Friday, April 6, 2012

C-ute - Kimi wa jitensha watashi wa densha de kitaku (Solo Member Versions)

Here are all the solo member versions of "Kimi wa jitensha watashi wa densha de kitaku":

Maimi Yajima's version:

Saki Nakajima's version:

Airi Suzuki's version:

Chisato Okai's version:

Mai Hagiwara's version:

Which one is your favorite version? :D

My fav is Airi's!! :D

My opinion on each version:
Maimi Yajima's version - Maimi sounds great here! Her voice is really deep, but it's calming too! It's kind of soothing!
Saki Nakajima's version - Lol, Nakky sounds a bit too "ducky"-like in some parts of the song, but I like her singing in the chorus... She sounds really nice there... XD
Airi Suzuki's version - Very soothing! (Her and Maimi have the most relaxing versions... xD)
I think Airi's voice suits the song the best...
(Lol, and is it just me or is Airi's voice kind of "country-ish"? Maybe it's just me... XD)
Chisato Okai's version - Chisa's version is good (as expected).... Lol, I'm not sure what else to say... Hmmm... xD
Mai Hagiwara's version - Mai's version was a lot better than I thought it would be....
I think Mai did a great job! (Though I honestly still think her voice is a bit too high for this song... xD)


  1. All members have good points so i liked favourite is so obvious i think, but i will say...Chisato xD

    She really convey the lyrics through her voice...and before listening her i didn´t see the "rock"´s part of this rock-ballad (according with tsunku, it´s a rock balad) xD

  2. ^
    Tsunku must be on crack... This doesn't sound like no "rock-ballad"... XD

    And I liked each members version too.. Just some more than others... :D