Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poll: Who's the best Berryz singer? Part 2

LOL. So, instead of making this a poll redo(like I had planned to), I've decided to just make this "part 2" to my first poll! This time I added Risako in as an option(to spice things up a bit! :D), if you think her singing is good enough to be called the best from Berryz, than pick her! :)

And this is to all the Momo fans reading my blog:
Even if Miyabi does win this poll this time(she most likely will! I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL! XD), Momo fans should still be happy, because Momo won the first poll(Woot! Woot!), and that does mean something(people acknowledge her singing abilities! ^^)! :)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll last week on who you guys think is the best Berryz singer, and here are the results:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 25 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 26 Votes

You know, it was REALLY close between these 2 during the last 2 days of this poll.
At the beginning of the poll Momo was DOMINATING(I've got lots of Momo fans on this blog, don't I?), but in the middle of the poll, I noticed Miyabi started catching up to Momo... a lot. And LOL, like the day before the poll was over Miyabi had more votes than Momo, but the next day(the day when the poll closed! :P) they had an equal amount of votes! And I didn't want equal votes, I wanted one of them to win, so I let the poll stay open a few more hours and got like 3 more votes(I think? XD)... 2 of them went to Momo & 1 to Miya it seems! XD

I think Miyabi & Momoko are both good vocalist! :D But I kinda prefer Miya's voice a bit more to Momo's though because it's soft & soothing(Momo's voice can be a bit on the "rough" side when she goes for her mature voice! XD). But I still like Momo's voice too! Momo's pretty good at changing her voice to suit different types of songs, & even though she has this really high pitched idol-like voice(sometimes she does, but other times she doesn't... I notice she's going more & more for her mature voice), Momo is surprisingly(along with Miyabi) really consistent in live concerts. She controls her voice rather well(If I do say so myself). I don't think there has ever been a time where Momo has sounded noticeably REALLY bad(I think the same can be said for Miyabeam too, right?! xD)! :)

LOL. My friend thinks I cheated my poll(I didn't cheat it, you guys! I swear! xDD), Sooo.... I may re-do this poll(to prove to him I didn't cheat my poll). If you guys want me to re-do this poll... Leave me a comment in the comment area below or in my Chatbox(Spambox), ok? XD

This is just the results to part 1 of the "Who is the best Berryz singer" poll! :P

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Poll: Miyabi Vs Momoko! :D

I was gonna just post about my new poll in my SHOCKING Live review post, but.. LOL. I think it's better to post it separately! XD

Ok, so finally got a new poll up... And it's basically on who you think is the better singer in Berryz(There are only 2 choices, Sorry! :P)... A LOT of fans always say Miyabi is the best and I agree with them on that actually.. But I've noticed recently that more and more fans on these H!P forums are saying that they think Momoko is overall the best singer in Berryz(Range, pitch, etc.).. So ya know.. It's kinda like a Miya Vs Momo thing(It's a very interesting debate to be honest! XD).. I just wanna know who you guys think is the best! I think I already know who most of your votes are gonna go to, but.. I can't help but wanna test to see how it'll turn out! XD So vote wisely, ok? :P

Latest Miyabi solo's:

These are from her solo event:

Latest Momoko solo's:

These are from her solo event:

(Ya know... I don't think the first solo "Cinderella something something" really is all that great.. Momo sounds a lil tired there so.. Ignore that one! XD)

I do hope you guys actually watch those video's.. I worked my damn butt off trying to find those... :P
Let the voting begin! XD

C-ute - SHOCKING Live *Solo Corner* *Review*

Everyone got a solo in the SHOCKING live concert tour(How SHOCKINGLY unexpected! :P)!
LOL. I'm not gonna review this whole concert.. Just the solo's(So don't get excited! XD).. :P

First up is Maimi! <3

LOL. And I used to think only Airi & Chisato were capable of singing songs like this well live in C-ute.. I was so wrong! Maimi is capable of it too it seems! XD

I personally think this performance from her was amazing. :P She sounds really tired, but she was good. I think she sings it almost just like the recording(this may just be me being biased towards her).. I wouldn't mind Tsunku giving her songs like this on more of C-ute's albums in the future.. She sings them well(Just remember to give Airi ballad songs too... I prefer ballads for Airi :P). :D

