Monday, February 27, 2012

Airi Suzuki - Koi ING (Subtitled)

Here is a screen-shot of it:


Lol, and here's some more Airi love:
(I subbed the concert version and an OPV version of Airi Suzuki's My alright sky)

Here is a screen-shot of the concert version:

(I think you guys all know this performance is from Rock'n Buono! 4 right? xD)

Video Download Link:


Here is a screen-shot to the OPV version:

(I seriously think this is ONE OF THE BEST Airi OPV's.. It flows so well with the song! ^^)
(The OPV was made by foolishfish007)

Video Download Link:
[OPV] Airi Suzuki - My alright sky (Subtitled)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mobekimasu - Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (Subtitled)

I subbed the dance shot version of the Mobekimasu single (I'm surprised to see that there are not a lot of subs of this.... I only see 1 other sub of the Mobekimasu single...)... XD

Here's the download link to it:

I also subbed Momochi's itune songs (for any of you Momo fans out there who are interested :D)!! :)
Here are the download links to them:

Oh, and here are some download links to some of my REALLY old releases (Lol, these were like my very first subs):
C-ute - Momoiro Sparkling (Dance Shot Ver.) (Subtitled)
Maimi Yajima - Seishun Song (Subtitled)
Chisato Okai - Darling I LOVE YOU (Subtitled)
Mai Hagiwara - ENDLESS LOVE ~I Love You More~ (Subtitled)