Sunday, December 27, 2009

Airi Suzuki - Natsu DOKI Lipstick (Subbed)

Airi did a pretty good job!! ^^
I liked her singing more than Yajima's!! I actually think she sung this better than Yajima! But her dancing is well.... it leaves something to be desired.

Even though I liked Airi's version, I still kinda think Yajima owns this song. I'm too used to her singing this!!

And just in case ya didn't know.. Subs are by poporonpop.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!


Subs are by jmol01 just in case you're wondering! : )

I hope you guys are enjoying your christmas just as much as I am!!!! ^^

My poll results

OK. So I did this little poll on Which H!P Kids member you guys liked better a couple of weeks ago and the results were rather surprising.

Momoko Tsugunaga: 43 %
Risako Sugaya: 28 %
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 25 %
Saki Shimizu: 8 %
Maimi Yaima: 2 %

I wasn't surprised to see that 34 % of the votes went to Momoko (I kinda suspected they would.. since I think quite a bit of Momoko fans read this blog.... hopefully). However I was rather surprised to see that Risako was the 2nd most voted member with with 28 % of the votes going to her (I guess that means a lot of Risako fans, besides Arche-JoIyo & NekoNekoOonna read my blog). Miyabi had 25% of the votes which is good! although not surprising(since she usually always does have a lot of votes in my polls whenever I include her).
Captain Saki had 8% of the votes which means she got 3 votes..... O.o
WTF....... Where are all the Saki fans????? Saki is AWESOME!! She deserves more than 3 votes!! And you know what... ALL of you readers reading my blog ALL SUCK FOR NOT VOTING FOR HER SOME TOO! (Just joking! xD)
And last is Maimi.... Maimi 2% of the votes! LOLLOLLOL XD
Maimi had 1 vote (I wonder who voted for her).....
Maimi is like my least favroite member from C-ute (and probably H!P as well! Sorry just not a fan of hers) and I always kinda like to bash her a bit sometimes on this blog and on youtube (Again very sorry!) Sooooo..... I guess I kinda expected her not get very many votes.... xD

And just because I think you should all know and remember that.....

......Momoko is awesome!! XD

Saturday, November 28, 2009



This song is pretty good!! I think its got a bit of an R&B feel to it(perhaps this is why I like the song so much! XD)! Ai & Reina obviously have the most lines from the entire song but who cares, right? Ai-chan & Reina ARE the best singers from the group & as long as the song is awesome noone should care too much! And also Yuuka's voice in this is really nice in this!! ^^

I'm waiting eagerly waiting for a English translation of the song(Plz someone translate it!)!! : )

Mano Erina Otome No Inori (English Translation)

I want to come out of the Story of Genji
In the plains that have collected dust
Under the cherry blossom tree
You stopped moving
I don’t know… if I should tap your shoulder,
would you listen to me?

Ah… just what is this thing on my chest called?
My beating heart just had to be happy.
Ah… I cried when awoke this morning
The dream I saw was an illusion of my first love

“The memories will be precious” you said
The habit of hearing
your clear voice…

One day I want to live in the same town with you
For me to be myself, I have to stay here
In April I will leave this town
Everything I see will teach me something…
Ah…since childhood, every time
I would walk, I’ve been looking for that arm

In order to wear a juunihitoe* it has to be a
glamorous spring
This spring is the best, it’s an unforgettable spring.

Ah… good signs will come to you, tomorrow,
Beyond that trail of that cloud
Ah… a maiden’s prayer is a strong power that’s protecting you from far away

“The memories will be precious” you said
The habit of hearing
your clear voice…

*a “juunihitoe” is a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono that was mostly worn by court-ladies. Google/wikipedia is your friend.

Translated by Yusa@JPopasia.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


You are an AMAZING dancer & a GREAT little captain!!!! <3

Sunday, November 15, 2009

10,000 Hits

YAY!! My blog has finally broken the 10k mark!!!!
It actually broke that mark rather fast!! XD I've only been blogging since March of this year!!! I didn't think people would care this much for my blog(lol)!!!


And also here's a nice pic that (a.k.a. NekoNekoOnna) made for me( I know this is kinda random but I REALLY like the pic since it includes my 2 favorite members from H!P!)!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Momoko's Solo Radioshow Ranks no.2

Momoko's solo radioshow "Momoko no PuriPuri Princess" is ranked no.2 on readers choice Fav DJ ranking on RajioMag2009.

Translated list:

1 岩田ちとせ (Iwata Chitose)

2 嗣永桃子 (Tsugunaga Momoko)


4 桑本みつよし (Kuwamoto Mitsuyoshi)


6 道重さゆみ (Michishige Sayumi)

7 新垣里沙&亀井絵里 ( Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri)

8 田中れいな (Tanaka Reina)

9 保田隆 (Yasuda ?)

10 秀島史香 (Fumika Hideshima)

Momoko outranked Morning Musume's Reina Tanaka, Sayumi Michishige, and Risa Niigaki radioshow! I think this is great achievement! I had no idea Momo-chan's radioshow was just that popular! I hope she steals the no.1 spot the next time they do this ranking!

Monday, October 26, 2009

C-ute - Alo-Hello DVD Preview

Link to C-ute Alo-Hello DVD Preview:

All I have to say is WOW! Looks like C-ute's Alo-Hello DVD really is gonna be REALLY fun & entertaining!

