Friday, April 9, 2010

Poll Results

I recently did a poll on whether or not you guys think C-ute's leader, Maimi Yajima, is a good singer, and here are the results:

Yeah! I think she's a GREAT singer!!: 18 Votes
No! That girl sucks! She can't sing to save her life!: 7 Votes
She's alright! Her singing is average!: 25 Votes

So, most of the votes went to "She's alright! Her singing is average!", huh?
Well, I think that's good! Since that's what I personally voted for! XD
18 votes went to "Yeah! I think she's a GREAT singer!", Hmmmm.... Quite a bit of people voted this.. Interesting....
LOL. And 7 people voted "No! That girl sucks! She can't sing to save her life!", I know some of the people who voted for this(looks at Kishiko & Kira)!! XD

I think Maimi is an overall OK singer, she ain't bad, she can control her voice pretty good sometimes... Her vocal tone is just rather unpleasant for me(& probably lots of other fans).. But she has some pretty nice performances!

I still like her Natsu Doki performance the best(Sorry Airi! XD)!

Next poll is gonna be H!P Kids centered again(as always!!:P)! XD


  1. All I can add is ~ yes, there are worse singer than Yajima. Which does not mean that she's a good or even an average one.

  2. Shouldn't you say sorry to Luna too? XD

    Does Mano count as an H!P kid? She's in H!P and she's not an adult >u<

  3. ^ LOL noppe XD H!P kids are only 15 XD

    Erina would be called... a hatched egg :D

  4. not saying sorry for the fact that i can listen to THE worst singer of H!P's most horrible song ever (well second to that horrible pink song) but can never listen to any solo song by Maimi. werid huh

  5. Maimi is an great singer. I know there are people who thinks she isn't.. but for me, she's always my number one idol. <3 Being an idol isn't just about singing and all... Maimi may not be the best at singing, but her dancing is win and her personality too.. most of all her looks <3 :nosebleed: