Sunday, March 25, 2012

Berryz Koubou - Be Genki Naseba Naru (Subtitled)

I've got some goodies for you guys.. xD

Berryz Koubou - Be Genki Naseba Naru (Subtitled):

BK's most recent single.... Hmmmm... I honestly think this song is a bit crazy lyrics-wise.... But I guess "crazy-ness" suits Berryz, right?? We all love the crazy BK!! xD

S/mileage - Chotto Matte Kudasai (Dance Shot Ver.) (Subtitled):

For those of you out there wanting to marry a S/mileage girl... I think you should know, that you're going to have to wait until they fulfill they're dreams & become the best in Japan.... xD

Oh, and here are the other video's that I've recently subbed (but didn't upload.. because I didn't feel like it :P):

Risako Sugaya - Yeah! Meccha Holiday!

This performance is really old (Damn, it's nearly 6 years old.. O.O), but this is the only performance of Rii singing this song (Not counting the Hawaii performance.... That one was too short.... >___>) which is why I subbed it.... That, and I love her outfit and energy here... Young Rii is so energetic, it's adorable! :D
Yay! Risako Holiday! -shot- XD

Momoko Tsugunaga - Short a capella solo:

This video is from BK & C-ute's stage play (Yep, it's a pretty recent video, you guys).
Momo's voice, in my opinion, sounds rather "angelic" in this video, doesn't sound like the usual Momo.... Oh, and the lyrics are actually by me.... I translated the song and did the romaji lyrics (I couldn't find the romaji lyrics for the song anywhere, so I decided to just do them myself)...

Momoko Tsugunaga - Kia Ora Gracias Arigato:

And another Momo performance (Are you guys surprised? I'd hope not! xD)....
Momo's giving her thanks to all her fans all over the world in this song! (Rofl, you're welcome, Momo!) XD

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Airi Suzuki - 8th Photobook

On Airi's blog entry March 16th, she tells us she is shooting for a new PB!!








It basically says she has arrived in Fukuoka and will be taking shots in Kyushu. She says the release date is a ways away (I think it'll probably be released somewhere in June! :P)! XD
(Credit goes to Zethgryn from H!O)

Monday, March 12, 2012

C-ute - Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (PV + Color Coded Lyrics)

My little review:
I think this PV is very beautiful (It reminds me a bit of Mano Erina's Tasogare Kousaten PV!), the outfits, and the location of the PV are absolutely gorgeous!!
There may be a bit too much Airi (I already see some comments complaining about the Airi-ness! xD), but I think she does a good job with her role (Not that I didn't expect her to! xD)! xD
The dance seems pretty nice too, it goes well with the song and PV (Although, I honestly could do without the parts where the girls sit on the floor and sing.... It looks kind of awkward (I guess UFA were trying to make the dance seem more soulful or something when they choreographed that in??...) :P)..
Lol, did anyone besides me notice that we never got to see the guys face... XD

I rate the PV a 9.5/10 (It would be a 10 if not for the awkward dance move! xD)

Credit for the color coded lyrics goes to: Chobineko
And here are the unofficial lyrics:

Maimi Yajima Saki Nakajima Airi Suzuki Chisato Okai Mai Hagiwara

Te wo tsunaide eki made kita
Mou owakare shinaito ikenai jikan nano

Te wo tsunaide
Te wo tsunaida mama hanasanai
Kimi mo onnaji youni omotte yo

[Maimi / Airi] Jidouhanbaiki kankoohii
Nakky / Chisato] Atatakai no kau no machigae tsumetai
[Airi / Mai] Demo futari atataka

Nakky / Airi] Kimi wa jitensha
[Maimi / Mai] watashi wa densha de kitaku ne
[Airi / Chisato] Toriaezu kita densha wa miokutta
[Chisato / Mai] Tsugi no densha ni
[Nakky / Airi] noranakya tabun yabai
[Maimi / Airi] Nakisouna watashi wo yurushite
[Airi / Chisato] Kimi wa donna kimochi de iru no?

Te wo tsunaide saigo no jikan
kaisatsu toorinukete hoomu made kakeashi

Te wo futteru
Jitensha matagatteru kimi
Watashi mo chiisaku te wo furu

Nakky / Airi ] Tsuuka no densha kuru tabi ni
[Maimi / Mai ] Sukoshi dokidoki shite kimi to mekubase
[Airi / Chisato] Aa densha ga kita wa

[Maimi / Airi] Kimi wa jitensha
[Nakky / Mai ] watashi wa densha de kitaku ne
[Airi / Chisato] Tobira ga hiraite hantai no mado ni
[Chisato / Mai] Densha ga ugoki
[Nakky / Airi ] yukkuri to hashiridasu
[Maimi / Chisato] Kimi mo jitensha koide tsuitekuru
[Airi / Chisato] Abunai kara ki wo tsukete

[Nakky / Airi ] Kimi wa jitensha
[Maimi / Mai ] watashi wa densha de kitaku ne
[Airi / Chisato] Hitotsume no shingou aoiro de tsuuka
[Airi / Chisato] Soredemo zuibun hanarete shimatta mitai
[Maimi /
Nakky] Tooku kara te wo furu kimi ni
[Airi / Chisato] Shiawase wo moratta watashi

Sunday, March 11, 2012

100k hits & 100 followers! :O

THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE, FOR SUPPORTING MY BLOG ALL THIS TIME!!! (I've been blogging for nearly 3 years now!)
ForeverLove!~ has over 100,000 blog hits, and 100 followers now!!

