Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another new poll

So, instead of waiting for my current poll to end (I'm impatient, sorry), I've decided to just open another poll.. So, yeah.. 2 polls open at once now (that's new :P)... This new poll is gonna be another this member versus that member (I'm becoming really addicted to polls like that XD), It's gonna be on *DRUMROLL*...........
Miyabi & Chisato (I've never seen anyone versus these 2 up against each other, so this will be very interesting.. Much more interesting than the Momo & Rii poll :D).

The topic is: Who's version of "Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka" is better, Miyabi or Chisato's?

Miyabi Natsuyaki's version:

Chisato Okai's version:

The poll's gonna be open for one week, just like the Momoko & Risako poll... Vote wisely.. :P
(Both polls are open guys.. Remember that.. My Momo & Risako poll is open too :P)

New Poll

LOL. Time for a new poll (been a while since my last one)!!
The poll is gonna be another this member versus that member (I like those kind of polls) :P
This time it's on Momoko and Risako... I'm gonna do a poll asking everyone which version of VERY BEAUTY they like better, Momo's or Risako's (Just be honest guys.. You ain't hurting me xD) :D

Where did I get this idea from? Uhhh.. Someone I was chatting to on youtube recently.. xD
LOL. This part of that persons message inspired my new poll:
"And honestly, I like Risako's Very Beauty performance much better than Momo's, she sings it a bit too weird for me, sorry. I think it had a reason why Chinami!!! got that famous solo-line instead of Momo. But we are all biased, you know. On the other hand, Momo would sound better than Rii in Toma...ehm the other A-Side of WAO! imo!"

Yeah, the guy is a Risako fan (I think Archey may know who I'm talking about :P)! xD
but yeah... That's where my inspiration for my new poll came from.. This guy ^^
I hope you guys vote wisely. :D

Momoko Tsugunaga - VERY BEAUTY:

Risako Sugaya - VERY BEAUTY:

(To be honest.. I think it's a bit unfair to compare the versions to each other, because Risako's version sounds different from Momo's.. Like the music sounds a little different?..... O.O)

I'll leave the poll open for a week! ^^

Friday, October 29, 2010


Well... Kira & akari48 did one, so I figured why not do one myself... (good way to update my blog too :P) XD

1. I find Jpop music more listenable than American music (I really don't listen to American music nearly as much as I used to.. Jpop is like taking over for me.. It's kinda scary, but I'm liking the take-over oddly enough! XD)
2. Talking to Arche-JoIyo (an obsessed humble Risako fan :P), made me like Rii more (all of Risako's other fans made me hate her more... xDDD)!! ^^
3. Back in 2008, I used to dislike Airi's voice... it came off to me as somewhat unpleasant (It became WAY TOO nasally for my taste at that time.. xD), but now I quite like it (less nasally now.. :P)
4. I love photobooks.. I love bikini's and I love Momo's butt... I think she looks great in a bikini!!! And yeah I'M A GIRL AND I'M 16 YEARS OLD AND YES I DID JUST SAY I LOVE BIKINI'S!!!! :P
5. I found H!P though AKB48's Hirari Skirt :P
6. Sometimes...... I start to dislike a member not because of something she does... but like because of how her fans act... Some fans really annoy me... Like really bad... :P
7. I don't really remember why Momoko became my favorite member XD
8. Sometimes.. Miyabi rivals Momo for position as my favorite H!P member (and Berryz member).... Even though I put Miyabi as my least favorite member in the H!P Kids.... (So odd, right? xD)
9. I often used to get into lots of arguments with other fans because I used to be too blunt with my opinions (Like... If I thought a girl sucked... I would just say it.. I wouldn't sugar-coat it or anything... I would just say it straight out.. like "Damn, she sucks!!!!" XD)
10. I used have a fetish for sailor uniforms... I loved them so much!! xD
11. I think Momo's thunder thighs are sexy.. :P
12. *prepares to be shot at* I still think Risako needs to lose weight... She'd look better :P
13. I never liked Nakajima Saki because of her personality or her dancing.. I liked her because I thought she was cute.. and that's it.. :P
14. I actually dislike Mai's voice in almost every song she's in.. Even though I made a video titled "Mai's adorable voice" (I was on crack when I made that... XD) :P
15. I like Chisato's singing more than Airi's even though I think Airi is the better singer....
16. I like AKB48's new single, Beginner.. :P
17. I still think Maimi's boring and personality-less.
18. I ignore nearly every release that is MM.. :P
19. Once LinLin leaves MM, I hope the group disbands.. :P
20. I think Miyabi is sexy.. and I think she's a bitch in real life... Miyabitch.. :P
21. Whenever I have nothing to do... I immediately start thinking of H!P.. XD
22. I think Airi has no ass, and is as flat as a cardboard... but I love her bikini pics (Am I turning into a lesbo or something? xD)
23. I like Beckii Cruel and I'm subscribed to her channel and I keep up with all her and the Cruel girl's releases.. Ha! :P

And that's it.. Mostly H!P confessions XD
Feels good to say all of that.. ^^ I hope no one hates me now though.. xD

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chisato's 1st PB & DVD + poll results!

Chisato Okai's first photobook and DVD has been announced. The release date is December 22nd. ^^

Here are a few preview (bikini xD) pics of it from her ustream show:

*drools* I really like the Pink & blue bikini!! Chisato has a great figure for bikini's (imho)! :P XD
(I am curious though.. Why does everyone in C-ute except Nakky get a solo image DVD with their photobook?? Does UFA hate Nakky or think she's not profitable enough for one? o.o)

About last months poll... (The poll was "Vocal battle: Airi Suzuki vs Chisato Okai" just in case anyone forgot) Guess what, you guys? :P
Chisato won! :D

I remember doing a poll similar to this one last year (when I first made my blog), and on that poll Airi had like 10 votes over Chisato!! :O
It's very interesting to see how other fans opinions on things change over time! xD

Poll results:
Chisato Okai: 64 Votes
Airi Suzuki: 62 Votes

Total number of votes: 126
(LOL, this is the most votes I've ever gotten on a poll... I usually get like 50 votes.. SUGOI! This poll result is amazing!! XD)

Congrats to Chisato (and her fans) on winning my poll, and congrats to Chisa on getting her first PB & DVD! This year really does seem to be a great year for Chisa!! ^^

*noob mode*
And just because the Airi vs Chisato thing will never stop (so long as their in the same group together, there will always be comparisons, especially in singing :P).. XD
Let's have another comparison (-SHOT-):

Chisato Okai - Aa Koi


Airi Suzuki - Aa Koi -