Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll 2 weeks ago titled "Who's the best Berryz singer? Part 2", and here are the results:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 19 votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 17 votes
Risako Sugaya: 5 votes

LOL. I'm not surprised at all to see Miya win part 2 of this poll.. I got this feeling she would.. But I'm SO happy Momoko won the first round... That was pretty impressive(& unexpected)! And also.. There's not much of a difference between Miya & Momo's votes in this poll.. Miya won by 2 votes.. That's not much.. Momo fans be proud! ;D & Miya fans congrats! Yay! XD
Risako though... 5 votes only??........I even voted for her(I gave my vote to Risako instead of Momo-chan) and she only has 5 votes... That's not good... I guess people still think she can't really sing, right?............ Risa has improved a lot.. I think she deserves much more recognition for that... Rii-chan has a lot of potential (I think she has the most potential out of the H!P Kids.. :P), she just needs to learn to control her voice more. :P

~Now onto my next poll~

My next poll is gonna be about dancing! Yumi wants me to do a poll on that.. :P
The poll is titled "Who is the best H!P Kid dancer"! There are only 6 choices(Sorry! xD)! :P


A request from Keksi*Choc , A video of Captain & Nakky dancing together:

Nakky is very flexible... I like the way she moves... xD

But Captain still owns(imo):