Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poll results

I did a poll 2 weeks ago on who's version of Watarebashi you liked the best, and here are the results:

Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?

Chisato Okai: 28 votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 25 Votes

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 10 votes
None of them! Aya owns all other versions!: 7 Votes

Maimi Yajima: 5 Votes
Yurina Kumai: 2 Votes

Congrats to Chisa, and her fans! She won the poll! :D
Momo was in the lead during the first week, but Chisa took the lead from her during the 2nd week! XD

I'm not surprised to see Chisa & Momo with the most votes, I got the feeling they would have the most. :P
Miyabi coming in 3rd is nice (she was my 3rd choice too), and Maimi with 5 votes is not bad ( I did expect a bit more though admitly), but lol at the 7 votes for "None of them! Aya owns all other versions!", Aya's version does pretty much own all the Kids version of the song, which is why I'm starting to think I shouldn't have included that choice in the poll.. Seems sorta unfair in a way.. She is their senpai.. xD
2 votes for Yurina.. Not bad, not bad! During the first week of the poll she had 0 votes, and because of that I had thought she was gonna end up with 0 votes... Glad I was wrong!! XD

Next poll is gonna be focused on their personalites (I wanna try something different this time)... It's titled "Who has the most entertaining personality from the H!P Kids" (I'm basically asking who's the funniest..), the poll will include all the Kid members (who have not graduated)! Choose wisely!! :D

Poll is up! :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas [Full PV]

So, we've finally got the full PV of C-ute's new single (Thanks to Chisato xD)!!!

There is no dance shot in the PV at all (This is the first time C-ute has not had a dance shot in a PV!! :O), I think it's good that they didn't include a dance shot though (it wouldn't have suited the theme very much if they did xD), there also is not a lot of action in the PV either (there's a lot of different locations and angles, but not too much action.... At some parts the girls just stand there and sing xD), and the house sorta looks weird (I at first thought it was cute when I saw the 30 second CM for the PV, but after I watched the full PV.. it went from cute to weird... The house looks fake... Looks like a doll house or something... xD)... I however, none-the-less enjoyed this PV!! xD
The girls look gorgeous, the line distribution is pretty even (and so is the screen-time surprisingly enough), and just.. lol... It's just great!! (Maimi noticeably does seem to have been pushed back a little for the sake of Chisa, Mai, & Nakky... She doesn't stand out too much here... Not too many lines :P) xD

Chissa did this ranking on his blog, so I decided to do it too:

Voice ranking for Aitai Lonely Christmas:
(Just ranking the girls voices, not singing skills or technique or anything, just their tones...)

1. Chisato Okai:
I was gonna go for Airi, but somehow, Chisa's vibrato ended up winning me over!! xD
Her lines in Lonely Christmas are very nice, the song suits Chisato's voice well :D

2. Airi Suzuki:
I loved Airi's lines, especially the line from 3:47-4:02!! ^_^
I generally liked all her lines here though (unlike Dance de Bakoon, which she sounded odd in 8D)... ^^

3. Saki Nakajima:
Some people dislike Nakky's voice (because it's too high and blah blah blah), and that's sad because I think her tone is like the 3rd best in C-ute (It's nasally, but not nearly as nasally as Mai's.. and she doesn't sound like she's sick like... CoughMaimiCough -SHOT-...
However, Nakky in terms of technique and what not is weakest in C-ute... No lie... Her voice is more pleasant to my ears than Mai's and Maimi's though!! :P)... 8D

4. Mai Hagiwara & Maimi Yajima:
I couldn't pick between them, so I just decided to place them both at no.4.... xD
Mai's voice is less nasally here (which is nice), but still... Not too crazy about it... xD
Maimi... well... She sounds like herself... xD

I'm hoping that this sells well and does great on the oricon charts (I hope it sells a total of like 30,000!! :D), it deserves too!! :D

Poll results to my first poll

I've decided to leave my 2nd poll (Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?) up for another week or so.. I'm gonna close my 1st poll today though!! :P

Here are the poll results to my first poll:

Do you think Saki Nakajima should get more lines?

Yes, of course!!: 25 Votes
Nope!!: 11 Votes

I'm glad a majority of the votes went to the "Yes, of course!!".. Very glad :D
LOL. I am a bit surprised at the number of "Nope's" though ( I expected about 4 or 5 "Nopes", not 11 xD).. I'm starting to think that some people on my blog don't like Nakky's voice very much... xD

Nakky has been receiving more lines recently in C-ute's singles (Dance de Bakoon & Aitai Lonely Christmas), so this poll sorta doesn't really count (I just added it because I wanted to see how many people would chose "Yes, of course" and "Nope!!").... Still glad I added it though... xD

(I hope the staff who work for H!P don't see this poll.. They might start thinking Nakky shouldn't get a lot of lines because of the number of people who voted "Nope!!" xD)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Shining Power *Review* (& TWO new polls)

When I first heard this song (which was at school during 3rd period), I hated it... I don't remember exactly why I hated it, but lol... I just hated it.. XDD
I think the song is ok now though... It's grown on me a lot. ^^

