Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Berryz Koubou - Kiss me Aishiteru (Subtitled)

I subbed Berryz Koubou's version of Kiss me Aishiteru (BK performs C-ute's Kiss me Aishiteru in Berikyuu's (Berryz Koubou & C-ute's) Fall 2011 Concert Tour ~Berikyuu Island)! (I'll probably sub C-ute's version of Heroine ni Narou ka real soon!)

(I actually like BK's version of this song a lot!
When I first heard a fan-recording of BK's cover, I honestly thought it was terrible... Hearing it in good quality changes things dramatically, I guess? xD)

I also subbed the dance shot version of C-ute's Kiss me Aishiteru (Since I subbed BK's Kiss me Aishiteru, I figured why not sub C-ute's Kiss me Aishiteru as well you know... xD)

(This is not their absolute best choreographed dance shot (Tokaikko Junjou & Namida no iro are best in my eyes), but I do think it is ONE OF their best! xD)

And next, we have Airi's Suzuki's As ONE:

(This is my very first "karaoke sub" video... Airi gets the honor of being the first! xD
I really like Airi's version of As ONE, I think it's quite good... Wish she'd sing the whole version! :D)

And lastly, is the dance shot version of Berryz Koubou's Be Genki Naseba Naru:

(This is the 2ND video I've karaoke subbed!! XD
The dance shot version of BK's Be Genki is really amazing, it's one of their best dance shot versions in my opinion!!! I actually think I prefer the dance shot version over the normal PV! :D)

Friday, April 6, 2012

C-ute - Kimi wa jitensha watashi wa densha de kitaku (Solo Member Versions)

Here are all the solo member versions of "Kimi wa jitensha watashi wa densha de kitaku":

Maimi Yajima's version:

Saki Nakajima's version:

Airi Suzuki's version:

Chisato Okai's version:

Mai Hagiwara's version:

Which one is your favorite version? :D

My fav is Airi's!! :D

My opinion on each version:
Maimi Yajima's version - Maimi sounds great here! Her voice is really deep, but it's calming too! It's kind of soothing!
Saki Nakajima's version - Lol, Nakky sounds a bit too "ducky"-like in some parts of the song, but I like her singing in the chorus... She sounds really nice there... XD
Airi Suzuki's version - Very soothing! (Her and Maimi have the most relaxing versions... xD)
I think Airi's voice suits the song the best...
(Lol, and is it just me or is Airi's voice kind of "country-ish"? Maybe it's just me... XD)
Chisato Okai's version - Chisa's version is good (as expected).... Lol, I'm not sure what else to say... Hmmm... xD
Mai Hagiwara's version - Mai's version was a lot better than I thought it would be....
I think Mai did a great job! (Though I honestly still think her voice is a bit too high for this song... xD)