Next is Nakky! :D

Nakky is so cute in that blue dress! I think it suits this performance so well! And her singing has improved a lot too! She sung this a lot better than I thought she would... So, I think she did a pretty good job(especially since I consider Nakky to be the weakest vocally in C-ute! XD)!! I hope she gets another solo in a C-ute concert tour.. But I hope it's something like Meguru Koi no Kisetsu!! :D

The amazing Airi:

She was A.W.E.S.O.M.E, simple as that! I love her singing(although her dancing in this could use a bit of work.. She ain't Maimi.. *hides*), but you know I always usually love Airi's singing in almost everything! She's really good live! :D

The underrated Chisato:

To be honest, I kinda wish Chisa would have sung something else. I really don't like this song all that much... and well... I don't think it showed how vocally talented Chisa is very well.. I wanted Chisa to sing something like this:
Don't get me wrong.. Chisa does do this song justice(really she does), but I don't think it does her justice(I'm picky! XD)... Something more challenging for Chisa next time please? :P


You know.. Mai's haircut makes her look so boyish... Throughout most of this performance I was thinking to myself "Wow... Mai looks so manly"... Sorry! I like her outfit, but OMG that haircut.. XDD I think she's good here though, vocal-wise & dance-wise! :)

The girls all getting solo's makes this concert worth watching!! :D -SHOT-

Friday, July 9, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Maji Bomber *Review* & MOON POWER

LOL. It's pretty standard for an H!P PV... Dance shot & Close up... And it's indoor too! :P
But it's not bad! I like the camera angles, and the "dark" parts at 2:03-2:21 with the girls!
I love when Momo puts her hand in front of the camera trying to block it(that's like the exact oposite of something Momo would do! :P)! :D

Miyabi is looking really nice in this PV! I like her outfit! and the same goes for Yurina(Yuri got a lot of lines here... More than Momo & Miya got! This was unexpected for me! O.O)! I don't really like Risako's outfit too much because I think her shirt's a bit too loose(makes her look kinda chubby.. *runs*), but I'm loving her voice in this! Her voice suits this well(I bet she would sing this pretty well live! :D)! I like Captain's extensions!! She should keep them! Long hair suits her! Chinami... Well, I didn't really like her look when I first saw the covers for this single, but she looks alright in the PV! Her legs look... *noosebleed* Sorry! XD
Maasa was sorta snobbed in this single... She gets 1 line while everyone else gets more... How unfair(I can't say I'm surprised though! XD), but at least she gets to be in the front with Momo & Risako for the dance formation at some parts! LOL, and I can't forget about my Momoko of course, she was adorable with her little cap and her pink & black outfit! She is by far the best thing about this PV(Sorry, Momo biased! XD)!

Overall, I like the PV... It looks pretty cheap when compared to PV's like "Tomodachi wa", but still me likey! XD The PV suits the song well! :D

And here's a little preview of Berryz Koubou's B-side for Maji Bomber, "MOON POWER":

Ok, I'm gonna be completely honest here and say.... I peronally I like this song better than Maji Bomber... LOL. I think I may have weird taste in music or something... I like this song better! :P

I think MOON POWER sounds like it really could be an anime opening(for Sailor moon! :DDD)! I like this song alot(Especially since Captain gets to sing first! :P)! I WANT A FULL PREVIEW NOW! XD

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll 5 weeks ago(Damn... I lost track of time.... I haven't posted since May... T_T) on who you guys favorite S/mileage member is, and here are the results:

Yuuka: 9 Votes

Kanon: 17 Votes

Saki: 4 Votes

Dawa: 8 Votes

LOL. To be honest... I'm not surprised at all by the results... :P
The results came out just the way I thought they would. Kanon with the most votes(& Dawa with the 2nd least votes.. :P *hides*)... I'm happy! Kanon is my fav(I would have liked more votes for Ogawa though.. I love her! :P)! :D

Oh and by the way..
I changed my blog layout & my banner! :D I was getting tired of my old layout & banner!! XD
I think this layout is much cuter & I love that my new banner is centered around Buono(I made my blog look so fan-girly! XD)! Credit goes to LunaChama for the banner.. She made it for me!