Honestly... From what I've seen so far... It looks like it's gonna be more fun and entertaining than Berryz Koubou's Alo-Hello...It's seems as if UFA gave C-ute more fun activities then they did with Berryz Koubou. I mean Berryz didn't even get to play in the water at all(Berryz did get to play in the ocean a bit but I mean they didn't really get in the water like C-ute did, they just sorta kicked and splashed at the water a bit, Berryz got their feet and legs wet and that's about it, C-ute got their WHOLE BODY wet from what I could see) and C-ute gets to go on a banana boat, go rafting, go to a water park, and play around in a pool. WHY couldn't they let Berryz do something similar to that in their Alo-Hello too(I'm not trying to say Berryz Alo-Hello is lame or anything, I mean I actually rather like Berryz Koubou's Alo-Hello, it's just I wish Berryz would have done some activities that C-ute seems to be doing in theirs). .
So far it looks really AWESOME! I can't wait for the full thing(and for H!F or ICU-Subs to sub it in english when it comes out). The DVD releases 10/28 so that means we won't have to wait to much longer!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

C ute Bye Bye Bye! (English Subtitled)

Look what I found! XD

Someone has at last FINALLY subbed C-ute's Bye Bye Bye(Yay!! XD)! And guess what? They used the translation I had on my blog for it(YAY! YAY! That makes me feel as if people really are reading my blog and not just looking at my nice Momoko banner! XD)!

The credits are at the beginning of the video!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

C-ute - Alo-Hello Covers & DVD Previews

C-ute - Alo-Hello DVD Cover:

C-ute Alo Hello DVD releases 10/28

アロハロ!℃-ute DVD(仮)
商品番号 EPBE-5358
予定税込価格 3,990円
発売予定日 2009年10月28日

C-ute's - Alo-Hello Photobook Cover:

C-ute's Alo-Hello photobook release's on the same day as the DVD.
10月28日発売予定の写真集 (キッズネット)

Here's a couple of DVD previews:

I find it very "interesting" that the Berryz Koubou members weren't in Bikini's in their Alo-Hello, but the C-ute members are in Bikini's in theirs...

But anyway it looks nice! I like Airi, Mai, and Nakki's swimsuit's the most(loving the color of them). Chisato, the poor girl, got the worst(and I think ugliest as well) swimsuit. It looks unflattering on her(imho). And Mai-chan has a nice figure for Bikini's(sorry I couldn't help but point that out). And also looks like Erika won't be included in "some parts" of this DVD, which is quite sad.

(Maybe them "exposing" themselves a bit will help the DVD and Photobook sell more)

Monday, October 19, 2009

All H!P Fans Quiz

Here's my answers to the quiz:

1)When did you become a H!P fan? In mid-2008.

2)How did you become a H!P fan? AKB48 & Naruto(an anime show) introduced me to Hello!Project(surprisingly I like H!P waaaaay better than AKB48 even though I found them first).

3)Why you love H!P? Too many reasons....

4)In your opinion, what's the best way to show your love for H!P? IDK. I guess buying their newest single's and album's for surport?

5)Who's your fave H!P member?And why? Momoko because she's so KAWAII, and because she's so talented(she's a GREAT dancer, and a good singer, and also she has a entertaining personality).

6)What H!P unit is your favorite?And why? C-ute used to be my fav H!P unit(until they released shochuu omimai mousiagemasu), now Berryz Koubou is my fav H!P unit(it's because I know Berryz members better than C-ute members and also because I think they're releasing beter singles than C-ute now).

7)Who is your fave solo H!P artist?And why? Ayaya(Aya Matsuura)! Why? because she's FULL OF WIN(lol)

8)Your Fave H!P song(or single or album)?And why? My fav H!P song is C-ute's FOREVER LOVE because I really like the unique musical instruments used in the song.

9)Had you ever met H!P memeber(s) in person? NO. Wish I could!

10)If you could meet your fave H!P member(s), what would you do? Say "konichiwa" and then tell them that I am their biggest American fan. XD

11)Had you ever go to H!P concert(s)? If you had, what concert did you attend? NO. I wish I could though.

12)What H!P products do you buy most often? Single's.

13)What's your most-valuable H!P treasure? Momoko's 1st solo PB(YES! I'm a girl and I actually have a photobook that has a couple of pics with Momoko in a bikini. THATS just how big a fan of her I am!)

14)How did you get H!P vids and music? Computer OF COURSE! How else would I?

15)Had you ever dreamed about H!P member(s) in your dream? YES! had a dream about Berryz Koubou quite recently actually! : )


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morning Musume - Kimagure Princess (English Subtitled)

Morning Musume's newest single "Kimagure Princess" with English subtitles!
Translation By: Ethan at Hello-Online

Hope you guys enjoy it(even if the english translation is a bit "inappropiate).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mai hagiwara - Natsu Remember You (3rd Solo Event)

Haggity(Mai-chan) is not a bad singer(I think she actually a pretty good singer)! : ) She's definately has improved A LOT(just like Berryz Koubou's Risako Sugaya). She sung this song(Natsu remember you) REALLY well, A LOT better than I expected her to. I think Mai-chan sounds a bit like Miyabi when she was younger(I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this)......

