Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maimi Yajima - Lonely Girl's Night (Review + English Lyrics)

English Lyrics are By: Nouciel

Don't ask me, not even in a nice way,
about why I cut my hair.
It's not because of you, don't fake it.
Lonely girl's night

Alone in a park, I looked at the moon and thought about so many memories.
I don't want to be found in a place I hate.
But why I did hate you even before all of this.
I don't want to listen to anyone, my secret love has died.

Don't ask me, not even in a nice way,
about why I cut my hair.
It's not because of you, don't fake it.
Lonely girl's night

I can clearly listen to the sound of my tears falling down my cheek.
How many times did I go to that place?
I came to dislike going to my job
Even though I was so good, my secret love was a punishment

Everything has ended, right?
Don't be nice, don't suddendly love me.
You're a fake person, so you would do that.
Lonely girl's night

Everything has ended, right?
Don't be nice, don't suddendly love me.
You're a fake person, so you would do that.
Lonely girl's night


I really like this song A LOT, it's probably my favorite track from C-ute's 5th album(SHOCKING 5! ^_^)!! And the English lyrics just make me like it even more because they really seem to relate to Maimi's situation(her cut hair! :P) well! But I was personally really surprised when I first heard this song though, because Maimi was singing it... I've always felt Maimi couldn't sing ballads like this very well, but she has proved me wrong! XD She does sound a bit "whiny" at the beginning of the song though, but throughout the rest of the song she sounds fine! ^_^ However.. I still do think these type of song's are better suited for members like Airi, because Airi can actually handle hitting all those high notes in song's like this LIVE(I know Maimi has a hard time handling it!)! But I do look forward to the day when I get to hear a HIGH QUALITY audio recording of Maimi singing her new solo live!! I think she will do decently well(I may be alone on my opinion though!! XD)! : )

And also.. I've added a new poll! And this time the poll is centered around Maimi-chan! I want you guys to be completely honest and vote for whatever choice you really wanna choose, alright? :P

Poll Results

I recently did a poll on whether or not you guys think I should post about Beckii in this blog, and here are the results:

Yes: 3 Votes( ^_^;)
No: 16 Votes
Yeah, sometimes: 22 Votes

LOL. I don't feel the least bit surprised by the number of people who picked "No!", I actually was expecting it!! But I'm surprised that so many people picked "Yeah, sometimes!", I'm very happy that most of the votes went to that!! ^_^ And LMAO... 3 votes for "Yes!"... I wonder who were the 3 voters who picked that??

Well... Based on the number of "No's" I got from this poll.. I think maybe I should just stick to The H!P Kids only.. I don't wanna make the readers disappointed(or angry! lol. XDD)!!

Such a CUTE dance!! <33333

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beckii Cruel

This is SORTA H!P related... LOL. XDDDD

I'm sure just about EVERY H!P fan knows who Beckii Cruel is.. But just in case ya didn't know...
Rebecca Flint was born 5 June 1995, she's better known by her stage name Beckii Cruel, she is a Manx pop singer. She reached popularity in Japan after a YouTube video of her dancing was posted around the Internet. She is the 21st most subscribed user (2nd most in the Musician category) in Japan on YouTube (as of 8 Feb 2009) Her YouTube account alone has reached 5.5 million viewers.

She got noticed through her Danjo video:

She & 2 other girl's(Sarah & Gemma Cruel) have released a major debut single,
The A-side to this major debut is "Tsubasa wo Kudasai"(Which means "Wings to Fly"):

B-side "Tsuki no Kakera"(Which means "Fragments of The Moon"):

I personally like Tsubasa wo Kudasai better because the vocals in Tsuki no Kakera sound.. Weird... But the PV is nice! <3

Beckii has also meet Morning Musume's Sayumi Michishige(This is the H!P related part! XD)..
There's a video on Upfront's official Youtube page of them together(in a photoshoot perhaps?):

Sayu looks a bit nervous in the video, but overall... seems to like Beckii from what I can see! : )
Perhaps she wants her fans to like her as well! ^_^

And also I have a new poll up now...
It's about Beckii...
I'm honestly REALLY interested in Beckii right now(in a good way! XD) and because of Sayu I find myself liking her more(if Sayu likes her than that means something good right?)... Sooo... I was wondering... Do you guys think I should post about Beckii in this blog SOMETIMES(I kinda want to... :P)??

Friday, March 5, 2010


LOL. I almost forgot(I'm sorry Momochii! XD)... Today is Momo-chan's 18th birthday!! XD She's officially an adult now(in the United States I mean! She still has 2 more years in Japan! :P)!! Let's wish her a happy birthday and for her to continue being a lead singer in Berryz(and perhaps wish that she release a 5th solo photobook & 3rd image DVD next month..)!!

Ontanjoubi Omedetou Momoko-Hime!!!
(I'm joking!!! XD)!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Otakebi Boy WAO! (Close up Vers.) (Subtitled)

Englsh & Romaji subbed! :P

The English lyrics are interesting! They defintitely do suit the song(imo)!
My fav line from the translation is "Tomorrow, with a crash of thunder, the goddess of victory is waiting for you!". Love that line!


Me likey! ^_^
I like the little lighting things coming out of the girl's hand when they punch! Looks cool! : )
Although.. I do think the Wao parts do get rather irriating after a while, but other than that I like what I hear & see! The girl's don't look half as bad in those outfits as they looked when I first saw them either!!
Risako really impressed me a lot here! Her singing really does reminds me of Takahashi Ai's sometimes(I would perfer Rii-chan sing like this more often! XD)! <3
And OF COURSE my dear sweet Momoko was GREAT here as well!! She can be really amazing sometimes when she uses her deep voice! XD

(Other things that are rather notable... Chinami's look.. She looks gorgeous here! Miyabi's last solo line... I almost didn't think it was really her singing it at first, it was rather strong, if you consider what we've been hearing from her lately! XD).