Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poll Results

About 2 weeks ago I did a poll on Buono! asking you guys who you thought the best dancer was from the group, and here are the results to that poll:

Who is the best dancer in Buono!?

Airi Suzuki: 130 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 117 Votes
Miyabi Natsuaki: 40 Votes

Winner of the poll: Airi Suzuki
Total number of votes: 287

My thoughts on the poll results:

LOL. Ummmm... What can I say?? xD
Hmmmm... I expected the poll to be more of a battle between Momoko & Miyabi, not Airi & Momoko.... but uhh... lol, I was wrong... It was basically a battle between Airi & Momoko (Poor Miya didn't get much love)....... -doesn't know what else to say- xD
Uhhhh... Congrats to Airi & her fans though none-the-less. XD


ROFL... I've already got TWO NEW POLLS up today (Yes, TWO, everyone!), to replace my Buono! poll (I've had them on my mind ever since like... 2 days ago? xD), the subject is dancing again, but this time, it's going to be centered around Berryz & C-ute, the 2 new polls are basically asking you guys who you think the top 3 dancers from each group (Berryz and C-ute) are, you can pick 3 members (or 2, if you want)! :)
The 2 polls are going to be open for about a week, so hurry and vote! ^^

(My top 10 vocals poll is closing in a few days, btw... :P)


  1. "My thoughts on the poll results:

    LOL. Ummmm... What can I say?? xD"

    Lol Seriously XDD

  2. Oh and Your New Polls will have peoples Heads Spinning :S

    My Answers:

    C-ute: Nakky Durrrr :P
    Bellyz: China...I mean Maaa *Cough* Miyabi :D

  3. lol it should be obvious on who I'm going to vote for :P
    at 1st, I only voted for one member in each poll, and after I read your post, I realized I could vote 3 members XD now it doesn't want to count my vote >o>

    but yeah: C-ute - Nakky, Maimi, Airi
    it should be obvious ;P
    BK: Saki, Momo, Miya

  4. @Kylon
    "Lol Seriously XDD"

    Yes, seriously... I really don't know what to say.... xD
    I already knew who was going to win (it was pretty obvious by the time the 1st week pssed)... So, I'm not surprised... Didn't have much to say... xD

    "Oh and Your New Polls will have peoples Heads Spinning :S"

    I know they will... That's the fun of it.. I like making you guys THINK about it... xD


    ROFL... And that's why you should always read before you do something.. xD

    My vote as well.. ^^

  5. Noo the seriously thing was me agreeing with you not asking you a question XDDD

  6. Oh xD

    In ºC-ute there 2 obvious votes from me (nakky-Maimi)...the 3rd....not sure, maybe Maimai, Chissa or Airi (lol)

    berryz is more easy....Momo, Captain and....not sure again xD

    airi won and momo is 2nd
    airi is good but not better than momo
    i thing there someone voted based on who they like the most"like me ^_^"

  8. @Kylon
    LOL. oh xD

    @THE Chissa fan
    Hahaha... Nice (and predictable)... xD

    ROFL.. XD