Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll 2 weeks ago titled "Who's the best Berryz singer? Part 2", and here are the results:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 19 votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 17 votes
Risako Sugaya: 5 votes

LOL. I'm not surprised at all to see Miya win part 2 of this poll.. I got this feeling she would.. But I'm SO happy Momoko won the first round... That was pretty impressive(& unexpected)! And also.. There's not much of a difference between Miya & Momo's votes in this poll.. Miya won by 2 votes.. That's not much.. Momo fans be proud! ;D & Miya fans congrats! Yay! XD
Risako though... 5 votes only??........I even voted for her(I gave my vote to Risako instead of Momo-chan) and she only has 5 votes... That's not good... I guess people still think she can't really sing, right?............ Risa has improved a lot.. I think she deserves much more recognition for that... Rii-chan has a lot of potential (I think she has the most potential out of the H!P Kids.. :P), she just needs to learn to control her voice more. :P

~Now onto my next poll~

My next poll is gonna be about dancing! Yumi wants me to do a poll on that.. :P
The poll is titled "Who is the best H!P Kid dancer"! There are only 6 choices(Sorry! xD)! :P


A request from Keksi*Choc , A video of Captain & Nakky dancing together:

Nakky is very flexible... I like the way she moves... xD

But Captain still owns(imo):


  1. OH my I kinda feel like I ruined this poll for you, sorry >_< But I HONESTLY believe Miya is the best singer, which is the first reason why I noticed and started to like her :x
    And now. I think Captain/Nakki are both the best >___< that is sooo difficult.7

    I like Captain more but ... >.<
    Aichan and Reina and JunJun all like Captain's dancing... I would like to see how fast they learn backstage to choose between them. Is there any video of the two dancing backstage?
    I'll wait for a reply before I make my choice :D

  2. Ahahaha u put a pull for dat lol....Momo 1st 4 me lol....den Saki lol....but i hope koharu is der too cz she can dance really well too XD

  3. @Keksi*Choc

    LOL. You didn't ruin it. ;P
    Miya winning the poll is fine! She won it fairly! :) And plus... All's fair in love & war! (IDK what that means.. 8D) xD

    There is no backstage footage that I know of that shows Nakky & captain dancing... We do have the Natsu Doki Lipstick song though that they dance & battle each other to... I'll try to find a few video's of them dancing clearly, It's gonna be a bit difficult though (particularly for Nakky I mean.. Ain't much for her)... -__-


    lol. Koharu is not a member of the H!P Kids & she is not part of H!P anymore, so.. I kinda can't add her (I doubt she'd get many votes anyways seeing as this blog is centered around THE H!P KIDS and not the Morning Musume members.. XD). :P

  4. lol..i know shes not on there i mean by dat i was hopin that she was in the HP kids

  5. hahaha lol....sorry bout my gramma lol

  6. Well I already gave my opinion about who is the best singer in Berryz XD


  7. well y Captain is really good but I've vote for momo because wen she dances she looks like shes enjoyin it and looks very happy so wen i look at her dancin i feel really happy too lol....And also i've voted 4 momo cz she worked hard 4 it, she sed she hates dancing wen she is like one of the best dancer in Buono and BK (alon wid saki) so dat shows dat Momo has worked hard on her dancin skills so she diserved to have a vote for hard working XD

  8. Obviously, Captain will won the next poll as always..
    But, let me say this

    she's the most talented dancer in H!P (But, I still believe Aichan is the best dancer for now).
    "Her skill was superior compared to the other Kids.." <--that's old story, but many people still believe it.
    believe me, their skill are not that far behind this day.
    well, everybody in H!P love her dance..

    aaaawwww.. come'on! thats video from 2008! Nakky's faaaaaar more greater than back then!!
    maybe Captain has talent, but Nakky is the real hardworker!!
    This New Nakky already at same level with Captain!
    I really really want to wacth them battle again! I bet it won't be easy macth for Captain like last time..

    for me "BOTH OF THEM" are the best dancer in H!P Kids (Number 2 in H!P)
    But I prefer Nakky than Captain, because she put more effort and has more control in her dance. She dances beautifully. and I LOVE hardworker!

    btw, why there's no Maasa? She's a great dancer too!