Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Berryz Koubou - Heroine ni Narou ka! (PV + Color coded lyrics)

Berryz Koubou's official channel has finally uploaded the official full PV to Berryz's new single Heroine ni Narou! Check it out, everyone! It's pretty awesome! :D

The unofficial color coded lyrics:

Saki ShimizuMomoko TsugunagaChinami TokunagaMaasa SudouMiyabi NatsuyakiYurina KumaiRisako Sugaya

Machi wa KIRAKIRA shite (Kyou mo nigiwau sunlight)
Watashi DOKIDOKI shite (Hitori samayou moonlight)
Dareka ni aisaretai Furueru tamashii
Datte konya wa daitan ni naresou

Aitsu doushiteru kana (Kyou mo sasou sunlight)
Hisashiburi atsumarou (Minna ga tsudou moon light
Honki de aisaretai Koboreru ENAJII
Kitto konya wa atsuku naresou ne

[Miya/Yuri/Rii] Kibun da ne da ne da ne FUU

Saa HEROINE ni narou ka
Daitan dase Sagaccha DAME
Hora machi chuu wa kizuiteru
Saa kagayaichaou ka
Watashi kara Atarashii watashi
Hora minna minna chuumoku no HEROINE

Yume ga KIRAKIRA shite (Itsuka kagayake sunlight)
Koi wa DOGIMANI shite (Itsuka tsukamou moonlight)

Ima made kanjiteta dareka e no JERASHII
Datte konya wa subete fukkire sou na

[Miya/Yuri/Rii] Kanji da ne da ne da ne da ne FUU

Saa HEROINE ni narou ka
Daitan demo MINI demo OK
Hora machi chuu ga sawai deru
Saa kagayaichaou ka
Yume janai subarashii mirai
Hora minna minna akogare no HEROINE

Saa HEROINE ni narou ka
Daitan demo MINI demo OK
Hora machi chuu ga sawai deru
Saa kagayaichaou ka
Yume janai subarashii mirai
Hora minna minna akogare no HEROINE

Yurina's singing those heavily synthesized lines in the brackets, you guys (You can see in the PV that she's clearly the only one singing them), Momoko also sings lines similar to Yuri's in Sakura wa Raku sa! :D

Yurina Kumai: 9 solo lines
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 6 solo lines (7 actually, if you count the "Woh" part! xD)
Risako Sugaya: 6 solo lines
Momoko Tsugunaga: 6 solo lines
Maasa Sudou: 6 solo lines
Saki Shimizu: 6 solo lines
Chinami Tokunaga: 6 solo lines

So, this is another Yurina lead single, eh? Cool! I'm glad it's her leading (A break from Rii & Miya is always nice -shot- xD)... So, now Yuri's got 2 singles she's lead.. Shining Power & now Heroine ni Narou... Yay, Yurina! She's on a roll! xD

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poll Results

About 2 weeks ago I did a poll on Buono! asking you guys who you thought the best dancer was from the group, and here are the results to that poll:

Who is the best dancer in Buono!?

Airi Suzuki: 130 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 117 Votes
Miyabi Natsuaki: 40 Votes

Winner of the poll: Airi Suzuki
Total number of votes: 287

My thoughts on the poll results:

LOL. Ummmm... What can I say?? xD
Hmmmm... I expected the poll to be more of a battle between Momoko & Miyabi, not Airi & Momoko.... but uhh... lol, I was wrong... It was basically a battle between Airi & Momoko (Poor Miya didn't get much love)....... -doesn't know what else to say- xD
Uhhhh... Congrats to Airi & her fans though none-the-less. XD


ROFL... I've already got TWO NEW POLLS up today (Yes, TWO, everyone!), to replace my Buono! poll (I've had them on my mind ever since like... 2 days ago? xD), the subject is dancing again, but this time, it's going to be centered around Berryz & C-ute, the 2 new polls are basically asking you guys who you think the top 3 dancers from each group (Berryz and C-ute) are, you can pick 3 members (or 2, if you want)! :)
The 2 polls are going to be open for about a week, so hurry and vote! ^^

(My top 10 vocals poll is closing in a few days, btw... :P)

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm going to spam you guys with my current favorite pairing in H!P.... MOMOCHI x MANOERI!! XD

(Momochi & ManoEri are really close friends for those of you who didn't know, Mano said on her blog that she's closest to Momoko in H!P, Sayu also mentioned that Momo & Mano were really good friends too! :D)

Momo x Mano:

(LOL, those 2 pics above are Momoko designer book-bags! Momo gave one of her designer book-bags to ManoEri, ain't that sweet?! XD ♥♥♥)

And here's 4
Momo x Mano video's:

(ROFL. ManoEri does an imitation of Momoko at 0:03-0:13! XD)

Momochi & ManoEri sing 2 songs together!! :)
Don't their voices blend well together (Correct answer: Yes, they do! XD)? :D
I think these 2 should totally release a duet together, it'd be awesome!! :)

(ROFL... I basically forced my friend to sub and upload this video for me... She didn't want to upload it at first... but after a few chats (threats) she finally gave in! xD)

(Momoko's close friendship with Mano is turning me into a Mano Erina fangirl.. Lol, it's so scary! I can't stop myself from turning! Momo what have you done? XD)


(Mano is officially in my top 5 now! ♥♥♥)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Poll Results

