Monday, April 18, 2011

3 new polls

It took me awhile, but I finally came up with a new poll... :D
At first I was going to do a poll about who your least fav members were (since everyone seems to always have some.. :P), but then I decided not to... Because that's a bit too much (It'd be mean.. XD)... XD

My new poll(s) are just like my last 2, except this time the solo's that you guys are going to be comparing will be Itune solo's, instead of solo event solo's... XD

-going onto the polls-

First poll is a Risako vs Airi poll.
made a fan-made duet video of Rii & Airi singing Akai Nikkichou together (a song they both recently solo-ed and released on itunes), so you guys are going to use that video to decide which girl does the song better.

Risako & Airi - Akai Nikkichou:

2nd poll is a Maimi vs Momoko poll.
(this guy is great! XD) made a fan-made duo of Maimi & Momo singing Kousui together, so you guys are going to use that video to decide which girl does the song better.

Maimi & Momo - Kousui:

3rd poll is a Miyabi vs Airi vs Chisato poll (It's not my fault these 3 are in a poll together again, they keep singing the same songs.. XD).
Which one of them covered Furusato the best? :D

(I'd rather post the links to the video's.. embed-ing these 3 video's would be annoying.. XD)
Miyabi Natsuyaki's Furusato
Airi Suzuki's Furusato
Chisato Okai's Furusato

2 weeks to vote, you guys! Vote wisely! Bye! *goes off to do French project* :P :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy birthday, Airi!

I hope she enjoys her b-day and gets lots of gifts from her family & fans! :D

Here's a little something I subbed for Airi's b-day:
(ROFL, these are the only 2 video's I haven't subbed yet that are her's... XD)

(Oh and I watched Airi's movie "Keitai Kanojo" today... It was awesome... Loved the ending! Airi's a great actress! ;D)

Poll results

2 weeks ago, I did 2 polls involving Berryz & C-ute members, and here are the results to them:

Poll 1:

Who sung Semi the best?

Chinami Tokunaga: 7 Votes
Maasa Sudou: 26 Votes
Risako Sugaya: 33 Votes

Total number of votes: 66 Votes

My thoughts on the poll results:

Risako & Maasa are pretty close to each other, nee? There's only a 7 vote difference... XD
Are you guys satisfied with the results to this poll? Are you happy Risako won or would you have preferred Maasa (A lot of people commented saying they voted for Maasa, so I'm curious! XD)... I personally am happy Rii won... I liked her version best... :P

Poll 2:

Who sung Kataomoi the best?

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 22 votes
Airi Suzuki: 37 Votes
Chisato Okai: 12 Votes

Total number of votes: 77

My thoughts on the poll results:

No surprises here... The results came out exactly how I predicted they would... Airi first, Miya 2nd, & Chisa 3rd... XD
Congrats to Airi & her fans!! ;)

I'm going to make the next poll different... I'm going to make it pervy... -shot- XD

Monday, April 4, 2011



Wow, this girl is 17 years old now (damn, time is passing by really fast... I remember when she was only 13 years old... Geeez... O.O), rofl, now she can be considered a woman (or close to one... XD)... Now we don't have to feel bad whenever we look at her photobooks... wota's can think dirty things of Risako freely now (Wota's rejoice!! XD). -shot- xD
*Joking, joking*

I hope Risako has a very happy 17th birthday (I know the wota's must be! :P),
Happy birthday Risako!