(I've always thought that Mai-chan was one of the members from C-ute who could ACTUALLY SING, I just didn't know she could sing this well! I'm impressed to be honest!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Risako Sugaya - Solo Image DVD

Risako's solo image DVD has been announced.
Release Date: 12/02/09
(Lol, I can guarntee to you guys that she will most definately get a PB along with it!)

I'm sure almost everyone has heard about this news already! but I'm still gonna post it in my blog anyway(LOL)!
I can't say I'm too surprised with this annoucement, because Risako WAS(and I think still is) losing quite a bit of weight, which kinda made me think she was gonna get one anyway(because like a couple of months before a PB H!P girls tend to lose a bit of weight for it).
I am happy about the news surprisingly though(because it's been like a year and a half since her last one, so I think it's time for a new one). I hope the PB will be as good as her last one and I also hope they make the solo DVD "entertaining"(because if it is boring than I'll probably just end up skipping through a couple of parts until I find and interesting part from it, lol)!

(...........FIT Risako >>>>>>> SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT Risako...........)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

[PV] C- ute - EVERYDAY Zekkoucou!! (English Subtitled)

I'm not sure how accurate this english translation is! But I hope you guys enjoy it! And get a better understanding of the songs meaning!

English translation by: FALCONKinkami

℃-ute - EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!! (MUSIC JAPAN)

Lol, I'm hoping this doesn't get taken down too fast(If it does get taken down I may end up re-uploading it for everyone to view)!

I think this was a pretty good performance(especially since you can see it in HD). Everyone sounded pretty good(everyone except Maimi. she most definately can't sing! She needs to sing LESS and dance MORE. Sorry Maimi fans I'm just being honest)! Airi sounded almost like the recording! Airi is amazing!

I enjoyed everyone's dancing here! C-ute is a group full great dancers!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why no solo's for Momo & Miya?

Here's a solo from my fav H!P & Berryz member.........

*Sighs* I wish Momoko(or Miyabi or maybe even Yurina) would get another solo like this in a Berryz Koubou concert..... But I know it's probably never gonna happen, Because for some reason the only person who seems to be able to get a solo in a concert or album is Risako(I don't have any problem's with Risako getting solo's in Berryz's concert's and albums, But it does sometimes annoy me a little)? And the fact that Risako is the only one from Berryz receiving solo's in album's AND concerts make's me wonder why Momoko and especially Miyabi don't get solo's. I mean I know that only usually the "most popular" members get solo's but then that still doesn't explain to me why Momoko and Miyabi don't get solo's in album's and concerts, Because I know they're popular enough(they along with Risako have ALWAYS been the lead singers for Berryz & they also get the most solo lines & screentime in pv's and are ALWAYS at the top of berryz koubou in the mixi ranking's & store sales ranking's). And Momoko even sometimes outsells Risako(in the store sales ranking's) and ranks the highest from Berryz in the Mixi ranking's.
C-ute's 2 lead singers(Airi and Maimi), both get solo's in concerts & album's(it isn't just one lead getting solo's). So why can't the other 2 lead singers from Berryz(Momo and Miya) get solo's along with Risako as well? Are they're voice's too nasally(Most if not all of H!P members have nasally voice's)? Or do they not show enough emotion when singing or something(Momo shows a lot of emotion when she is singing, and Miya does to sometimes so this definately couldn't be the reason why)?

I mean really! Why do those 2 not get solo's in concerts anymore(they're last solo's in a concert was back in 2007, 2 years ago....) and why have they NEVER recieved a solo in an album?

(Lol. During the whole time I was writing this post I was listening to Chisa's solo version of "Suna wo Kuma yoni..... NAMIDA", It's so relaxing!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chinami Tokunaga - 1st Solo Photobook Making Of (Preview)

YAY!! At last we get a little preview! YAY!! YAY!!
Chinami looks SO pretty(and VERY skinny too, lol)!!
I can't wait to see the whole making of! I know it's gonna be AWESOME!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Berryz Koubou - Member Ranking

So I've decided to re-rank Berryz Koubou's members(since now I know most of the members a lot better than my previous ranking).

My previous ranking:

1. Momoko Tsugunaga
NO ONE should be surprised to see her at no.1! I STILL love her to death! And that's NEVER gonna change!!

I personally think that Momoko is 2nd best(if not the best) singer AND dancer from Berryz Koubou and deserves respect from everyone(There are quite a bit of Momo haters on Youtube)!!
I also think she's the next big thing too(if things with Airi don't work out so well). She's got the looks(a unique look), the talent(she can sing AND dance), and the personality(NOTHING is ever boring when she's in it).
Yes, I know that Momoko overdoes the "cute thing" sometimes and it can get kinda annoying, but she does it all for the Lolz.
Momo''s an entertaining & talented idol who's NOT going anywhere anytime soon(she's gonna be in the idol industry for a LONG time, I can tell).

2. Saki Shizimu

Saki is a GREAT captain & idol!
Her singing is not bad, She's actually one of the more stable singers from Berryz Koubou(but her dancing ALWAYS overshaddow's her singing abilites, so people tend to pay more attention to her dancing skills instead of her singing which is sad because Saki is a rather good singer and she NEVER gets any credit for that.... sad). And her dancing is great(I'm sure EVERYONE knows that already, LOL). I hope UFA pushes Saki to the front a bit some(like they're doing with Yurina & Mai right now), but I'm REALLY doubting that they will since I don't think Saki herself really wants to be pushed to the front.

