Monday, March 30, 2009

Buono Singles Ranking

lets see.......

1) Renai Rider

i love this song its absolutely awesome!! its got a loud guitar and thats wat i love the most bout it. its easily their best single. nothing can top this song!!

2) Lotta Love
Even though the pv for this was cheap, i still think this was one of their best songs.

3) Gachinko De Ikou
the song wasn't really anything special(pretty normal for buono), but the PV was just awesome. and also this is the single where Momo took center.

4) Co No Mi Chi
This is Buono's latest,
the guitar was more tuned down in this single than in the others. but the pv for it was great. the song is not as good as their early singles, but its still very good.

5) Honto No Jibun
the song is not all that great, and the outfits weren't the best either. but the pv makes it a whole lot better. (if i were ranking buono's pv's honto no jibun would be first)

6) Kiss Kiss Kiss
the song was ok. but i think it was the most forgetable of all of their single's, it wasn't as rockish sounding as their other songs. but the outfits were c-ute and the pv was nice.

Honestly, I like all of buono's single's, there's not one single that i dislike.

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