Saturday, January 29, 2011

Poll results to my 3 old polls

LOL. I forgot to post the poll results to these 3 polls (fail)... XD
I did 3 polls about a month ago (for those of you who didn't know), it was basically just asking you guys whose version of a certain song you thought was best.. xD
Well, here are the results to those 3 polls:

(Starting with Momoiro Kataomoi first):

Who sung ♥Momoiro Kataomoi♥ the best?

Momoko Tsugunaga: 33 votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 22 votes
Maimi Yajima: 10 votes
Mano Erina: 8 votes
Chinami Tokunaga: 7 votes

Winner of the Poll: Momoko Tsugunaga

Total number of votes: 80

My thoughts on the poll results:

Not surprised at all... I sort of knew Momoko was gonna win the poll (Miyabi did put up a good fight though.. ^^)... I am a bit surprised to see ManoEri above Chinami though.. I thought everyone (except ManoEri fans) disliked ManoEri's version of MK... XD

(Moving on to the 2nd poll)

Who sung Koi no Jubaku the best?
Chisato Okai: 27 votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 20 votes

Maasa Sudou: 9 votes

Winner of the poll: Chisato Okai

Total number of votes: 56

My thoughts on the poll results:

All 3 versions were great.. So, it really didn't matter who won (imo), I'll admit though, I am surprised to see that Chisato won, since I was kind of expecting Miyabi to win, but congrats to Chisato and her fans though ^^

(Last poll)

Who sung Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba the best?

Risako Sugaya: 20 votes

Airi Suzuki: 20 votes
Maimi Yajima: 12 votes

Winner of the poll: Risako Sugaya AND Airi Suzuki (it was a tie)

Total number of votes: 52

My thoughts on the poll results:

Hmmmm... Maybe I should have left the poll open a while longer.. I was hoping one of the members would win the poll, not tie (LOL. I guess everyone was having a hard time choosing between Airi and Risako... xD), It's ok though... Ties are not bad. xD
(Maimi did pretty good in this poll btw, there's not much of a gap between her and the other 2 members! :D)

-moving on-

I'm gonna add another poll to my sidebar, it's going to be about Chisato, and only Chisato!
There seems to be a lot of... dislike towards Chisa and her promotion recently...
I wanna see how many of my blog readers are feeling negative about Chisato and her promotion (I know 2 of my friends are being a bit negative about it! XD).. xD

Oh, and btw, don't worry, I'm not ending my "Top 10 vocals of H!P" poll yet...
I'm actually keeping that poll open for a very LONG TIME (I'm going to close it eventually, but it definitely won't be this month)... XD
I'm closing my Chisato poll in a week though, so hurry and vote. :)


I found a subbed video of Airi's Remember You.. xD
Airi's voice sounds a little different here (but in a good way)! :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Buono - Zassou no Uta (PV)

Buono - Zassou no Uta (PV):

Finally, we get the full PV of Buono's new single (About damn time, what the hell took them so long! :P), we apparently aren't going to get a dance shot version for the single, but we do get some nice close ups, and some lil cute car scene moments for the PV (lol, that makes up for it, right? rofl xD).. XD


The PV in my opinion, is not one of their bests, I've seen better PV's from them (*is being unbiased*), but I definitely don't think it's one of their worsts (I think it's better than Lotta Love/Rottara Rottara,, & Our songs), the PV is pretty good actually (Especially since it wasn't made under Pony canyon! xD), the only thing I don't really like about the PV is Miyabi's hair in the car scenes... It's a big no-no for me.. It reminds me of one of Tsuji's hairstyle's, lol -shot-.. XD

(Momoko was a miss with me at first, because I didn't like her hairstyle or her outfit when I saw the profile pics for the single (I thought her hairstyle looked too... spiky at the ends (is that the correct word to be using? xD), and I thought her outfit looked too different from Airi & Miyabi's), but looking at her hair and outfit in the PV now, makes me like it a lot more.....
lol, why does Momo look much better in the PV than she does in the profile pics to me?!?! XD)

Airi just looks great, she in my opinion looks the best, I've got nothing negative to say about her outfit or her hair, Airi looks cute (imo)! :D


The girls vocals were great (That's the 2nd thing I noticed, their vocals! :D), their outfits were pretty good too, and yeah, Buono's just great (read it and weep)! ^^

I personally would rate the PV and song, a 7.5/10, since the song is pretty good (nothing out of the ordinary though), and the PV is like I said is pretty good too (but not one of their bests). xD
So, yeah, 7.5/10! :D
-moving on-

Let's hope this sells well, you guys, I want to see more Buono! in the future (If you can, please go and buy the single for Buono!'s sake!)!! ;)

LOL. There's foreigners in the video (I didn't notice them at first, because I was too busy staring at Buono! xD), I see a little black boy playing the drums!! XD

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ai Takahashi to graduate from Morning Musume & Hello!Project, Fall 2011

It's true you guys, Ai-chan (MM's current leader) is graduating from Morning Musume AND Hello!Project, Fall 2011 (this year).

