Thursday, April 23, 2009

Airi Suzuki 4th Photobook

I just heard from hello-online that airi is getting a 4th photobook.
Here's the thread for the photobook:
Its gonna be shot in Tawian.

This is really exciting! because Airi is gonna be the first girl from the H!P Kids to get her 4th photobook(i thought risako was gonna get her 4th photobook before airi). but i know a couple of people on hello-online a couple of people aren't that happy bout airi getting her 4th before other H!P kids who don't have a photobook yet get their 1st..........
but anyway im so excited i was hoping airi would get her's before risako and im glad she did. im so looking forward to this.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

C-ute - Bye Bye Bye Live At Music Japan

Here's The video Link to the Live Performance:

Damn... Maimi is really being pushed vocally, Her last two solo lines in the live performance push up so high and out of her vocal range. Honestly, I think they should stick with Airi leading and the rest doing joint lines.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Momo Pic Spam

Since i don't feel like doing a review on buono's new pv for their new single(MY BOY), I've decided to spam u guys wit pics of the cutest idol from hello!Project... Momoko Tsugunaga..

(Momo looks so kawaii here, especially wit her hair like that. momo looks great wit long hair, i don't know why she won't let it grow long again)

(this pic is from a berryz koubou dvd magazine, i forgot which one it was, but she looks so kawaii)

(luv her outfit)

(i luv her hair and her outfit, I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE'S WEARING, her outfit was the best outfit in dakishimete dakishimete)

(momo looks great in pink)

(i luv her puffy skirt and her shirt, don't really like her hairstyle that much)


(these are multiple pics of momo at the 2008 hello!Project winter concert)

(i have no idea where these r from, but the pic is adorable.)


(this is ummm...)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello!Fansubs 2nd Aniversary 2nd Anniversary was yesterday(April 12th)!!! They have released 9 new releases for this special occasion! i have one of those releases uploaded to my youtube account(shyangel1333). ♥


Berryz Koubou Seishun Bus Guide Preview

Berryz koubou's preview to their new song came out a couple of days ago.
Here's the link to it: Berryz Koubou - Seishun Bus Guide (Preview)

The song sounds awesome!! and YAY! Momo has alot more lines here(she barely had solo lines in dakishimete dakishimete), she's a lead singer in this new single(and so is risako as usual). and the song sounds mature(which is a good thing). but it sounds like the solo line's between everyone has gone back to normal, Miyabi and Chinami only have 1 solo line, and i think Saki and Maasa have none.

Overall it sounds pretty good i can't wait to see wat the pv looks like.

[MMIF] C-ute Sakura Chirari PV Subbed

To the people who've been asking to see the subbed pv of C-ute's Sakura Chirari
Here it is...
Here's the Link: [MMIF] C-ute - Sakura Chirari (English Subbed)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

C-ute Bye Bye Bye English And Romaji Lyrics

Translated by Youtube - AirieeeeeN's Channel.

C-ute Bye Bye Bye English Translation:

Don't declare that selfish image, look at me (get it on)
Even if I am still rumored
I don't feel uneasy about such a thing (on my way)
Let's dancing (doesn't stop) Let's dancing (until forgetting)
The thing denied in the mind though it is admitted in the word (everyone)
Why do I get irritated that result doesn't come out at once even if making an effort so much?

Bye Bye Bye Live brightly Let's enjoy
Bye Bye Bye Going cheerfully Likely can do
Bye Bye Bye Draw freely Let's swell it
Bye Bye Bye Toward the future
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

It has managned to improve feelings, it's a congenial atmosphere (get it on)
Surroundings are said always variously
I don't feel uneasy about such a thing (on my way)
Let's dancing (doesn't stop) Let's dancing (until forgetting)
When I fall in love it advances with starlike in some my heads while shining (beautiful)
After it falls in love it runs out respectively toward tomorrow

Bye Bye Bye Live gently Embrace closely
Bye Bye Bye Going obediently Likely can do
Bye Bye Bye Heart leaps Let's harbor dream
Bye Bye Bye Believe oneself Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye Live gently Embrace closely
Bye Bye Bye Going obediently Likely can do (Yeah! Yeah!)
Bye Bye Bye Heart leaps Let's harbor dream (oh oh oh Yeah!)
Bye Bye Bye Believe oneself
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye!

C-ute Bye Bye Bye Romaji:

katte na imeeji [OK/Ha] kimetsukenaide watashi wo mite yo [HA/Ok] Get it on
sore demo watashi wa [SU/Um] uwasa wo sarete mo sonna no ki ni sezu [UM/Su]on my way
odorimashou [SU/Na] tomaranai wa odorimashou [SU/Ya] wasureru made
kotoba de mitomecha tte kokoro no naka ja dame dame yoku aru koto ja nai ka [YA/Su] everyone
konna ni doryokushita tte sugu ni wa denai kekka ni mukatsuiteru no naze darou

