Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poll results

2 weeks ago, I did 2 polls involving Berryz & C-ute members, and here are the results to them:

Poll 1:

Who sung Semi the best?

Chinami Tokunaga: 7 Votes
Maasa Sudou: 26 Votes
Risako Sugaya: 33 Votes

Total number of votes: 66 Votes

My thoughts on the poll results:

Risako & Maasa are pretty close to each other, nee? There's only a 7 vote difference... XD
Are you guys satisfied with the results to this poll? Are you happy Risako won or would you have preferred Maasa (A lot of people commented saying they voted for Maasa, so I'm curious! XD)... I personally am happy Rii won... I liked her version best... :P

Poll 2:

Who sung Kataomoi the best?

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 22 votes
Airi Suzuki: 37 Votes
Chisato Okai: 12 Votes

Total number of votes: 77

My thoughts on the poll results:

No surprises here... The results came out exactly how I predicted they would... Airi first, Miya 2nd, & Chisa 3rd... XD
Congrats to Airi & her fans!! ;)

I'm going to make the next poll different... I'm going to make it pervy... -shot- XD

1 comment:

  1. results are ok for me, I voted Maasa but i loved Risako´s one too (i just liked Maasa with Guitar-chan xD)

    The other i voted Airi...lol joke, i voted Chissa of course xD but when you are Chissa fan you know she can´t win in polls xD (i said "IN POLLS" :P) (i remember 1 where Chissa won xD...in this blog !!!)