3. Miyabi Natsuyaki

Miya moved up a spot(she was ranked 4th in my last ranking).
I actually personally liked Miyabi more when she was younger, because she was more entertaining & energetic (also cuter). She's all mature acting and what not now. Not that i'm trying to say that's a bad thing, it's just I sorta miss "playful" Miyabi(i'm refering to how Miyabi acted from 2004 to about 2006), "playful" Miyabi was A LOT more entertaining than "mature" Miyabi.... But anyways.... It's OBVIOUS that Miya is the best singer from Berryz Koubou. and her dancing is pretty good too(not the best but it's still pretty good), It's too bad she's been being pushed back a lot recently.

4. Maasa Sudou

Ah~ Maasa moved down a spot(to allow Miya to move up).Honestly I'm sorta losing interest in Maasa a little bit(I know sad right?), but I still like her, I just like Miyabi a little more than her now. I think Maasa is pretty(especially since she lost weight), and a pretty good dancer. I also think she deserves MORE attention and solo lines.

5. Risako Sugaya

Risako was ranked 7th in my last ranking(so she went up 2 spots).

My opinion about Risako hasn't changed all THAT much, I still think she's sorta overrated, and that she can't dance. But her singing has improved quite a bit recently(I ADMIT) and that makes me like her & respect a bit more than I did when I did my last Berryz Ranking. Sooo.... GOOD JOB Risako(LOL).

I HOPE Risa continue's to improve her singing(and maybe start improving her dancing too?), If she does continue improving.... than MAYBE just MAYBE she could take Maasa's 4th position. And also honestly, Once I get past the fact that she ain't the greatest performer(her singing, her dancing), then I start to actually like her a bit(truth be told, unlike Maimi I ACTUALLY think her personality is somewhat appealing, BUT not as appealing as Airi's or Momoko's). So I guess as of right now, I like Risako(LOL, this is strange)......

6. Yurina Kumai

I used to think Yurina was boring(I still kinda do think that....), but recently she seems more "interesting"(it's probably the recent push that UFA is giving her that makes her more "interesting" to me, LOL), and THAT'S why I didn't put her at no.7(I was going to but changed my mind at the last minute).

I personally think Yurina is REALLY pretty(one of the prettiest girl's from Berryz Koubou), and very talented(her dancing is not really all that good, but her singing has recently become better than it used to be).

7. Chinami Tokunaga

I feel REALLY BAD for putting Chinami at the bottom of my list! But someone had to go down their and unfortunately that someone had to be her(SORRY CHII!!).

I don't hate Chinami or dislike her. Chinami seems like a nice girl(who smiles A LOT, lol). I think Chinami is GORGEOUS(especially since she has let her hair grow out), and I also think she has the best legs & body from Berryz Koubou(LOL, sorry I just had to get that out). Her singing isn't the best & neither is her dancing(but she's OK).

Well... that's it guys! I won't be posting another member ranking for Berryz til....... probably next year.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Airi Suzuki - Natsu DOKI Lipstick (Subtitled)

Loved Airi's version of Natsu Dokii Lipstick! It was sooooo..... NICE AND CLEAR(LOL)! Even if this wasn't as "energetic" as Maimi's version I still think Airi did a wonderful job! But of course Maimi still owns this song(since IT IS her solo after all). But still... GOOD JOB AIRI!

Oh and btw, wasn't subbed by me but by:

[PV] Buono! - MY BOY (Close Up Ver.) (Subtitled)

I just found this on Youtube! I think it's subtitled quite nicely! And I think everyone should enjoy this subtitled version of Buono's close up version for MY BOY until H!F(a.k.a. Hello-Fansubs) releases their subs for it!

This is OF COURSE not subbed by me but by this nice Youtube user:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

C-ute - Members Ranking

I never did post my member ranking for C-ute... soooo here it is....

1. Airi Suzuki

I LOVE LOVE LOVE AIRI! She's everything you'd look for in an idol. her singing is great, her dancing is not bad(it isn't the best, but it's still pretty good), she has a WONDERFUL personality(personally... I've always thought that Airi has the "truest" personality from all of the H!P members), and she's pretty!!
I believe Airi would be a great future soloist if given the chance(she's popular enough for it)!!!!

2. Chisato Okai

LOL, I pretty much like Chisa for the same reasons I like Airi!! Great vocals, great dancer(3rd best in C-ute), nice personality(i find Airi's personality a bit more entertaining than Chisa's though)!! I think Chisa would make a great soloist someday too(though I don't think she really has the looks nor the popularity for it). And also I must say... Chisa looks so much cuter with shoulder length hair(I'm sad though that she recently cut her hair... AGAIN)!

3. Saki Nakijima

I think Saki is absolutely GORGEOUS!! She's one of the prettiest girl's from H!P( I demand a PB from her right now!). and I also think Saki's dancing is amazing(she's the BEST dancer from C-ute, do you hear me I said BEST not 2nd best, BEST. She can outdance Maimi ANYDAY). I love her smile and her sweet personality!! Saki is adorable! <3>

4.Mai Hagiwara
Mai is really growing up(judging by that pic of her)....... I love Mai's dancing(she's so flexable when she dances, especially in Tokaikko Junjou), and I think her vocals are pretty nice too(not the best, but still pretty decent). I also like her personality(she can do some really funny things sometimes...). And one more thing.... I think Mai has a lot of potenial in the looks department(she could grow up to be very pretty).

