Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poll: Who's the best Berryz singer? Part 2

LOL. So, instead of making this a poll redo(like I had planned to), I've decided to just make this "part 2" to my first poll! This time I added Risako in as an option(to spice things up a bit! :D), if you think her singing is good enough to be called the best from Berryz, than pick her! :)

And this is to all the Momo fans reading my blog:
Even if Miyabi does win this poll this time(she most likely will! I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL! XD), Momo fans should still be happy, because Momo won the first poll(Woot! Woot!), and that does mean something(people acknowledge her singing abilities! ^^)! :)



  1. I voted for Risako! ^^ (still biased)

  2. ^
    LOL. I figured you would! XD
    Instead of giving my vote to Momo, I gave it to Risako.. Because I didn't think she would get too many votes in this(and she probably won't! SOME people think she still can't sing to save her live so... xD). XD

  3. hahaha Miya is winning XD........And happy for momo dat she won on the 1st one hahaha but i've still voting for her cz Miya's voice is more common, like Suzuki Airi her voice sounds similar to Miya, and for Momo her voice is different so it's like her voice is like special and no how to explain haha so i've voted for momo lol and since im her fan XD....

  4. I love their voices, they're all awesome singers in their own way, they have different strong points, which makes this poll difficult to answer.

    Risako's voice is my favourite one, her voice always makes me "feel" something. She may not be consistent like Miya and Momo but her voice is so full of emotion her solo lines in ballads always make me cry.

    Momo is really consistent and has this large range of voice, she can be cutesy Momo or smexy Momo in a second. I love that, to me she's the Berryz member that has the best control and technique.

    Miya used to be consistent but her voice hasn't been all that good lately. However, her voice is so soft, when she sang Natsu Remember You it was amazing. Still, she sometimes lacks the emotion that Risako and Momo have.

    I voted Momo ^^ IMO she's the "best singer" of Berryz. Risako is my fav, but being sincere, Momo is the most equilibrated one. When Momo fails a note I'm like "what happened Momo?" but when Miya and Risako do, it's normal lol XD

  5. @Neko-Yumi

    LOL. They're tied now! XDD
    And yeah, Miyabi's vocal tone is somewhat average(which is why I think people like her singing a lot! XD), but she has rather good control over her voice live! XD

    Momo's voice is indeed different and special, she has this really high pitched voice(& low pitched too it seems lately! XD) that stands out easily from the other members(especially in Berryz Koubou, & even in Buono since Airi & Miya sound really alike). But LOL, you don't base who the better singer is on how unique their voice is, you base it on how good their control & technique is(it's all about control & technique :D). XD


    Nicely said! :D
    However, I still think Miyabi is pretty consistent live, maybe not as much as she used to be(she does seem vocally a bit weaker lately... :/), but still she's pretty consistent(IMO). :)

  6. NUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RISAKO HAS TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  7. @ForeverLove!~ lol yh, i though control and technique is how they make it sounds better XD...I don't care if pple say she has a unique voice and i don't care who has the unique voice but aslong as they can control their voice then even a very unique voice can sound brilliant and so like Jiririkiteru, that Momo is really good at controllin her voice and her voice is improvin and sounds better XD

    And I thought Momo's voice is quit deep, her voice was high before, but now its deep lol...I dnt no y is it just me??? I kinda thought her voice has one of the deepest voice in BK and

  8. @NekoNekoOnna

    LOLOL. Of course she does!! XDD


    LOL. xDD
    I agree! Momo is very good at controlling her voice. XD

    You're not the only one who has noticed! XD
    Momo has a large vocal range, she goes for her high & low pitched voice sometimes(it all depends on what type of song she's singing). LOL. I don't really think Momo's voice is one of the deepest from BK(Risako, Yurina, Maasa, & Captain have deeper voices than Momo, I think.. Even when Momo uses her mature low pitched voice.. XD). xDDD

  9. Lol......Well yh i agree Risako has a deep voice, I i kinda though Momo's voice sounds a bit deeper dan she was before....Miya and Chii has a High voice thou

  10. @Neko-Yumi
    Momo's voice does sound deeper than before (no doubt there!).. But (IMHO) Miya doesn't have a really high or low pitched voice.. Her voice is in between, Chii though, has a high pitched voice! XD
    But this is really just all about opinion. Don't take what I'm saying too seriously!! XD

  11. lol...yh.....I wnt take it seriously hehe XD....I'll listen to opinions haha XD....But i seriously wonna know the final result....I know it wud be either Momo or miya wud win the poll cz they like rivals lol

  12. Berryz always complement each other! If you want extremely deep voice, go for Risako and Yurina. If you want extremely high pitched voices, go for Momo and Chinami. The other ones are somewhere in between, which is good too because sometimes the extreme pitches have difficult times at always singing like that XD (especially Risako and Yurina, for some reason they always sound deep XD Chinami also have some problems)

    Momo is a especial case, she can also have a deep voice but just not as deep as Risako and Yurina. But considering how pitched her voice can be, her vocal range is AMAZING XD

    I'm sorry for Nekoneko but as much as Risako is my bias, I love everyone in Berryz and I know their strong points and weak points. I can't say Risako is the "best" singer when Risako is not consistent live AT ALL, she's always "full of surprises" if you want to look at it that way LOL XD I'm always like "oh Risako, wonder if you're gonna hit that note today or not" XD but when she sings songs like Otakebi Boy WAO! I don't have to worry, she always sings that song amazingly.

    The thing is, just because someone is your fav it doesn't mean she's the best at everything. For example, Airi has an amazing voice but she's not the best dancer (as some Airi fans say she is lol), but yes you can say it's your FAV dancer, it's different XD in this case, Risako can be emotional and beautiful and a good face to Berryz, also she can sing really well but she's not the best singer.

    Kthnxbai XD

  13. @jiririkiteru yh i agree wid you too....I never thought that Risako is the best singer I kinda thought her voice is not good enough during live, but her voice was beautiful and its a nice deep voice in studio ver XD.......

    I kinda don't get why they chosed them cz they are their fan...I espescialy hate the ones who always talk bout their favorite member like some is a fan of Suzuki Airi then they will say bad and horrible mean stuffs to Momo (there is dis girl say "I hate momo, and hate her voice" directly to me when they know I'm her fan)........They always says Airi is good at this and that and shes the best with this and that wen they sed momo has a horrible unique voice etc.....I got REAllY MAD cz I don't think Airi is the best dance in C-ute or Buono...Personally i do thnk momo is the best dancer in Buono which is wot everyone says......And also I don't know why everytime wen there is a risako or airi lover they often likes to say bad stuffs to momo (not all of them but quit a few of them are)wen i dnt thnk they are that brilliant I always thought that there is anyone perfect wen they always says they are perfect on everythng, even Im a momo fan i dnt thnk she is perfect wid everythng ryt???