Monday, March 28, 2011

2 new polls

Well... Since there's not much of anything new going on in the H!P world (I don't care about MM's Maji desu ka ska! PV.. I watched it and wasn't satisfied with it, because there wasn't enough Riho in it... xD) because of the earthquake in Japan... I decided to do another poll... 2 polls actually... XD

First poll is on Buono!'s Kataomoi! :P
Miyabi, Airi, & Chisato have sung Kataomoi solo, so the poll is centered around them! xD

Miyabi's Kataomoi:

Airi's Kataomoi:

Chisato's Kataomoi:


2nd poll is on Berryz's Semi... :P
Chinami, Maasa, & Risako are the only members to have solo-ed Semi, so they're the only members included in the poll.

Chinami's Semi:

Maasa's Semi:

Risako's Semi:

The polls are just asking who you think sung the songs better (of course). :P
The polls are going to be open for 2 weeks (I think that's plenty of time), so vote wisely! :D

(Poll results to my last 3 polls: Here)


  1. just for the fact she sung it while playing the guitar is enought for me to vote Maasa. yeah she might not have been in tune the whole way though but she held my attention and i was just smiling the whole way through.

  2. The kataomoi poll is gonna be who is your favourite.....because they sing that song perfectly xDD i should make a mixed version with them....Buono & Chissa xD

    As Kira said, Maasa´s version ^^

  3. -voted- -not telling Clarissa what I voted- XD

  4. I bet you already know who I voted for on the Semi poll *whistles*

  5. I think Airi sang "Kataomoi" best, next Miya, then Chissa. But really, my favorite version is Buono!'s. xD

    I think Chinami sang "Semi" the best; Maasa was great with the guitar but was singing off-key (she still did a good job, though!), and Risako kinda...sang it too strongly--it's not a high-energy song, so it doesn't need that much 'power'...

  6. @Kira
    ROFL, I guess that is a good enough reason to pick her! xD

    @THE Chissa fan

    Another vote for Maasa, huh? xD

    Let me see...
    Chisato for the Kataomoi poll, I beat! XD
    And for the Semi poll... I think you voted Risako... You better tell me who you voted for when the poll ends! xD

    ROFL... RISAKO!!! XD

    My fav is Buono!'s too, and I admittedly also voted for Airi for the Kataomoi poll (I think she sung it best! XD)

    ROFL... I agree with everything you just said (even though I didn't vote for Chinami, I agree!! xD)