Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maimi Yajima - 'a foggy doll' (DVD Preview)

Here's a 6 minute preview of Maimi Yajima's 2nd e-hello DVD 'a foggy doll'.

~My thoughts~

The preview is well, pretty HOT... Maimi's slowed solo dance cover of Kiss me aishiteru is mesmerizing... I couldn't take my eyes off her (I hope there's more dance covers in the full DVD)... and her outfit is so cute, she looks like an older version of minnie mouse... XD :O

And also, didn't Maimi release her 1st e-hello DVD about 5 months ago?? O.O
They kind of announced her 2nd one pretty quickly, didn't they (Her first E-hello DVD must have sold pretty well, for her to be getting a 2nd one this early... :O)... XD


It seems 'a foggy doll' is part of a 3-part series of Maimi Yajima DVDs which will each be released over the course of 3 months... :o
This means Maimi will definitely be releasing 2 more solo e-hello DVDs over the next 3 months... :O

Maimi fans are so lucky!! I really envy you guys right now!!! XD

(Credit goes to MaimiLOG)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saki Nakajima - 2nd Photobook (Previews)

You guys all know about Nakky's 2nd photobook announcement, right? XD
(For those of you who don't... The photobook is called "w saki", and it's releases July 15.... Which is tomorrow.. XD)

Here are some previews from the PB:

(Look at those legs... *drools*)

(......I see Nakky got some booty growing back there.... -shot- Of course Momo still owns when it comes to... uhh... a female's backside... XDD)

(O.O..... This pic is a big no no.. XD)

(LOL. This is the cover of the PB... White Nakky is cute... XD)

(Black Nakky owns White Nakky though!! So sexy! -shot- XD)

(Yep, Black Nakky definitely owns White Nakky.. XD)

(*is speechless* O.O..... I'm at a loss for words...)

This photobook is pretty "naughty" isn't it?... I would have never expected to see Nakky posing the way she is in these pics (Not that I'm complaining, I like naughty!! :P).. :O

This PB is a must buy for Nakky fans.. XD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buono! - Ice Mermaid (Full Preview)

Here's the full preview to the b-side of Buono!'s new single "Natsu Dakara"! Watch it before it gets removed (I suspect it'll get removed in a few hours....)! :D

Wow... It sounds unique... it's different from what I usually hear from Buono!... Especially the intro of the song... :O
I think this is my favorite Buono! b-side now... It's just so awesome... O.O

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berryz Koubou - Aa, Yo ga Akeru” (Preview + Lyrics)

The song kind of gives off this fancy, fashionable feel (I can't describe it! xD)..... I really like it... (The line distribution is not too good, but since we have had such even line distribution for the last 2 singles... I guess we can't complain, right? (I'd prefer you guys not complain, since unequal line distribution isn't anything new.. It's normal... XD). XDD
Can't wait for the PV, hoping it's something that's got more of a cool look to it, than sexy.. XD

Oh, and here are the color-coded unofficial lyrics (Credit: Mei.ka~ at H!O):

Saki ShimizuMomoko TsugunagaChinami TokunagaMaasa SudouMiyabi NatsuyakiYurina KumaiRisako Sugaya

Kenage na otome no koi no uta Tsuki yo ni sasageru koi no uta
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Miya] Todoke Kono jun naru namida
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Miya] Todoke Ano hito e to todoke

Namida wa misenai no Shinpai kakenai no
Omoi wa [Miya/Momo] Hi goto tsunoru bakari desu

Ai wa Anata no moto e
Itsuka Mai oriru hazu
Tameiki Hitotsu dake yurushite Aa yo ga akesou

Toutoki toutoki koi no uta Hajimete sasageru koi no uta
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Rii] Todoke Eien naru chikai
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Rii] Todoke Ano hito e to todoke

Kokoro wo nozoitara Anata shika mienai yo
Megami wa [Rii/Yuri] Watashi ni hohoemu deshou

Ai ga Ookiku nareba
Anata Kurushimemasu ka
Namida ga Mata hitotsu koboreta Aa yo ga akesou