The song reminds me a little of Ryuusei Boy (I prefer Ryuusei Boy to this song though :P), and the PV has a few nice scenes too (like the ping pong and hide-and-go-seek moments ^^)! I'll be honestly though, I don't really think the PV suits the outfits too well... The outfits look mature (and the PV not so much XD).. I think the PV should have been darker.. I'd suit the outfits better! XD
*moving on :P* Yurina & Captain look the best in the PV (imo), Momoko, Maasa, & Risako also look pretty good... If Miya lost the headband or belt or whatever the hell that thing is on her head, than I think she'd look so much prettier.. I'm not feeling Chii's look here... I WANT HER LONG HAIR BACK!!! XD

Oh and about Yurina leading this single... Well, I was at first sorta turned off by the fact that she was leading it (Maybe that's why I disliked this song when i first listened to it.. There's a lot of Yurina XD), but now I'm ok with her leading it.. Yurina has never lead a single BY HERSELF before (She lead Waracchaou yo Boyfriend with Momoko... xD), so I think it's fair for her to be given a chance (and it gives us a break from Risako.. -SHOT- XD) ^^
The only complaint I really have with her leading this single is the fact that she's in the center in most of the dance... I may be being extremely biased when I say this, but I kinda wish Momo was center... XD

I don't usually rate singles, but I'll rate this one... I give it a 6.5/10. (I liked that it was more than dance shot and close up this time! ^^) XD


First poll is about Saki Nakajima...
I've noticed that she's sorta being pushed back lately (I mean line-wise), she's the one getting the least amount of lines in C-ute now (used to be Chisato), and I'm curious.. Do you guys think she should be pulled back up and given more lines (some people don't like Nakky's voice nor her singing, so they're not really bothered by her getting the least lines (they're probably over-joyed XD), but I find it sad). Let me know how you guys feel about it by voting on the poll... :D

2nd poll,
It's gonna be another "this girl versus that girl" poll, I got the idea for this poll from Chissaunderrated... This poll is gonna include5 girl's, 2 C-ute members, and 3 Berryz members.. XD

The title of the poll is "Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?"
Choices are Maimi, Momoko, Miyabi, Yurina, & Chisato... Vote wisely... ^^
(Miyabi's video is a bit too short.. but I think it can give you guys a good idea on how she pretty much sung the song.. :P)

I ain't
embed-ing the video's this time, click the links below (xD):

Maimi Yajima - Watarasebashi

Momoko Tsugunaga - Watarasebashi

Miyabi Natsuyaki - Watarasebashi
(Skip to 1:06)

Yurina Kumai - Watarasebashi

Chisato Okai - Watarasebashi

Confessions Part 2

This is gonna be really short XD

1. I actually found H!P (Berryz and C-ute) in late 2007... but I started following them in mid-2008... LOL, from October 2007 - June 2008, I was just a casual fan.. I didn't care about any of the members, just listened to the group because of the music (In July 2008 everything changed though... Momoko became my favorite member of the group and I pretty much went from casual to hardcore *jk jk*) XD
2. When I said I disliked Mai's voice in nearly all the songs she's in, in part one of my confessions... I actually meant that I just disliked her voice in C-ute's concert tours.. I actually like Mai's voice in her solo events (I really liked her Natsu remember you & DESTINY LOVE), I just don't like her voice in C-ute's singles or concerts .. I like Mai's singing more when she's singing solo for some reason? O.O
3. I don't change my favorite members very often (Actually I don't change them at all really)... The only time I've ever changed favorite members would be with Airi and Nakky (Nakky became my fav C-ute member for 2 or 3 months.. but Airi overtook her and has become my fav C-ute member once again xD).
4. The only reason why Captain made it so high into my rankings was because of a "certain fanboy", this fanboy influenced my liking of her (his influence is slowly wearing off on me now though... I'm losing interest in Captain unfortunately...)
5. The reason why I originally created my HPKidsSoloEvents channel (for those of you who don't know.. Yes, that is my channel), was because I wanted to promote Momo's voice more, but I somehow ended up promoting all the members.. How odd.. :P

That's it for now XD

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Poll results

A week ago I did TWO polls on whether you guys liked this or that girl's version of a certain song better..... And here are the results:

Which version of VERY BEAUTY do you like better?

Momoko Tsugunaga: 37 Votes
Risako Sugaya: 15 Votes

Momo has 22 votes over Risako..... lol, this is a clear win for Momo, is it not? xD
I thought Momo was gonna win (I was kinda sure of it.. xD), but I didn't think there would be this much of a gap between her and Risako.. O.O
Risako did well in the poll though (in the "Who's the best Berryz singer" poll, Risako gets 5 votes, while Miya & Momo get nearly 20 votes... So, yeah.. This is definitely an improvement for Risako compared to that poll ^^)
Congrats to Momo & her fans.. Woot! Woot! Momo won with an impressive number!! ^^

Onto the 2nd poll!!

Who's version of Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka is better?

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 23 Votes
Chisato Okai: 19 Votes

Miyabi beats Chisato by 4 votes..... Not bad!! ;D
I'd actually say the votes are pretty even compared to my MomoRii poll...
Miya & Chisa's versions are both equally good to my ears (I was gonna say eyes, but ears makes more sense 8D), so I'm happy to see that there's no big gap (I was sorta turned off seeing that big gap between Momo & Rii at first... *I'm happy now though... Momo FTW :P*)... xD
but anyways.. Congratulations to Miyabi and her fans (I will be making Miya a voice video for her victory btw :D)! ^^

Poll Winners:

Momoko the nerd girl:

Miyabi the sexy horse:

Polls are fun :P
Next poll coming soon ;D