishes & dreams come true birthday girl!! ^_^