Bye Bye Bye akaruku ikiru tanoshimou
Bye Bye Bye genki ni yukouze dekiru darou
Bye Bye Bye jiyuu ni egake fukuramasou
Bye Bye Bye mirai ni mukatte Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

nan to ka kibun wo [OK/Ha] takamete mita wa ii funiki ne [HA/Ok] Get it on
mawari wa itsumo [SU/Um] iroiro iu wa sonna no ki ni sezu [UM/Su] on my way
odorimashou [SU/Na] tomaranai wa odorimashou [SU/Ya] wasureru made
koi shita toki wa nanka ataman naka de kira kira kagayaki nagara zenshin [YA/Su] Beautiful koi shita ato wa datte sore wa sore de suki ni [SU/Su] asu ni mukatte kakedasu yo

Bye Bye Bye yasashiku ikiru dakishimero
Bye Bye Bye sunao ni yukouze dekiru darou yeah! yeah!
Bye Bye Bye mune toki mekase yume idakou oh oh oh yeah!
Bye Bye Bye jibun shinjite Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye yasashiku ikiru dakishimero
Bye Bye Bye sunao ni yukouze dekiru darou yeah yeah!
Bye Bye Bye mune toki mekase yume idakou oh oh oh yeah!
Bye Bye Bye jibun shinjite Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Momoko Tsugunaga Possible new H!P soloist?

Quote: "It was reported on 2ch (Japanese message board) by some guy. The only reason I'm acknowledging it is because two weeks before Guardians 4 was announced, the same guy predicted it. Supposedly the Momo solo announcement will come in May."

momo got a solo radio show and she's appearing on some tv show alone on april 16 soo.......... maybe she really is going to be a soloist.
But we won't know til may.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Momoko no PuriPuri Princess 4.7.09

People on Hello-Online were saying that the solo radio show that momoko Tsugunaga was gonna have was just an April fools prank by hello!Project(and that made me EXTREMELY sad)...... but i just looked on hello-online and it turns out that she really is getting a solo radio show just like the one Reina Tanaka has. and YAY!! IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

The show Come's On Every Tuesday at 11:35 p.m.

Here: Momoko no PuriPuri Princess 4.7.09
its a download link to her radio show she did someone time early today.
(lets hope someone on hello-online decides to translate this for us fans who have a hard time understanding japanese)

And Also KCR website has now been renewed to Momo's solo radio show

Just Clarissa!~

this new blog of mine has nothing related to hello!project. its just a blog bout my personal life check it out!!!
Here: Just Clarissa!~

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mano Erina's 2nd single Hajimete no Keiken PV Review

Mano Erina's second pv just came out today!!!!

(this pic is adorable)

Here's the Link to the PV:

Overall i think this was mano erina's best song and pv. is wasn't boring like her debut song and pv, and alot more thought was put into it. also the pv quality is a little bit cheap (the pv is sorta foggy looking), but thats the only thing i don't like bout it everything else was great. also i couldn't help but notice that there was less panio playing in this single and more dancing, which is a good thing(I've never really liked that panio playing thing they have her do, even if it makes her different from other H!P soloist). and i think i saw some H!P eggs dancing in the background.

Hajimete No Keiken Release's May 20, 2009
Hajimete No Keiken Single V Release's June 3, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Buono Background

My Background to my Computer. I Love Buono!!!!
i was gonna post this on my other blog called "Just Clarissa!~" but i've now decided to put all Hello!Project Related posts on this blog and non Hello!Project related posts on "Just Clarissa!~".

Hello!Project 2009 Poll

My Ranking for Hello!Project 2009 Poll...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guardians 4 Omakase! Guardian Preview

(Aika looks sorta weird in this pic)

The preview for their new single is out
Here's The Link to It:

The Song is pretty good. i think its better than shugo chara egg's last single.
but buono new single My Boy is waaaaaaay better than this. yurina sounds good, i thought her voice wouldn't blend in well wit the other girls but im glad i was wrong. and saki doesn't sound bad here either. and risako surprisingly sounds pleasant. I can't wait til the pv comes out!! the single release is so far from now!!!

Omakase! Guardian releases May 27.

Buono - My Boy (Song Preview)

Here's the song preview:

This song is awesome!!! its definately one of buono's best songs. it sounds so mature and different. and momo's voice just keeps getting better and better in each buono single. if it gets enough promotion and has a good pv, it should sell very well. I can't wait til the pv comes out.


kimi no nayami kitzukazu sou warukatta kamo
zenbu uchiakenakute mochiron ii kara ne
kurai kao wo shitetara kurai koto wo yobu
omoi kimochi no mama iru no mottainai yo
rai doon
sou ja nakute kou nan da to iitakute mo ienai kimi wo ne
itsuka kitto gururi kawaru toki ga kuru yoi ma gaso no toki

umarete kite omedetou nante iwaretai ja nai
kyou no kaze ni fukaretara kimochi ii yo ne
ikasareteru manma ni ugoiteru tte kanji mo
kimi no suki ni kaerareru yo It's so nice
subete wa kimi no tame ni aru tte koto nara dou na no

Buono's 7th Single 「MY BOY」 Releases April 29.
Buono's Single V For [MY BOY] Releases May 13.