Monday, April 18, 2011

3 new polls

It took me awhile, but I finally came up with a new poll... :D
At first I was going to do a poll about who your least fav members were (since everyone seems to always have some.. :P), but then I decided not to... Because that's a bit too much (It'd be mean.. XD)... XD

My new poll(s) are just like my last 2, except this time the solo's that you guys are going to be comparing will be Itune solo's, instead of solo event solo's... XD

-going onto the polls-

First poll is a Risako vs Airi poll.
made a fan-made duet video of Rii & Airi singing Akai Nikkichou together (a song they both recently solo-ed and released on itunes), so you guys are going to use that video to decide which girl does the song better.

Risako & Airi - Akai Nikkichou:

2nd poll is a Maimi vs Momoko poll.
(this guy is great! XD) made a fan-made duo of Maimi & Momo singing Kousui together, so you guys are going to use that video to decide which girl does the song better.

Maimi & Momo - Kousui:

3rd poll is a Miyabi vs Airi vs Chisato poll (It's not my fault these 3 are in a poll together again, they keep singing the same songs.. XD).
Which one of them covered Furusato the best? :D

(I'd rather post the links to the video's.. embed-ing these 3 video's would be annoying.. XD)
Miyabi Natsuyaki's Furusato
Airi Suzuki's Furusato
Chisato Okai's Furusato

2 weeks to vote, you guys! Vote wisely! Bye! *goes off to do French project* :P :D


  1. Sorry for not commenting on your blog for so long, Angel, I was busy with subbing and stuff. =P


    Kousui: Momoko
    Both covers are good, but I prefer Momoko's. Momo's vibrato is lovely, & I love her rapping. :)

    Akai Nikkichou: Oh god... I think I like Ri- Ri- Ri- Ri-.... I THINK I LIKE RISAKO'S BEST... O___O
    OH.MY.GOD!! I prefer Risako's cover to Airi's... o__o -shots herself-

    Furusato: Miyabi
    I was in between Miyabi & Airi, but I went for Miya in the end, her voice is so pleasing to my ears. <3

    Isn't it weird that I voted for all Berryz members? (I didn't even mean to do that! =P)

  2. I like your polls, Did you know it? xD

    Yajimomo: i think Momo.......i feel bad because i love Maimi...but i have to choose 1 ><

    Akai Nikkichou: It seems this time Risako won imo xD in general i prefer Airi´s voice, but in that special song, i will choose Rishako ^^

    FuruSATO: Chisato of course (vibrato and sweet voice <3).....but Miyabi and Airi are at same level of awesomeness xD it´s more because the kind of voice i love the most (Airi has the skills, Chisato has the voice quality (and improving her skills now too), Miyabi is in the middle for me xD)

  3. I'll keep my answers in secret *whistle*

  4. its not fair air will win both of the polls and the third momo will win.

    i vote :miyabi chisato and risako

  5. @Cuttie
    LOL. It's cool! xD

    I think you're slowly starting to like Risako! XD

    LOL. Yeah.. XD

    Not surprised at who you voted for on each poll... :P

    LOL. There is a chance Miyabi could win the Furusato poll... She's not too far away from Airi (only 3 vote difference, it could change.. ^^), let's be hopefully, nee? :)

    @Melisa & Kylon
    You better tell me when the poll ends :PPPP

  6. ^
    No, I will never like Risako. =P

    You're just mad Chisato isn't winning the poll.
    I bet you wouldn't be complaining if Chisato was winning instead of Airi. and Momo's version is totally better than Maimi's, so she deserves to win the third poll anyways. =P

  7. ^It´s a poll, i don´t think Chissa is mad because Chissa isn´t winning..., i´m Chissa´s fan and i don´t care xD

    But it´s true, Airi wins the polls because she is popular xD so you never know when she really wins ¬¬

  8. LOL. Let's try to respect other fans, Cuttie :P

  9. wonderful blog! xoxo

  10. Huh.

    I thought I'd prefer Momo's version but I actually liked Maimi's better.

    I *really* thought I would prefer Airi's version but Risako's huskier/deeper voice really fits this song.

    And wtf I thought I'd prefer Chissa's version or Airi's version, but preferred Miyabi's version the most, because I feel like she emoted the best. I think Chissa sounded a bit too sweet in this song, and Airi was too...calm.

    *seriously questioning my singers preferences now*


  11. Airi, Momoko, and Miyabi. My Buono! girls better win it! ;)

  12. For me it's Risako, Maimi, Miyabi (I just can't get over how beautiful Miya sounded singing Furusato!) <3