5. Erika Umeda
I used to think Erika was kinda........... ugly
when I first got into C-ute(but this is because I was watching pv's of her when she was like 12 or 13 and she hadn't "blossomed" yet), Of course I don't think that about her now anymore(she's so much prettier now). I personally think Erika has one of the most stable voice's from C-ute(even though she's obviously is not given enough credit for that). It's sad she's gonna be graduating soon....

6. Maimi Yajima

No offense to Maimi fans..... But Maimi just comes off to me as plain and boring(in other words personality-less). I think she's VERY beautiful, very energetic during C-ute's live performances, and a stable singer. But she's just honestly too dull to me(I just can't get into her).

Maimi's like an idol clone......

Well... that's it(i'm not gonna put Kanna in this ranking since she's gone). I'll probably rank Berryz next again(since my opinion on some members has completely changed).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C-ute - Indies Single's Ranking

I ranked C-ute's major single's....
Now it's time to rank their indies single's.

1. Ookina Ai De Motenashite

I don't know what it is about this song that makes me like it so much, maybe it's the fact that it's so cutesy.
But I'm absolutely addicted to it, I could listen to it 100 times and still love it! And the fact that this song is soooo............ AIRI! just makes me love it even more!

2. Wakkyanai Z

One of the reasons I love this song so much is because of the way Airi sounds here. Airi's voice is not too high pitched nor is it too low pitched in this song(it sounds just RIGHT). And also because I adore the outfits that they perform in live(I like Airi's & Maimi's the most).

3. Massara Blue Jeans

This song featured A LOT of Maimi, and less of Airi & Megumi. Erika & Kanna were featured too(though less in favor of Maimi, Megumi & Airi).

well... I love the song(especially the part where Kanna yells Massara Blue Jeans), and I think the dance is great too(even if it is a bit inappropiate). and I also loved everyone's vocals in the song(even Maimi's!).

4. Soku Dakishimete

I like this song... But I just like C-ute's other indies single's more. The dance was alright(but not really all that great). The main vocalist's (Megumi, and Maimi) were great. and the outfits for the song were nice!

I don't particularly dislike any of C-ute's indies or major single's(except maybe Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

C-ute - Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu (English Translation)

Airi solo!!

English Translator: Nouciel

English Translation:
Are you sad, lonely, okay?
I want to meet you, but...

Dropping some tears
is the way to become grown-up.
In the empty space in the bookshelf,
there's your postcard that makes me feel nostalgic.

Somewhat too suddendly, I feel pain in my heart
I wonder if we could still contact each other

If I had the courage to pick up the phone and call you now
That love could have lived some more.

A painful, sad, sole word
is what I want to tell you

Now I think
that I'm a stronger woman than before
There are many things I erased
in the late summer greeting card I sent you

It seems that this summer has only lasted a week

Are you sad, lonely, okay?
Hey, I want to meet you, but...

Your new life will have rhythm too, right?
Me, I can't interrupt that.

If I had the courage to pick up the phone and call you now
That love could have lived some more.

A painful, sad, sole word
is what contains this this greeting card
of this hot summer day.

Suzuki Airi - Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu With Lyrics

Monday, August 3, 2009

SimpleSub = Best H!P Kids Subbing Group

(Keep in mind that SimpleSub didn't pay me nor did they request for me to post about them in my blog. I'm doing it of my own free will!)

SimpleSub is kinda new they started releasing early March this year(their first release was a solo from my fav member Momoko), Though they're subs aren't "the best" like Hello!Fansub's or MMIF's, but they're still good. the best word's I can use to describe their subs are simple but colorful(and i like simple! not a fan of anything "too fancy").

One of the things that makes me like this fairly new subbing group so much is the fact that they focus "mainly" on h!p kids groups(a lot of h!p subbing groups focus on Morning Musume a lot Although they do "occasionally" throw in some h!p kids).
And that they also take requests(i know almost all sub group take requests but i don't think their are a lot of sub groups who release their stuff as fast as SimpleSub does).

Sure there isn't all that much content now(about 10 to 15 releases), but it's new! Their will be more as time goes on!

So all you "H!P kids (Berryz, C-ute) fans" should really check out their website!! You'll love it!!


Erika Umeda Leaving C-ute & h!p!!

Erika Umeda announced that she will be graduating from C-ute & H!P this October during C-ute's fall concert, her reason is to focus on being a fashion model...

Even though i didn't pay that much attention to Erika, I'm still sad about this,
but i really think it's the best for her. Her talent was completely WASTED in C-ute.
And i think she has a really unique look And I think she'll have a much more successful career in modeling fashion rather than in the background of an idol group.

well... At least she's gonna get have a proper graduation ceremony during the upcoming concert.
I hope to see her in a couple of fashion magazines after her graduation.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

S/mileage - aMa no Jaku pv review

at last FINALLY we have a pv from h!p's newest group....