Last week I did a poll on Chisato Okai titled "How do you feel about all this Chisato promotion?", and here are the results:

I think all of this Chisato promotion is so annoying: 56 Votes

I feel great about it! She totally deserves it: 44 Votes

I think Nakky/Mai should be the one getting the promotion: 11 Votes

I'm okay with it: 9 Votes

I think Chisato should just go back to being a background dancer, being a front girl doesn't suit her: 5 Votes

Meh... I don't really care about it: 3 Votes

Chisato?? Who the hell is Chisato: 2 Votes

Total number of votes: 130 Votes

My thoughts on the poll results:

Well, I knew their were going to be some people who were going to pick "All this Chisato promotion is so annoying", but.. lol, I didn't think THAT many people would choose that (I expected, to be honest, maybe 10 or 15 votes for that choice at the most! xD)... I mean.... I find it really surprising that the most voted choice on the poll is "All this Chisato promotion is so annoying"... I was expecting it to be "I feel great about it! She totally deserves it" or "I'm ok with it"....... Lol *is speechless*... I guess it's true what they say, right? The more attention you get, the more haters (or dislikers) you get... XD
(At least the gap between "All this Chisato promotion is annoying" and "I feel great about it! She totally deserves it!" isn't so wide anymore... It's only 12 votes between them now... I remember looking at the poll one time and seeing a 30 vote difference....)

My next poll....
Is going to be about Buono!... and guess what on??? Their dancing!!! I want to know who you guys think the best dancer in Buono! is! (A lot of fans say Momoko is the best dancer, but I have also noticed that their are some fans who say Miyabi is... and than their are some who say Airi is... and just.. blah blah blah... xD) XD

Here are 5 dance shot video's of Buono! (the girls are dancing side by side, so it shouldn't be hard to judge & choose who you think the best dancer is! xD):

(I'm a little biased with my picks.. xD)

(Forgive me, I know this is an old dance shot, but I've always loved this dance!! I couldn't help myself! xD)

The poll is going to be open til the 15th... Which is... I don't know you guys do the math, and tell me how many weeks that is!! xD
(I'm closing my "Top 10 vocals of H!P" poll this month btw.. I'm closing it at the end of the month ^^)
Vote wisely! :D

Happy 17th birthday...


It's the 5th in Japan, right now, so that means Nakky's celebrating her 17th birthday, right now!! Tsunku should let Nakky be a lead of C-ute's next single (like he's doing with Chisato right now) as a birthday present to her.. I think that's the best birthday present he could ever give her (and her fans)!! XD

-moving on- XD
Here's a small video spam (of my fav Nakki solos) just for Nakki:

(This ain't no solo, but it's still got lots of Nakki love in it! :D)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

C-ute - Kiss me Aishiteru (FULL PV)

ocutechannel (C-ute's official Youtube channel), has finally uploaded the PV for C-ute's new single "Kiss me Aishiteru", check it out! :D

My thoughts about the PV:

It's simple, it's like every other H!P PV (close up and dance shot), but I really like it. I think close up & dance shot type PV's suit songs like these very well (songs that have a "dancing" feel to them), so I don't mind it being just close up & dance shot (I know other people do though *is waiting for other fans to start calling it cheap*), Chisato being a lead singer btw also helps me like it more (3 leads singers.. How long has it been since we've had a C-ute single that featured 3 lead singers instead of 2? XD), Chisa's vocals are great for this song... And even though Nakky and Mai didn't get many lines, they still got a good amount of screen time xD

So yeah, the PV is great (suits the song perfectly imo), the line distribution is great, the girls look great (although I do think they could have styled Nakky better =P), the dance looks great (I'm really loving it), the song is amazing (my favorite song so far this year, I think I prefer it over Buono's 3 new songs! =P) and the single is just overall a great single (imo). :D
I give this a rating of 8/10 :D

Here's the color-coded lyrics to Kiss me Aishiteru just in case you guys didn't see my other post with them:

Airi SuzukiMaimi YajimaChisato OkaiSaki NakajimaMai Hagiwara

moetsukiru wa
kono koi tabun
donna shuumaku ga koyou to kakugo shiteru
yoyuu nante hotondo nai
hisshi de shiga mitsuiteru dake

anata no me yasashiku dakiyoseru ude
subete ga subete ga
[Airi/Chisato] hajimete no Fall in Love datta wa

(Kiss me) hanasanaide
(Kiss me) shizen no mama de
kono fuan wo nuguitotte nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(Touch me) sono yubisaki
(Touch me) sono mezashi de
kono watashi wo tsutsumikonde Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please

yomigaeru wa kono koi tabun
anna ni kokoro ga yureta no hajimete da mon
sabishisugite toki ni kowai
futari de irenai kono toki ga Ah

ame no asa atataka na heya de KOOHII
otona no furi kara
[Airi/Chisato] hontou no otona ni naresou

(Kiss me) kiken na hodo
(Kiss me) amai kuchizuke
kono negai wo zenbu kanaete nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(Love me) sono tamashii de
(Love me) mado wo tataite
kono watashi wo anshin sasete Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please

(Kiss me) kiken na hodo
(Kiss me) amai kuchizuke
kono negai wo zenbu kanaete nee nee nee nee
nee nee nee nee
(No woh woh)
(Love me) sono tamashii de
(Love me) mado wo tataite
kono watashi wo anshin sasete Please Please Please Please
Please Please Please Please