Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Momoko No PuriPuri Princess New Solo Radio Show

With Kiritsu Rei Chakuseki ending, another radio show is going to be starting. and can u guess who is going to be hosting it solo.......... Momoko Tsugunaga the worlds cutest idol!!!

Momoko Tsugunaga will have her own radio show in the same radio station and its called "Momoko No PuriPuri Princess" every tuesday at 11:35pm according to the renewed hello!project website.
Here's the Link:http://www.helloproject.com/media/radio.html

Yay!!! This is great news!!!! im surprised that momo got her own radio show first, if anything i thought it would be risako (Based on popularity). but this is so awesome because it means more attention for Momo, and more attention means more fans and more fans means more solo lines and more solo lines means more screen time! Go Momo! Go!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

W (Double You) Addiction

LOL, my offical new favorite song from W (double you) is koi no fuga, robo kiss used to be my fav. that is until i heard koi no fuga. koi no fuga is so addicting, during the whole day i kept going back to youtube and kept replaying the song over and over again. and i kept replaying the last couple of seconds of the song over and over again(for some strange reason?). GOSH!!! its just to addicting, i just can't stop!!!!

Here's the Link to the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOWOAyTGcB0&feature=channel_page&fmt=18#

Buono Singles Ranking

lets see.......

1) Renai Rider

i love this song its absolutely awesome!! its got a loud guitar and thats wat i love the most bout it. its easily their best single. nothing can top this song!!

2) Lotta Love
Even though the pv for this was cheap, i still think this was one of their best songs.

3) Gachinko De Ikou
the song wasn't really anything special(pretty normal for buono), but the PV was just awesome. and also this is the single where Momo took center.

4) Co No Mi Chi
This is Buono's latest,
the guitar was more tuned down in this single than in the others. but the pv for it was great. the song is not as good as their early singles, but its still very good.

5) Honto No Jibun
the song is not all that great, and the outfits weren't the best either. but the pv makes it a whole lot better. (if i were ranking buono's pv's honto no jibun would be first)

6) Kiss Kiss Kiss
the song was ok. but i think it was the most forgetable of all of their single's, it wasn't as rockish sounding as their other songs. but the outfits were c-ute and the pv was nice.

Honestly, I like all of buono's single's, there's not one single that i dislike.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

C-ute - Bye Bye Bye PV Review

It looks really weird with only 6 members, but we’re gonna have to get used to this for a while until Kanna returns. The song is nothing special, I’m not saying that i don't like it its just it’s not as good as their last single. The PV is kinda disappointing, its not as good as berryz koubou's dakishimete pv. and It’s got a 80’s feel to it. The girls look good in their outfits, and I like the flashing Bye Bye Bye sign in the background.


im gonna make this as short as i possiblely can so lets start with Airi.
Airi didn't get all that much attention in this single, she actually got less lines than maimi this time which i believe has never happened before. although i do think she had one of the best vocals in this single.(i loved her last solo line.) she didn't stick out that much to me this time.

Next up chisa,
chisato really stuck out to me in this single.(not sure quite why)
i loved her vocals, and she looked absolutely gorgeous wit her hair up. i don't think chisa has ever grown her hair out to be that long before, it really looks nice on her. and she finally got a couple of lines. overall i think chisa was really great in this single.

Next is Erika

poor erika she only got one solo line while everyone else got more,
Tsunku should have gave her more solo lines
and she should have been in the middle too, cause she's so tall compared to other c-ute members. its seems that this single was kinda unfair to erika.

Next Maimi
Maimi got more solo lines than Airi, i never thought that would happen.
maimi didn't stick out to me even if she was one of the main leads.(i never have really paid attention to maimi in any single anyway). she looked the same to me nothing different bout her,(but she did look very pretty). her dancing was nice but maimi was blocking chisa, and thats all i can say bout her in the pv.

Next Mai
Mai fnally gets to sing first! her popularity should get a boast from this. lol, when i first listened to the radio rip on youtube of their new single i thought Tsunku had replaced airi wit mai.

Next Saki,

i find it weird that only saki wore long pants. and its kinda sad that saki lost her spot in the center, but im absolutely sure she'll get it back in the next single.

Rated 6/10.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Berryz Koubou Member Ranking

so i've decided to rank berryz koubou members for my first post. i'll rank them again april or may. im ranking them starting from last to first.

7)Risako Sugaya

No offense to risako fans, but i've always found her to be overrated. when i first found berryz koubou i used to think she was cute and she used to be my second fav but after watching a couple of berryz pv's i started to get really annoyed wit her because she always got the most attention in the pv's, it was always bout her, and when i heard her sing live and saw the way she dances that just made me think risako was even more overrated. (risako always dances so lazy like, its really annoying and i can't stand that bout her)

6.Yurina Kumai

I really don't know all that much bout her execpt that she's really tall.

5. Chinami Tokunaga

This girl smiles so much!!!! and she's gotten so much prettier since last year, i loved her Yuke Yuke monkey dance. (she looks great wit long hair.)

4. Miyabi Natsuyaki

(Miyabi looks gorgeous in this pic!) she's sounds very good live but thats pretty much all i can say bout her, im not really a fan of miya, she would have actually ranked lower if it wasn't for buono.

3. Maasa Sudou

WOAH!! how did maasa get up here!! she used to be ranked 6th. ever since she got her solo photobook i've been liking her more and more, (she may overtake saki in 2nd place). she an inspiration to all H!P kids who don't have their photobook yet. im just really impressed wit maasa right now.

2. Saki Shimizu

that pic of her right there is so pretty, its one of my fav pics of her. its pretty simple as to y captian is ranked 2nd its because i luv her dancing and because i think she's a great captian and deserves more attention.

1) Momko Tsugunaga

i adore Momo she's the reason why im into H!P and berryz koubou right now. people complain all the time bout momo's voice saying things like her voice is to squeaky, but momo has incredible control over it. u never here her go off on a live performance, she could be the next aya matsuura if UFA decides to make her a soloist in the future. and her dancing is great too its so buoncy and energetic.

C-ute's Next.