Here It Is:

the pv is great. and the school uniforms & dance shot outfits are adorable.
the dance is OK(its sorta boring). The Song could have been a lot better.
And honestly, i like this pv a bit more than Morning Musume's newest pv(their pv was disappointing).

i personally am not really into this image that they seem to be trying to go for, but They suit the image that is given to them well.
and i don't really know the members all that well either(i only know Yuuka & Saki).

but it's OK, since its their first single.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Buono - Take it Easy Preview

i honestly just don't like this song. its sounds to much like country music and i really don't like country music. i was expecting something better since MY BOY was just so awesome. and Momoko's high pitched voice is back too(i don't have a problem with Momo's voice being high pitched, i actually love her high pitched voice), unfortunately im absolutely sure that the Momo haters are gonna start back bashing Momoko about her voice.

I hope this gets a good pv(im hoping the pv is gonna be outdoors).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Airi Suzuki in Taiwanese News

According to what Mai17said(a user at hello-online), the lady who was talking about Airi's photobook wasn't saying anything nice.

what she said. (credit: the bloggers of

又有成員 喔~~才15歲呢 推出了寫真集了
而且它的拍攝地點呢 就在台灣
經紀公司強調說 雖然是未成年寫真
不過尺度絕對沒有問題 還保證有看頭


In the past there's this group morning musume right? Now don't know how many hundred generations after, Hello Project still have members. Oh~~ only 15 years old releasing photobook. We see that this 15 years old japanese idol Suzuki Airi's releases sexy underage photobook. Moreover, this photobook was shot in Taiwan. The company's management emphasized that although this is an underage photobook but the "size/inches" is not a problem and guarantees worth looking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello!Project Cover Album

the cover for the hello!Project album has finally been released,
Here it is:

the cover looks nice, its not nothing special. though i did notice that the 2 most popular girls from each group seem to be at the front. but at least Captain Saki is in the 2nd row it sorta makes up for Maasa being so far in the back. though im sorta disappointed that Momoko is in the 2nd row because i thought she was gonna be in the 1st row cause she's like the 2nd most popular member in Berryz Koubou not Miyabi. And that awkward space beside Erika, makes it's so OBVIOUS that its kanna's place. and i realised that they arranged the girls in the way that it's Berryz Koubou -> Morning Musume -> Cute. I'm looking forward to this album. Hopefully the line-up for each song will be a surprise to me. And I hope that there is no solo songs(becuase it pretty obvious who they'd go to).


Here's The Tracklisting:

1. Diamond -> High-King
2. Ai wa Katsu -> °C-ute & Erina Mano
3. YES-YES-YES-> Aa!
4. Tentou Chuu no Sanba -> Minimoni
5. Kimi ga iru dake de -> Pucchimoni
6. Heya to Y shirts to Watashi -> Reina Tanaka
7. Mamotte Agetai - Risa Niigaki & Eri Kamei
8. Cosmos - Ai Takahashi
9. Mirai Yosouzu II - ZYX
10. ONLY YOU -> V-u-den (Heh??? New V-u-den or what???)
11. akai sweet pea -> Tanpopo
12. For You… -> Linlin
13. Kanpaku Sengen -> Berryz Koubou & Erina Mano
14. Sekai wa futari no tame ni - Sayumi Michishige, Koharu Kusumi, Risa Niigaki, Junjun

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chisato Okai Happy Birthday!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berryz Koubou - Otoko no ko Review

i know this was released a couple of months ago(released somewhere this year in January), but i just listened to it today and i have to say that im absolutely in love with this song. i love the guitar and i especially love Miyabi's voice here it fits the song better than any else in the group(even my precious Momoko). even though im hating that this song was basically a Miyabi&Risako Duet(Miyabi had 11 Solo Lines and risako had 10, while everyone else except momoko had 1, Momo had 4), im still loving it i can't wait to see it performed live(looks like it will have an interesting dance to it).

Here's the Lyrics if you guys hasn't seen them yet:

Friday, June 12, 2009

℃-ute - 9th Single Full PV

so as far as i can see from the full pv its looks like alot more effort was put into this than their last single, i still don't really like the song(its sounds too 70's), but the pv makes up for it. and the red outfits during the dance shot are really cute they should have worn that in the covers. also the game they were playing on the beach really reminds me of Berryz koubou's alo-hawaii(berryz played a game that was exactly like that in the DVD). but the only thing i don't like bout this pv is the beach, the beach they were playing on looks cold and not fun at all and also that only Airi and Maimi got solo lines i was hoping that atleast saki or mai would get some solo's, and Chisato too(she had gotten a whole lot of solo lines in bye bye bye).

if i was to rank this it would be a 8/10.

well it's out so please enjoy it guys!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Airi Suzuki 4th Photobook *Update*

Suzuki Airi 4th Photobook Wanibooks Limited Edition only
cover, the normal isnt revealed yet

Here it is:

Berryz Koubou Seishun Bus Guide Sales & Ranking

1st Week Chart:
Rank: #4
Sales: 29,169

-- *2 *3 *4 *4 *8 *5  **4 *29,169 09/06/03(水) Berryz工房「青春バスガイド/ライバル」

Just behind Yuke Yuke Monkey dance!!!

the rank is pretty good its been awhile since they've ranked 4. happy.gif
but the sales are great!!! maybe they could outsell yuke monkey dance. c13.gif
i hope c-ute gets good sales on their 9th single too(though im really doubting it since they sell better with mature songs than kiddie songs and they're releasing a kiddieish sounding song). happy.gif