Lol, I'm sorry, but I honestly am so proud, right now!!! Getting this many views & followers didn't even seem POSSIBLE to me back a year ago.... It seemed like something that would take like 3 more years to get... Geez.... XD
Here's my thanks again to all of you that read and follow my blog!! You guys are awesome!! I love ya!! XDDD

(Oh, and I've got a question for all you bloggers out there..... What's more important to you when it comes to blogging.... Followers, comments, or hits? :D)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Berryz Koubou - Be Genki Naseba Naru! (PV + Color Coded Lyrics)

Unofficial lyrics are by: BoomBerryzKoubou

Be Genki Naseba Naru! Unofficial Lyrics:

Shimizu Saki Tsugunaga Momoko Tokunaga Chinami Sudou Maasa Natsuyaki Miyabi Kumai Yurina Sugaya Risako

Tabenagara DAIETTO (nainai nainai nainai)
Doryoku sezu ni dai fukou (nainai nainai arienai)
Nebou shita ie ni densha (nainai nainai nainai)
Kenka shita ma ni wo totte (nainai nainai modoranai)

Aa otome no nayami nara tsukinai
Oshare shitakute mo kite yuku basho ga nai ja nai

Takushii ni oki wasureta (nainai nainai nainai)
Asu kyuu ni mote makuru (nainai to wa kagiranai)

YES Yukuzo!
GO koko kara
Honki de yukuzo! WOW

Koi ga dekiru kimi ni aeru
Nante subarashi kono shiawase
Kimi mo genki minna genki
Hei wo no naka ni katou ga aru ne (ne!)

Juken sei nerujikan (nainai nainai nainai)
Kyuugyou ma zeitaku wa (nainai nainai arienai)

Aa mirai wa dare ni mo wakaranai
Jimichi ni ikiru nante no mo subarashii janai

Reizouko mayoneezu (nainai nainai nainai)
Kaze kudashi enyo nante (nainai nainai hitsuyonai)

YES yukuzo!
GO ashita mo
Honki de yukuzo! WOW

Watashi warau kimi mo warau
Nante subarashi kono shiawase
Mabou akeru kuuki ga umai
Te to te toriatte tomori arukou (YEAH!)

Koi ga dekiru kimi ni areru
Nante subarashi kono shiawase
Kimi mo genki minna genki
Hei wo no naka ni katou ga aru ne (NE!)

Oh, and I put up a new poll... It's about Momo's pigtails...
Lol, I noticed a lot of fans complaining about them on BK's Genki PV (Well.. fans always complain about them really.. XD).... So, yeah.... let's see what you guys vote for.. XD

Lol, for those you of who didn't know:
Momochi modeled her ever so redundant hairstyle the "Momochi-twin tails" (aka her pigtails) after Seiko Matsuda's hairstyle the "The Seiko-chan cut" (Seiko used to sport a short bouffant hair cut, which was popular with not just school girls, but also celebrities)... Seiko Matsuda is the ETERNAL IDOL of her generation (She is called the eternal idol, because she has a long standing idol career, and is still very popular, which is something that is unusual for an idol!), Seiko is Momo-chan's idol, she admires her, and probably wants to follow in her foot steps, which is why she created the "Momochi-twin tails" (Saying pigtails is easier, but this is what Momo called them, so whatever.. XD)... xD

Ok, yeah.. I just wanted you guys to know that, so you'd understand why Momo wears her "Momochi-twin tails" so much (I'm absolutely sure a lot of fans weren't aware of that)... Oh, and my source for the pigtails stuff was Gekkan MelodiX (The one where BK & C-ute appear on there for their collab single)!! xD

Yeah.. Ok, happy voting!! (Don't be too harsh on Momo, you guys!)

Monday, March 5, 2012


I subbed Momochi's Momoiro Sparkling as a present for her 20TH BIRTHDAY (Lord have mercy, she's 20 already?? I remember when this batty girl was only 14... Geez, time sure does pass by quickly...)... I would upload it, but.... I think if I upload it, it will be removed off, soooooo...

Here's the download Link:
Video Download Link: Momoko Tsugunaga - Momoiro Sparkling (Subtitled)


(I hope you get all the lines in Buono!'s next single!! -shot- XDDDD)