Friday, February 4, 2011

Poll Results

Last week I did a poll on Chisato Okai titled "How do you feel about all this Chisato promotion?", and here are the results:

I think all of this Chisato promotion is so annoying: 56 Votes

I feel great about it! She totally deserves it: 44 Votes

I think Nakky/Mai should be the one getting the promotion: 11 Votes

I'm okay with it: 9 Votes

I think Chisato should just go back to being a background dancer, being a front girl doesn't suit her: 5 Votes

Meh... I don't really care about it: 3 Votes

Chisato?? Who the hell is Chisato: 2 Votes

Total number of votes: 130 Votes

My thoughts on the poll results:

Well, I knew their were going to be some people who were going to pick "All this Chisato promotion is so annoying", but.. lol, I didn't think THAT many people would choose that (I expected, to be honest, maybe 10 or 15 votes for that choice at the most! xD)... I mean.... I find it really surprising that the most voted choice on the poll is "All this Chisato promotion is so annoying"... I was expecting it to be "I feel great about it! She totally deserves it" or "I'm ok with it"....... Lol *is speechless*... I guess it's true what they say, right? The more attention you get, the more haters (or dislikers) you get... XD
(At least the gap between "All this Chisato promotion is annoying" and "I feel great about it! She totally deserves it!" isn't so wide anymore... It's only 12 votes between them now... I remember looking at the poll one time and seeing a 30 vote difference....)

My next poll....
Is going to be about Buono!... and guess what on??? Their dancing!!! I want to know who you guys think the best dancer in Buono! is! (A lot of fans say Momoko is the best dancer, but I have also noticed that their are some fans who say Miyabi is... and than their are some who say Airi is... and just.. blah blah blah... xD) XD

Here are 5 dance shot video's of Buono! (the girls are dancing side by side, so it shouldn't be hard to judge & choose who you think the best dancer is! xD):

(I'm a little biased with my picks.. xD)

(Forgive me, I know this is an old dance shot, but I've always loved this dance!! I couldn't help myself! xD)

The poll is going to be open til the 15th... Which is... I don't know you guys do the math, and tell me how many weeks that is!! xD
(I'm closing my "Top 10 vocals of H!P" poll this month btw.. I'm closing it at the end of the month ^^)
Vote wisely! :D


  1. I'm sorry for not commenting on your blog for a while, I've been busy. XD

    @The Poll Results
    I was actually nice, and choose "I think Nakky/Mai should be the one getting the promotion" this time!! I was going to choose "All this Chisato promotion is annoying", but I decided I'd be a good C-ute fan, and choose something more positive (I didn't contribute to all those negative votes.. I deserve a cookie! xD). :D

    @Your new poll
    I voted for Momoko, I've always feltt she was the best dancer in Buono!, ever since I became an H!P fan. :)

  2. Haha wow I kinda feel bad that the top results were for people who were annoyed with Chisato promotion

  3. chisa deserve where she is now
    and momo is best dancer in buono-not berryz

  4. I guess there are more Chissa´s hater outside Japan and all of them are readers of your blog Clarissa xD...

    For Buono!....Momoko right?, Airi said she had problems with her dance and Miyabi...i´m not sure, but i prefer Momoko

  5. hm..I'll skip about what I think on the Chisa promo thingy XD
    but yeah...I don't care about the hater thingy ;P

    and I chose Momo as best dancer in Buono! :3
    I've heard lots of people say that Momo hates dancing and something? XD though I think her dancing is energetic <3

    oh yeah, I've seen lots of MomoxNakky lately :P

  6. Good god, if Airi gets promoted too much, people rage. If Maimi gets too much promotion, people rage. And now Chisato's getting awesome promotion...AND PEOPLE RAGE!!!! Wtf.

    Can't we all just be happy for her?!?!? :(

    Blah :D

  7. Promote all the members except Airi and people will be happy.

  8. Actually, I feel like Airi is being promoted more than Chissa. O.o In both of their latest singles, Airi has been the center. I feel that Chissa is getting promotion she deserves, but it still feels like Airi is in the spotlight. I do like how all five of the girls are getting more evenly-distributed lines, though.

    As for Buono!'s dancing, Momoko has the most energy (as always), Miyabi is rather technical (meaning precise, but not quite as energetic), and Airi is somewhere in between.
    So I'll vote for Momo. :3

  9. i find it really sad that ppl think chisatos promotion is annoying. she has had the least lines in the 2006~2009 years of c-ute and has always been pushed to the back. but i think a reason why this happened was not because chisato's really being promoted too much but because maimai and nakky have been neglected all this time and maybe ppl want to see some promotion for them too.