Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buono! - Natsu Dakara (PV Preview)

Hmmmmm.... What to say about the preview:

Ummmm... Momo's high notes are lovely (Momo's vocals seem to be at their best here! XD), and Airi & Miya's harmonies are also lovely!! <3333

The PV looks nice, it suits the song very well, and the outfits look nice too (The girls look like angels in those white dresses! xD)! The song reminds me of Take It Easy to some extent... Both were summer songs, and both were sort of "calm" and "relaxing"... Although in my opinion, I think Natsu Dakara definitely pwns Take It Easy (I find the melody to be catchier).

Take It Easy took a good while to grow on me (I think it took like 2 months or something? The country-ish feel to it, was very off putting to me.... I don't like country music... :P), I liked Natsu Dakara though the 2nd time I listened to it! When I 1st heard it, I thought it was just "OK...", the 2nd time I thought it was pretty good though. :)

Oh, and btw, Momo is not the only member with solo lines in this song, Airi & Miya also have solo lines, the solo lines in the chorus go to a different girl each time.

It goes like this:
Miya-> Airi -> Momo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Subbing is fun!

I've made a channel on Youtube where I will be uploading all the things I sub (using Aegisub of course.. I won't be using Windows Movie Maker anymore... I've upgraded! :P), as of right now I only have 2 things uploaded to the channel (soon It'll be 3 though.... XD), if you guys have any requests... Let me know... I'll sub anything Hello Project related... :P

My most recent sub:
Mai Hagiwara - ENDLESS LOVE ~I Love You More~
(There is no karaoke or effects... because I don't know how to do that yet... but when I learn I'll definitely add that to my subs.. :P)

(P.S. If my channel gets suspended I'll just start uploading my stuff to Mediafire! :P).