Friday, April 23, 2010

℃-ute - CAMPUS LIFE ~Umarete-Kite Yokatta~ (Live On WEST WIND @NHK)

Yay! We get a live performance!
This is good promotion for C-ute! I'm hoping they have some other performances of this song coming up!

LOL. Did you guys notice how happy the girl's looked here? They didn't look nearly as happy as they do here in C-ute's SHOCK performance! XD

This was a good performance! Airi sounds great as usual(XD) and Maimi sounds good too(imo)! And there's seems to be a lot of energy & also.. Everyone got to sing their solo lines! Yay! ^_^ <333


  1. Wow, they sang to verses. But isn't this recorded? Or half-live at least? They sound just like the recording even with all the dance...

    Although Maimi sounded live.

  2. Airi and Maimi are live but the rest aren't (as usual). I love the dance though!

  3. @fŗέĭ-ċђάŋ
    Airi & Maimi are live but the rest aren't.. AS USUAL! XD

    I like the dance too! <3333