Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buono! - Urahara (Subtitled)

I've got some Buono! goodies for you guys.. xD

Here's Buono!'s Urahara:

(I think this is my absolute fav album song from Buono! :D
I find myself listening to this song a lot, and I can TOTALLY relate to the translation as well (Though that kind of thing has never happened to me before... I can relate to it... xD)! :D)

Buono!'s Nakimushi Shounen:

(I probably should have subbed a more recent performance of this song, but I really like this performance... I think it's the best performance of all... :P)

Buono!'s DEEP MIND:

(I had not been planning on subbing this.... I actually wasn't going to sub this because their were like 3 other people who subbed... xD The only reason why I actually decided to sub was because found a really nice translation of the song (The best translation I seen so far.. :D)! xD)

This isn't a Buono! release, but still going to post it:
Here's C-ute's Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku:

(Lol, I like the outfits, but I'm not really all that fond of the dance.. it's really strange, you know.. It seems like they wanted to make it "graceful", but... it just comes off as awkward to me.. XD

Maybe I'll sub the normal version (the PV) too.. :D)

Oh, and here's the account that I'll be uploading my new fansubs on:

My first ShyFansubs account got suspended, so I ended up making a new one.. Let's hope this one lasts for 2 years (the first one only;lasted for about a year)!!! xD