Sunday, May 30, 2010

New poll & Some S/mileage!

Sorry for not posting on this blog for a while... It's been what? 4 weeks(a month) since I last posted... Ah~ school has been keeping me kinda busy(and I've partly kinda been putting off posting on this blog. :p)..... -_-

I've had the poll about Maimi up for FAAAAR to long... So I'm gonna go for a new poll and guess what it's on..... *drum roll*..... S/MILEAGE!! XDDDD
It's just gonna ask who your fav member is... Mines is Kanon of course! :P

And just because I I don't know what else to post in this post.... XD
Here's a LIVE performance of S/mileage's Yume Miru 15:

In my opinion,
Yuuka sung the best here.
Kanon 2nd best(I was expecting her to sing this the best live but.. She seemed to be having trouble with the high notes... Is she nervous? :O)
Saki 3rd best(This little girl has a GREAT voice.. I find her and Kanon's voice to be the most appealing! But she sometimes sounds off when live... o.O She's still a good singer though! xD)
Wada... She is so kawaii & so beautiful! She didn't sound bad! <333
Overall pretty good performance! :)