Friday, December 25, 2009

My poll results

OK. So I did this little poll on Which H!P Kids member you guys liked better a couple of weeks ago and the results were rather surprising.

Momoko Tsugunaga: 43 %
Risako Sugaya: 28 %
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 25 %
Saki Shimizu: 8 %
Maimi Yaima: 2 %

I wasn't surprised to see that 34 % of the votes went to Momoko (I kinda suspected they would.. since I think quite a bit of Momoko fans read this blog.... hopefully). However I was rather surprised to see that Risako was the 2nd most voted member with with 28 % of the votes going to her (I guess that means a lot of Risako fans, besides Arche-JoIyo & NekoNekoOonna read my blog). Miyabi had 25% of the votes which is good! although not surprising(since she usually always does have a lot of votes in my polls whenever I include her).
Captain Saki had 8% of the votes which means she got 3 votes..... O.o
WTF....... Where are all the Saki fans????? Saki is AWESOME!! She deserves more than 3 votes!! And you know what... ALL of you readers reading my blog ALL SUCK FOR NOT VOTING FOR HER SOME TOO! (Just joking! xD)
And last is Maimi.... Maimi 2% of the votes! LOLLOLLOL XD
Maimi had 1 vote (I wonder who voted for her).....
Maimi is like my least favroite member from C-ute (and probably H!P as well! Sorry just not a fan of hers) and I always kinda like to bash her a bit sometimes on this blog and on youtube (Again very sorry!) Sooooo..... I guess I kinda expected her not get very many votes.... xD

And just because I think you should all know and remember that.....

......Momoko is awesome!! XD


  1. lol all of you suck for not voting for her!! Agreed loL!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. @ Kylon
    A merry christmas to you too!

  3. @ C'est la Vie
    Why am I not surprised???!!! XD