Announcement on H!P's official website

(Pics from Tsunku's twitter of Ai-chan's announcement):

I'm personally not all that sad about this, because she's been in MM for 10 years (that's a damn long time), which is longer than anyone has ever lasted in MM, and well, because she ain't one of my favs (She's always come off to me as a bit.. boring? *Don't hate me Ai-chan fans* xD)... but I am sad that her graduation is kinda gonna leave MM (and Hello!Project) vocal-wise, a bit weak... MM only has 2 singers now in the group currently that I consider to be good or really great singers (Reina, and to a certain extend, Gaki), the others are well, not so good (I'm not sure about the 9th gen members yet, from what I've heard so far, they seem like nothing special (They're a bit better than Sayu, but that's not much of an accomplishment since Sayu's vocals are known to be pretty bad :P), they could grow to be quite good though given time and practice). I'm thinking Reina is going take Ai-chan's position as the main vocalist of MM, and as MM & Hello! Project's best singer (someone has to fill the position!! xD), either Reina or Gaki. :P

Morning Musume's popularity, is definitely going to drop, MM losing their most popular and well known member is just not good (even if it is time for her to graduate), Ai-chan is the most popular & well known member of Hello! Project too, so her graduation is going to negatively effect H!P a bit as well (I'm starting to think graduating Ai-chan this year was a bad move... i think she needs a bit more time... XD). :P

I hope Ai-chan goes solo, after she leaves H!P and MM, because I think she could be successful (If UFA doesn't give her all ballads and promotes her correctly, that is), since she's definitely got the looks, and the talent, she could work on her personality a little, but I think her looks and talent sort of overshadow that part of her :)

I wish Ai the best of luck though on whatever she decides to do after MM ^^

I've got a new poll up today (Don't worry I'm gonna post the poll results to my last 3 polls later on today), I sort of got my new poll idea from Ai-chan (since she's graduating, I'm wondering who's going to take her place as the best singer of H!P (Tsunku, and even Aya Matsuura, have stated Ai is the best singer, so please don't argue with me over that topic.. :P)), the poll is asking everyone who they think the TOP 10 best singers of H!P are (Yes, we're continuing this topic about vocals), I've included everyone in the poll except Ai-chan (because she's graduating, and because I know she would own the poll if I put her in it! xD), and the 9th gen members (because we haven't heard enough of them to really judge them yet :P), you can choose a total of 10 members (makes sense, right?), so please choose 10 (or at least close to 10! XD)... And ummmm... yeah, so vote wisely.
Gotta go, bye bye! XD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Promoting other polls?? :P

I noticed some of my friends polls don't get all that many votes... So, uhhh... yeah... I decided to show some support, and help out a little... :P

I hope you guys don't mind voting on 3 polls (of course you don't *looks at my 3 current polls* xD)?? They're all H!P Kid related btw! xD

First one of course is Cuttie's poll, she used my poll ideas for her first poll (I feel honored! ^^), check it out: Which version of Hare Ame Nochi Suki is the best?

The next 2 polls are by MC. Chissa yeah, one is about Buono, and the other is about C-ute's new single!! XD
Who's the best Buono member(s)?
What do you think of C-ute's new single?

For those of you who don't know.. The correct answer for poll #1 is NatsuMomoCHU (Miyabi and Momoko)... -SHOT- XD

Monday, January 3, 2011

C-ute - Kiss Me Aishiteru (Color coded Lyrics)

Radio preview of C-ute's new single:

These are the unofficial lyrics from 2ch:

Airi SuzukiMaimi YajimaChisato OkaiSaki NakajimaMai Hagiwara

moetsukiru wa
kono koi tabun
donna shuumaku ga koyou to kakugo shiteru
yoyuu nante hotondo nai
hisshi de shiga mitsuiteru dake

anata no me yasashiku dakiyoseru ude
subete ga subete ga
[Airi/Chisato] hajimete no Fall in Love datta wa

(Kiss me) hanasanaide
(Kiss me) shizen no mama de
kono fuan wo nuguitotte nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(Touch me) sono yubisaki
(Touch me) sono mezashi de
kono watashi wo tsutsumikonde Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please

yomigaeru wa kinou no koto
anna ni kokoro ga yureta no hajimete da mon
sabishisugite toki ni kowai
futari de irenai kono toki ga Ah

ame no asa atataka na heya de KOOHII
otona no furi kara
[Airi/Chisato] hontou no otona ni naresou

(Kiss me) kiken na hodo
(Kiss me) amai kuchizuke
kono negai wo zenbu kanaete nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(Love me) sono tamashii de
(Love me) mado wo tataite
kono watashi wo anshin sasete Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please

(Kiss me) kiken na hodo
(Kiss me) amai kuchizuke
kono negai wo zenbu kanaete nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(No woh woh)
(Love me) sono tamashii de
(Love me) mado wo tataite
kono watashi wo anshin sasete Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please

Line distribution:
Airi Suzuki has 11 solo lines
Chisato Okai has 11 solo lines
Maimi Yajima has 11 solo lines
Mai Hagiwara & Saki Nakajima have 4 solo lines

I actually think the color coded lyrics are very accurate, you guys!!! ^^

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just heard, just now (and it was thanks to C'est la Vie), I've seen some people mention it... but I thought... I thought they were just joking!! XD
I didn't really believe them, because well... H!P always ignores girls like her... Girls with talent... XD

I'm happy for her though, very happy, Yuu is my favorite ex-H!P Egg... I've been her fan ever since I watched this video (Yuu is the one in red, she's the one who sounds similar to Miki Fujimoto, for those of you who don't know her!! XD):

Apparently this song is an original (made just for her):

(LOL. It's a ballad... but I like what I hear so far... :D)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Blog Layout

LOL. I changed my blog layout a bit (Don't worry, the polls are still up and everything.. xD) too make it better... XD
I added a left sidebar (so, now everything doesn't look so packed together!! xD)

What do you guys think of my new layout... Does it look bad?? Is it too pink (my last one was pink too), is it blinding (I don't think so =P), is it just plain ugly? :P

Oh, and... uhhhh... Can someone make me a new Buono! banner?? I don't know how to make banners *is a noob*... XD

Check this video out, you guys...
Buono's HAPPY LOVE SONG with english and romaji subtitles!! :D