Fufufu- o-iei fufufu- ieiieie-

Ai ga Ookiku nareba
Anata Kurushimemasu ka
Ai wa anata no moto e Itsuka mai oriru hazu
Tameiki Hitotsu dake yurushite Aa yo ga akesou

Line distribution:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 8 solo lines (9 if you count her "Fufufu parts... XD)
Risako Sugaya: 7 solo lines
Yurina Kumai: 6 solo lines
Momoko Tsugunaga: 6 solo lines
Shimi, Sudou, & Chii: They each get 1 syllable (Example: O, ne, mo, ra), those syllables don't really count as solo lines though.. -shot- XD

I'm not too sure about these lines (I need to see the PV to make sure whether these are duet lines or what):
[Miya/Momo] Hi goto tsunoru bakari desu
[Rii/Yuri] Watashi ni hohoemu deshou

I think the "Hi goto tsunoru..." line really is a duet line between NatsuMomochi, but I ain't so sure about the Rii + Yuri line... I hear Rii dominance in it (But Rii usually always dominates whenever she sings duet with someone, she has the type of voice that overpowers others easily). XD

You can see the covers to the single here:
Aa, Yoru ga Akeru Covers

The covers look nice... Kind of dreamy-like, nee? The outfits don't really match the song though... XD
(LOL, and yes I did just link you guys to someone else blog... XD
I would post the covers in this post myself, but.... I honestly don't really feel like doing that, so yeah... View them there... XD)

I'm going to try to post more news on this blog from now on (Look forward to that.. XD).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buono! - Natsu Dakara (PV + Lyrics + MP3 Download Link)

LOL. We got the PV earlier than expected (I thought we were going to have to wait til Saturday for it.. :P)

My opinion on the PV is the same as in my post about the preview for it, the PV looks nice, it suits the song very well, and the outfits look nice too (The girls look so gorgeous in those white otfits, they look like angels! xD)! The song reminds me of Take It Easy to some extent... Both were summer songs, and both were sort of "calm" and "relaxing"... Although in my opinion, I think Natsu Dakara definitely pwns Take It Easy (I find it to be a lot catchier).

Oh, and here are the color-coded lyrics (Credit: iu-kun & Chobineko from H!O):

(Momoko is Pink, Miyabi is Red, Airi is Green)

itsumo itsudatte dokoni itatoshite mo
subete PLUS ni kaete miseru nante ieru natsu dakara negau yo ashita wo

kono mune no moyamoyatachi nyuudougumo no youni ame wo sasoi nakidashi souda yo
hisashiburi dane DRIVE anata nanika wo kanjite DASH BOAT no CANDY wo kureta no
kaze ni tonjauyo fuusen mou chanto motto kitsuku nigirishimete

(All) itsumo itsudatte dokoni itatoshite mo
sora wo miagete omou koto wa issho deitai yo ne
(All) anata furimuite dokoni itatoshite mo
kun no mirai wo mitsumeteiru kono kokoro wa sora ni aru omoi wa hitotsu sa

atte kara 15 fun de nanka otona ni nacchatta yo omou koto no hanbun mo iezuni
jama wo shitakunai kimochi to aa jama shitai kimochi tatakatte ta

(All) itsumo itsudatte dokoni itatoshite mo
kaze ni fukarete omou koto wa issho deitai yo ne
(All) watashi doushita no konna wagamama dakke
iyana onna ni nacchai sou kono kokoro wa natsu dakara

anata ga inai to watashi ja irarenai
anata ga inai to watashi ja nakunaru
anata ga inaito iki ga dekinai

jama wo shitakunai kimochi to aa jama shitai kimochi tatakatte ta
(All) itsumo itsudatte dokoni itatoshite mo
sora de CRAWL shitai kurai waratte itai yo ne
(All) konya mikaduki ni futari koshikake tara
yurari yurarete asayake made kono kokoro wa natsu dakara omoi wa hitotsu sa

I love that they all get to sing such long solo lines! Long lines are MUCH better than short! :D

Line distribution:
Airi Suzuki: 9 lines
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 4 lines
Momoko Tsugunaga: 4 lines

Oh, and also.... Here's a new download link (to the song), the link I posted in my previous post wasn't the full song, this is though:
Free MP3 download of Buono!'s "Natsu Dakara"