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Airi Suzuki VS Chisato Okai

i've been thinking alot bout the vocals of chisato Okai and Airi Suzuki. and i've been seeing alot of "Chisato is so much better than airi she should have more lines than her" comments(it honestly annoys me to death when i see comments like that).
im not an expert on the vocals of idols but i think chisa and airi are pretty much on the same level when it comes to singing, not sure about personality and dancing skills though.

chisa has a more pleasant sounding voice than airi so i could understand why so many people think her vocals are better than Airi's. but honestly chisato can sound off sometime's while airi barely ever does. and i don't think her vocal range is as wide as airi's either(i could be wrong i've only listened chisa live a couple of times). but unlike Airi she seems to be really good with dancing(not that im trying to say airi is a bad dancer im just trying to say she's not the best, her dancing not anything spectacular), i actually think she's one of the best dancers in C-ute. but like airi she has sweet and funny personality she's not dull and boring like some people in C-ute(im not naming any names) and its the main reason why she ranks 2nd on my C-ute ranking.

Airi's voice is really nasly sounding and sometimes i honestly can't stand that about her voice. but she sounds great live and rarely sounds off(unlike Chisato). but i wish her voice sounded the way it used to in First Kiss. unlike chisa her dancing is well not all that great but its not HORRIBLE, its pretty average. but she has one of the realist personality's in hello!poject(she doesn't try to be super C-ute).

sorry guys, im horrible at comparing people especially my fav idols.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 17th birthday Chinami

the biggest smiler of berryz koubou!!!!
i hope all her wishes and dreams come true!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buono - Warp English & Romaji Lyrics

Translation: Christie (Christie's Blog)

English Transaltion:

Today the weather is cloudy going on fair
All Clear - OK to go
From the round window you can see the horizon
Alright let's go out there

The countdown echoes from the station
So then, shall we go? Are you ready?
We can reach even the end of the Galaxy in a flash, right?
A hyper, wondrous trip (Here we go yeah!!)
We can easily exceed the speed of light, right?
Hold on tight, Warp!
We're going to fly

If you come to like it, Andromeda is just ahead, too
It doesn't matter how many lightyears pass
The people from the blue planet must be charming
I long for a Space opera

As I say that, it's time to go
So then, shall we fly? Will you join me?

Wave to the Martians, Pass through Saturn's rings
A risky, lovely rendezvous (C'mon, baby!)
We can even pass the other side of the Milky Way
If you want to see me, Warp!
We can meet anytime

The Galaxy's limits will chase after us, too, right?
A hyper, wondrous trip (here we go!)
Wave to the Martians, Pass through Saturn's rings
A risky, lovely rendezvous (C'mon, baby!)
We can easily exceed the speed of light, right?
Hold on tight, Warp!
We're going to fly


honjitsu no tenkou wa kumori nochi kaisei nari
OORU KURIA junbi wa OK
maarui mado kara chiheisen ga mieteru yo
chotto soko made wo dekake shiyou

sore jaa ikou ka youi wa ii?

gingakei no hate sae mo isshun de tsukeru desho
HAIPAA de WANDAA na TORIPPU (Here we go yeah!!)
hikari no SUPIIDO mo karuku koerareru desho
shikkari tsukamattete WAAPU!
tobashiteku kara

moshi suki ni nattara ANDOROMEDA mo sugu soko
nan kounen datte kankei nai yo
aoi hoshi no hito yappari miryoku teki kamo
SUPEESU opera akogarechau

nante itteru uchi ni sorosoro jikan da
sore jaa tobou ka tsuite koreru?

kaseijin ni te wo futte dosei no wa wo kugutte
amanogawa no mukou kakenukete ikeru desho
aitai to omottara WAAPU!
itsudemo aeru

gingakei no hate made mo oikakete kureru desho
HAIPAA de WANDAA na TORIPPU (here we go!)
kaseijin ni te wo futte dosei no wa wo kugutte
hikari no SUPIIDO mo karuku koetekeru desho
shikkari tsukamaetete WAAPU!
tobashiteku kara

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buono MY BOY English & Romaji Lyrics

Translated By: Hana

English Translation:

Yeah, it might have been wrong of me to not listen to your worries,,,
So of course, it's OK if you can't tell me about everything
If you look gloomy, gloomy things will find you
It's a waste for you to carry on with these heavy feelings
Ride On!

I know about how you can't say
"That's not right, it's like this", even if you wanted to
Surely the time will come when things will change entirely
This is that time!

Don't you want to have someone congratulate you for the first time in your life?
If you let yourself feel today's breeze, it feels really nice, right?
You can even change the feeling of being at someone's mercy
into something you like; It's so nice!
What would you think if
everything was here for you? MY BOY!

You hear, spread, and have rumors spread about you
It means you lead a worry-filled youth
Is whether you're popular or not the issue?
Do you want them to say you're a go-getter?
Come on!

Go-getters have their own lonliness
Surely that's not on your path?
Someone who wants to hold hands is waiting somewhere
See, they're right there!

Isn't it enough to have someone say congratulate you since you've been born?
Today's wind only blows today!
Because it's a digital world, people are careless and
they forget they're true selves
What would you do if
everything was here for you? MY BOY!

Don't you want to have someone congratulate you for the first time in your life?
If you let yourself feel today's breeze, it feels really nice, right?
You can even change the feeling of being at someone's mercy
into something you like; It's so nice!
What would you think if
everything was here for you? MY BOY!

