Monday, August 1, 2011

Poll Results + New Polls

Here are the results to my last poll (sorry, I know I'm late with posting them.. :P):

Which 7 members performed their solos the best at Hello! Project's 2011 Winter concert?

22. Chinami Tokunaga: 9 Votes
21. Ayaka Wada: 20 Votes
20. Aika Mitsui: 21 Votes
19. Yurina Kumai: 29 Votes
18. Mano Erina: 29 Votes
17. Kanon Fukuda: 30 Votes
16. Yuuka Maeda: 32 Votes
15. Mai Hagiwara: 35 Votes
14. Maasa Sudou: 37 Votes
13. Sayumi Michishige: 38 Votes
12. Maimi Yajima: 46 Votes
11. Saki Nakajima: 47 Votes
10. Saki Ogawa: 47 Votes
9. Saki Shimizu: 53 Votes
8. Reina Tanaka: 56 Votes
7. Risako Sugaya: 63 Votes
6. Chisato Okai: 82 Votes
5. Risa Niigaki: 83 Votes
4. Momoko Tsugunaga: 95 Votes
3. Ai Takahashi: 107 Votes
2. Miyabi Natsuyaki: 116 Votes
1. Airi Suzuki: 148 Votes

The top 7 most voted performances from Hello! Project's 2011 Winter Concert (Click on the names... They lead you to the performances! XD):
1. Airi Suzuki: 148 Votes
2. Miyabi Natsuyaki: 116 Votes
3. Ai Takahashi: 107 Votes
4. Momoko Tsugunaga: 95 Votes
5. Risa Niigaki: 83 Votes
6. Chisato Okai: 82 Votes
7. Risako Sugaya: 63 Votes

Total Votes: 1,223

My thoughts on the poll results:

Hmmmm... Not much to say... I kind of expected these results... Everyone I thought would be in the top 7 are in (Well... Almost everyone... Reina Tanaka didn't make it, lol.. XD)... The only remotely surprising thing about the results is probably the fact that Miyabi was ahead of Ai (You'd think it'd be the other way around).. XD

My next polls:
I'm adding 2 new polls this time...

1st poll is titled: "Who are the top 3 most overlooked current H!P vocalists?"

2nd poll is titled: "Who are the top 5 current vocals of H!P?"

My first poll is just asking you guys to pick 3 members you think are good singers (better than they are given credit for :P), but are often overlooked because people don't like their voice, and blah blah blah... XD

Just pick 3 members that you think deserve more recognition for their vocals (I know there's going to be some of you who will look at my poll, and go "NONE OF THEM DESERVE MORE REOGNITION!".. XD) .

For my 2nd poll, I took the poll results from a poll I did about 5 months ago (The poll was about the top 10 singers of H!P), and used them for this poll.
Just pick 5 members (out of the 10) that you think are the best 5 singers from H!P (Yes, you can vote you can choose 5.. :P).
(I switched Yuu Kikkawa out for Ai Takahashi because Yuu is not a soloist under H!P... :P)

I'd really like to start adding 9th gen to my polls, but I still feel like it's too early to add them (which is why they have not been added yet).

Vote wisely, you guys... Bye for now! :) :P


  1. Aw man, I was so close to having every member of Buono! up at the top. :)

    Haha, I'm pretty happy with the results, though.

  2. OK my answers:

    First poll: Saki Nakajima, Mano Erina, and Maasa Sudou

    Second poll: Airi Suzuki, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Momoko Tsugunaga, Reina Tanaka, and Maimi Yajima.

  3. @Shayna
    LOL. Well... I don't mind Ai-chan being above Momo... I think she deserves to be there... but yeah.. BUONO FTW!!! XD

    I like the members you piked for each poll! xD

  4. While I do like your 2nd poll, I love your 1st one even more, I'm so glad that you're showing the members who most people think are the worst singers from their group some love. :)

  5. ^
    LOL, I actually think a few of the members I put in the list of the "overlooked H!P vocalists" are some of the better singers from their group.. Just ones who are often overlooked.. XD

  6. In your 1st poll i voted, Mano Erina, Captain and Mai......i love Mai´s special voice xD mano is a good singer too, and Captain...she is my personal option, i know other members are better singers but i feel good when i listen her voice...same with maasa but i can choose 3 xD

    The 2nd poll you should know xD (Ai chan as the maximun reference, the legend of Chissa (still unrefined but she is able to fight in the top....i love´s like "eyy girls, look what i can do without your chances" xDD :P) and Buono´s members ^^)

  7. ^
    Nice picks! xD

    LOL. Yes, I already knew who you were going to vote for, for the 2nd poll... I was more interested in your votes for the first! XD