Monday, February 27, 2012

Airi Suzuki - Koi ING (Subtitled)

Here is a screen-shot of it:


Lol, and here's some more Airi love:
(I subbed the concert version and an OPV version of Airi Suzuki's My alright sky)

Here is a screen-shot of the concert version:

(I think you guys all know this performance is from Rock'n Buono! 4 right? xD)

Video Download Link:


Here is a screen-shot to the OPV version:

(I seriously think this is ONE OF THE BEST Airi OPV's.. It flows so well with the song! ^^)
(The OPV was made by foolishfish007)

Video Download Link:
[OPV] Airi Suzuki - My alright sky (Subtitled)


  1. Nice!!

    Koi ING was so-so (imo imo xD) but My alright sky is so good, i enjoyed it when they broadcasted Buono´s live on Youtube (the 1st and last Buono concert i saw tbh xD)

  2. ^
    Thanks!! :D

    Lol, I loved Koi ING... I thought it was pretty good (You aren't saying Airi's Koi ING is so so... because Chisa sung it in her solo event, are you? XD)

    I think My alright sky was good too (Though I honestly kind of prefer the recording over the live version... Airi's voice is kind of rough in the live version... XD) :D
    Lol, you need to watch ALL of Buono!'s concerts their awesome!! :D

    Thanks for the comment!! ^^

  3. No omg, i wasn't thinking in Chisato's Koing, it would be so unfair for Airi (wait reactions xDD) joke, but i wasn´t thinking in Chisato seriously ^^

    It´s Cia but i can´t comment with my wordpress´s account

  4. ^
    Lol, sure you weren't.. XDDD

    Why can't you comment?? O.o