Thursday, September 23, 2010

Risako Sugaya (Ibu Himuro) - Elegant Girl CM

Need something to post on my blog... (It's been a while since I posted.. too long imo.. :P) 8D

Gorgeous! Risako looks so gorgeous.. And elegant (XD) in the CM... The song is pretty cool too (I need to hear more of it to really make judgment though :P)

Looking forward to the full PV & song of Risako's elegant girl XD

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poll Time: Airi vs Chisato

LOL. The new poll is called.... *drum roll* Airi Suzuki vs Chisato Okai!!! XD
This poll was actually my friends idea, not mine!! XD

The poll is a vocal battle btw (vocals not personality, dance skills, or acting skills and blah blah blah.. VOCALS). Who's the OVERALL better singer, Chisato Okai or Airi Suzuki?! ;)

Chisato Okai =

(One of my favs from her solo events... Her vibrato is just ♥♥♥)

(Me likey this video! Chisa owns Sweets! XD)

(Honestly, she didn't really sing this as well as I thought she would, so I gotta say this is not one of her bests, but it's still pretty good! better than Miyabi, Maimi & Yurina's version imo! :D)

(Lovely! This in my opinion is her best performance from her 6th solo event! LOL, I actually like Chisa's version of this song better than LinLin, Airi, & Saki Oagwa's version! XD ^^)

Time for Airi-san! ^^

(I was gonna post Tsuugaku Vector instead of this, but meh... I honestly don't really like Tsuugaku all that much... I don't think it really shows Airi's vocal talent, and... I think as a song.. it's pretty boring, so I went for Zansho Omimai Moshiagemasu instead... This is my fav Airi solo song! It owns all the other solo songs she sings... Even Aa Koi! :P)

(LOL, what can I say?? I really like this performance.. I like the way she shouts "Aa!"!! XDDD)

(LOL. Me likey this video a lot! Airi singing Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi & Bishoujo Shinri solo is full of win.. Especially since those 2 songs are considered her songs... Especially Bishoujo Shinri! XD)

(Airi's really putting a lot of emotion into her singing here, nee? LOL)

I'm gonna leave the poll up for about 2 weeks... (I usually leave it for about 4 or 5 days... xD)
Plz choose wisely! :P
I ain't telling you guys who I voted for (although you can probably make a good guess at who! xD), not until the results are in! xD

Monday, September 6, 2010

Momoko Tsugunaga's unique voice

LOL. I actually made this video myself, it's the first time I've ever really tried to edit something together (and been successful with it :P). The video was inspired by a video my friend "chissaunderrated" made (The video he made is called "Chisato Okai's voice"just in case anyone's wondering)! It took me about 2 days to do this video (lol, I spent all day yesterday trying to finish this! xD)!
I've basically just edited together Momoko's live performance's.. Like her solo events, solo performance's, and solo lines...
The video actually has a lot of solo lines Momo sings live (I've added my fav solo lines of her's in there), and then it has solo's, and etc, etc! The video though, is honestly a bit too long... (It's nearly 13 minutes long.... I meant to make it only like 5 minutes long! xDDD).. But there's never enough Momo, right? 8D

I hope everyone takes a look at my video, I REALLY put A LOT of work into it... :P

And here's my friend's (chissaunderrated's ) video:

(his video is basically the same as mine, just with a different girl and it's like almost 2 times shorter :P).

Also, Guess what?........
I finally know what I want my next poll to be on... :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Poll Results

Last month I did on poll on who the best H!P Kids dancer was and here are the results:

Saki Shimizu = 16 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga = 14 Votes
Saki Nakajima = 10 Votes
Mai Hagiwara = 4 Votes
Maimi Yajima = 3 Votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki = 0 Votes

It's no surprise to see Captain win (I was expecting her to...), but some of the results below her are quite interesting (for me at least).

Coming in 2nd place with 14 votes is Momoko... *sighs* While I am happy for Momo-chan... I kinda think Nakky should have came in 2nd, her dancing is better than Momo's (though Momo's dancing is more energetic than Nakky's! xD), but still job well done for Momo-chan (good job Momo fans! xD)

3rd place is Nakky... Like I said before.. I think Nakky should have been 2nd (and Momo-chan 3rd), Nakky's dancing is better than Momo's. :P

4th place is Mai & 5th place is Maimi, I'm actually quite surprised with this... I thought Maimi would definitely place above Mai not the other way around.. XD

And last place is..... Miyabi-san.... Miyabeam got 0 votes...
So, it seems no one voted for her?? ......... This was the most surprising thing for me actually.... I've always heard other fans (particularly Miyabi fans actually! xD) talk about how good of a dancer she is... Some even said she was a better dancer than Momo-chan (who was quite close to winning this poll btw)... So, I guess I was sorta expecting her to do really well in this... But the result is kinda bad... :O
Hmmm... lol, I guess it was too hard to choose for some people! xD

Not sure yet what the next poll will be on... I'm thinking... XD

I know what my next poll will be on.. It's gonna be similar to Miya Vs Momo poll.. :P