Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Subbing is fun!

I've made a channel on Youtube where I will be uploading all the things I sub (using Aegisub of course.. I won't be using Windows Movie Maker anymore... I've upgraded! :P), as of right now I only have 2 things uploaded to the channel (soon It'll be 3 though.... XD), if you guys have any requests... Let me know... I'll sub anything Hello Project related... :P

My most recent sub:
Mai Hagiwara - ENDLESS LOVE ~I Love You More~
(There is no karaoke or effects... because I don't know how to do that yet... but when I learn I'll definitely add that to my subs.. :P)

(P.S. If my channel gets suspended I'll just start uploading my stuff to Mediafire! :P).


  1. oh nice good job! I've always wanted you to sub on aegisub instead of movie maker :P Aegisub is better ;)
    lol and if you need help with karaoke, I could help you :P even though I haven't sub for a long time lol
    anyway, I think you did a good job on Maimai's video :D
    maybe I should teach you how to be a good timer like Chris teached me :D forgot what you call it....bleed scene? XD lol dunno but it makes you a good timer :P

    also, what do u use to encode now?

  2. Or You Could Upload your stuff into Blogger :) Like make a separate page for your subs :)

  3. good job on "Shoushitsu Ten -Vanishing Point"
    and maimai's endless love was good too

    aegisub is easy to use i tried to use wmm but i failed .

    did you use VirtualDubMod to past the sub on the video ??

  4. lol so it was you....well the "shy" was a good hint, but i didn´t know it was you...i just said "yay, a new YT friend xD"

  5. Awesome! Can you please sub "Goal" by Buono!? (the best group ever!)

  6. Would you be opposed to doing a non-Hello Project song? I would love it if you could sub Hikari by Utada Hikaru.