About me

Here's a big "Hello!" to those of you who bothered to click on this link!! :D
My name is Clarissa Ann Williams, I'm 18 years old, I live in Florida, I'm African American, and I'm currently finishing up my last year of high school (I plan on going to college after high school)!
My interests are the internet (lol), fansubbing (I'm addicted to this), music, my boyfriend (jk jk), and going to the skating ring.


I think it was back mid 2006 or something (I don't really remember too well... xD), I was randomly surfing Youtube and came across an AKB48 music video titled "Hirari Skirt" (I was mesmerized by that video, I really liked it, I thought the uniforms were cute!! xD), one of the comments on the video for Hirari Skirt lead me to H!P (The comment was talking about how it was disgusting to have 3nin Matsuri and AKB48 show their panties... 3nin Matsuri gives a bit of a pantie flash in their music video for Chu! Natsu Party!! XDDD)...
I think I was a casual fan of H!P for about a year... I had mostly just been a fan of 3nin Matsuri (even though they were long gone, and had only been made to release 1 single! xD), before I actually started paying attention to the rest of H!P (Ookina ai de motenashite was probably the 2nd H!P song I heard and fell in love with.. Lolz, I think Airi might have been my fav H!P member back a LONG LONG LONG time ago! :D). xD

Yep, that's right guys, I first found H!P when I was 12 (Didn't follow them til I was 13 though)... xD

~Why do I blog~

I originally had started blogging to just rant about stuff....
Mostly rant about how I.... hated Risako Sugaya, and wished she wouldn't get all the lines in BK's singles... -shot- XD
(I have no problem with Risako now though... Rii, ironically enough, is actually one of my top 5 fav H!P members now... XD)
I blog now just to share my thoughts about H!P!! Talk about their releases, and what not! :)

Well, that's all I have to say about myself. xD
I hope you guys continue reading my blog, and don't be afraid to comment, I won't bite! ;)

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