Romaji Lyrics:

Kimi no nayami kizukazu sou warukatta kamo...
zenbu uchiakenakute mochiron ii kara ne
Kurai kao wo shitetara kurai koto wo yobu
Omoi kimochi no mama iru no mottainai yo
Ride On!

Sou janakute kou nan da to
iitakute mo ienai kimi wo ne
Itsuka kitto gururi kawaru
toki ga kuru yo ima ga sono toki!

Umarete kite "omedetou" nante iwaretai janai?
Kyou no kaze ni fukaretara kimochi ii yo ne
Ikasareteru manma ni ugoiteru tte kanji mo
kimi no suki ni kaerareru yo It's so nice!
"Subete wa kimi no tame ni aru tte"
koto nara dou nano?

Uwasa kitari shitari sou saretari shite
Nayami bukaki seishun sugoi shiteru wake desu
Motteru mottenai sou sare ga mondai kana
Aitsu sugou de nandatte iwaretai no
Come on!

Sugou de ni wa sugou de no
Kodoku ga aru kimi yuku michi de wa
Nai deshou
Te tsunagitai hito ga dokoka
Matteiru yo hora ne sugu soko!

Umarete kite "omedetou" sore de jubun deshou?
Kyou no kaze wa kyou shika fuitenai kara
Dejitara na yo na naka dakara ukkari shichau
Honto no jibun suutari wasurechattari
"Subete wa kimi no tame ni aru tte"
koto nara dou suru?

Umarete kite "omedetou" nante iwaretai janai?
Kyou no kaze ni fukaretara kimochi ii yo ne
Ikasareteru manma ni ugoiteru tte kanji mo
kimi no suki ni kaerareru yo It's so nice!
"Subete wa kimi no tame ni aru tte"
koto nara dou nano?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Berryz Kobo 20th Single Double A-side Seishun Bus Guide/Rival covers *Update*

Berryz Kobo 20th Single Double A-side Seishun Bus Guide/Rival covers:




Ver. A DVD comes with Seishun Bus Guide PV
Ver. B DVD comes with Rival PV

Seishun Bus Guide Single V 6/24

Rival Single V 6/17

I love these covers. everyone's outfits look so cool especially Momo's. I can't wait for the pv.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

C-ute Singles Ranking

Let's See......

1) Tokaikko Junjou

(Suprise Suprise *sarcasm*)
This is one of the greatest (if not the absolute best) H!P Kids single ever. The outfits, the song, the dance, and the PV are just an overall win. I have yet to see a dance that tops Tokaikko Junjou's.

2) Namida No Iro

The PV wasn't as entertaining as Tokaikko Junjou's, and that's why it falls behind it (that and the fact that I think TJ's dance is superior to Namida no Iro's), the dance is good though (one of C-ute's best), and I love the casual look that C-ute has going on for this single (I wanna see more casual outfits from them), the song is great (certainly one of their bests), but it seems to just be an Airi and Maimi duet though.. I wouldn't have minded a little Chisato or Saki here and there. xD


I love this song (I named my blog after it :P), it has this rockish, BADASS, feel to it (Like the intro sounds so badass to me for some reason xD)... If the PV had more of a story line to it, than it might have been ranked 2nd, the girls siting in front of computers and staring at screens isn't enough to catch my attention.

4) Edo No Temari Uta II

I loved the outfits for this single (I loved Airi's the most of course... Her's is more casual! :D), and the song too, even if it is different from their other songs (it's more traditional).
The dance btw was pretty good (not as mind-blowing as Tokaikko Junjou's, Namida no Iro's, or FOREVER LOVE's dance, but still). the PV was pretty well made as well (it suited the song, dance, and the outfits :D).

5) Bye Bye Bye

I love the song (The song is the reason why the single is ranked at no.5! xD), but I have to admit the PV was rather... ummm... How do I put this without sounding really rude... CHEAP. The backgrounds for close ups didn't suit the PV at all (it feels like they just randomly threw that in there). I loved the vocals for this single though (I loved Airi's "Jibun shinjite" line and I also loved Maimi's "Bye Bye~" at the end... Mai & Chisato sound pretty good too... Their voices suit this song.. Maybe even more so than Airi's and Maimi's does), the outfits... they're pretty cool, I like them.
The dance was totally wacky... Wacky is not necessarily bad in my books though... xD

6) Meguru Koi No Kisetsu

I love the rockish feel to it, I especially love the little scream all the members do right at the beginning of the song (it was very cute and quite surprising when I first heard it). The dance is very genki, it has the girls running around in circles at some parts (which I find very adorable), and the outfits.. well... I honestly don't like the white outfits all that much... I'm more for the outfits that say "C-ute" on them.. I think they're C-uter. :P

7) Sakura Chirari
(C-ute's debut single)

The song is C-ute!, the dance is well... boring, but it suits the song though... The PV is not bad (I wouldn't say it's cheap :P)... Overall a pretty good single...
I'm not that big of a fan of cutesy things these days (I used to be though), so that's why it's ranked at # 7... but this really isn't a bad single at all.. Just average for C-ute. xD

8) Lalala Shiawase No Uta

The song is OK, and the PV is not too bad (could have been better).. The outfits are really lame though... And I just find it really odd for UFA to release a single like this right after Tokaikko Junjou (A very mature single). It's ok though... It's grown on me a lot recently (been listening to it a lot).

I'll rank C-ute's indies single's tomorrow