Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New poll

I decided to do a new poll on Hello Pro's newest concert “Hello! Project 2011 ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~ Kanzen Ban”!! In this concert, they let each member sing solo.. And the poll I'm posting up is just asking everyone which members they think sung their solos the best out of everyone... You can choose up to 7 members.. :)

No embed-ing this time... There's too many video's to embed, so here's the links to the video's instead:

Ai Takahashi's solo "Sayonara Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no"

Risa Niigaki's solo "Boogie Train '03"

Sayumi Michishige's solo "Ne~e?"

Reina Tanaka's solo "FOREVER〜Anata ni Aitai〜"

Aika Mitsui's solo Hajimete no Happy birthday

Saki Shimizu's solo Shiroi TOKYO

Momoko Tsugunaga's solo Momoiro Kataomoi

Chinami Tokunaga's solo Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!

Maasa Sudou's solo "The Bigaku"

Miyabi Natsuyaki's solo Ai no Sono〜Touch My Heart!〜

Yurina Kumai's solo " Ai no Bakayarou"

Risako Sugaya's solo "Hajimete Kuchibiru wo Kasaneta Yoru"

Maimi Yajima's solo "Ki ga Tsukeba Anata"

Saki Nakajima's solo "Toumorokoshi to Sora to Kaze"

Airi Suzuki's solo "Memory Seishun no Hikari"

Chisato Okai's solo "Akai Nikichou"

Mai Hagiwara's solo "Koi no Telephone GOAL"

Ayaka Wada solo "Yeah! Meccha Holiday"

Yuuka Maeda solo "100kai no KISS"

Kanon Fukuda solo "Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi"

Saki Ogawa solo "VERY BEAUTY"

Mano Erina solo "Watarasebashi"

The poll will be open for 3 weeks btw.. Vote wisely! :P


  1. lol, i can vote now since i just saw B-kkuri concert (i bought blu ray´s version!)

    Obviously my 1st vote was for Ai chan ^^

    Then my 2nd vote was for my favourite singing voice....or C-ute´s non official best singer, CHissa....she gave the feeling to that song ^^

    Risako´s song was great too...she did great despite she isn´t my fav singer lol

    The rest...secret xD (nah...Sakitty´s very beauty, Maimi´s ki ga tsukeba anata, Momo, Miyabi)

    I love Maimi´s song ^^ (the song itself)

  2. Ok Now THIS is an interesting poll i will admit. But DAMN Clarissa u do show out don't u XDDDD


  3. Definitely Ai Takahashi's solo "Sayonara Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no"

    I started crying at the end,... and so did she.

  4. @THE Chissa fan
    I saw B-kkuri concert too! xD

    I'd expect no other member to get 1st vote other than her... XD

    Already knew you would vote for her... Not surprised... (She's one of my votes too. xD) XD

    I AGREE WITH THIS SO MUCH.... There are some people on YT who say she sung her solo horribly (I think they're just hating on her... :P), but I don't think she did... I think that her solo in Hello Pro's 2011 concert was one of her best performances.. <3

    ROFL. xD

    LOL. I'm glad this poll comes off as interesting to you... I tried my hardest to come up with a good poll (Looks like I succeeded this time... xD). :)
    What do you mean show out? How do I show out? :P

    You forgot Miya.. What about her? I loved her solo! :P

    LOL. Ai-chan is a given... I think she will be included in everyone's votes! XD
    (And yes, her solo was so emotional... <3)

    Here are the members I personally voted for (just in case you guys want to know):
    1. Ai Takahashi (Like I said, she is a given.. I think she will be included in everyone's vote! :P)
    2. Reina Tanaka (Her solo was impressive... Ballads are good for her... <3)
    3. Miyabi Natsuyaki
    4. Chisato Okai
    5. Maimi Yajima
    6. Risako Sugaya
    7. Kanon Fukuda

    The reason why I didn't include Momo & Airi:

    It's because I was not impressed with Momo or Airi's solos (Momo sounded a little off, she must have been tired, and I know Airi can do better than that... :P)

    Member I wanted to include:

    I wish I could have included Mano Erina in my votes, I actually do think she did a pretty good job with her solo (I could only add 7 people though, which is why I didn't add her... It was either Kanon or her, and I choose Kanon.. :P)

    I think I should of made it 8 instead of 7... XD

  5. I voted for(not in order of how good they did):
    1.Michishige Sayumi
    2.Tanaka Reina
    3.Mitsui Aika
    4.Tsugunaga Momoko
    5.Sudou Maasa
    6.Nakajima Saki
    7.Wada Ayaka.

    I mainly voted for my favourites(except Aika) ^^;

    I didn't vote for Ai because I knew she would get enough votes already and that everyone knows she's a good singer. Also her performance didn't impress me :/ She has done better...

    And the reason why I voted for mainly the worst singers in H!P is because I thought the songs they picked really suited them and that these were probably the best solo performances they have done^^ Also I wanted to give Love to those who deserve it but never get it^^
    (Because of You and this poll I reviewed all of these performances in my blog XDD)


  7. @kingdomlove
    Interesting picks! :O

    "I didn't vote for Ai because I knew she would get enough votes already and that everyone knows she's a good singer."

    This is why I partly didn't want to vote for Ai-chan myself.. because she already gets a lot of votes. xD

    "Also I wanted to give Love to those who deserve it but never get it^^"

    Very nice reason! It's true most of the members you picked don't get much love.. :(

    "(Because of You and this poll I reviewed all of these performances in my blog XDD)"

    LOL. I'll check out the post.. I love reviews (especially on concert performances!)!! XD

    I know who you picked Melisa....
    The members you picked are:
    Miyabi, Airi, Chisato, Nakky, Gaki, Ogawa, & Risako. :P

    Am I right? 8D

  8. Lol by "Showing Out" i meant you put in hard effort to show a LOT of stuff

  9. i know im going to vote for ai and chisato ^^
    still not sure who else might get my vote

  10. WOA!! I expected Takahashi Ai-chan to have more votes than that >.<....I thought Ai-chan voice is the best out of all hello project members (In my opinion) >.<...Even though Momoko-chan is my favorite, but i admit that Ai-chan voice is better >.<....