Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maimi Yajima - 'a foggy doll' (DVD Preview)

Here's a 6 minute preview of Maimi Yajima's 2nd e-hello DVD 'a foggy doll'.

~My thoughts~

The preview is well, pretty HOT... Maimi's slowed solo dance cover of Kiss me aishiteru is mesmerizing... I couldn't take my eyes off her (I hope there's more dance covers in the full DVD)... and her outfit is so cute, she looks like an older version of minnie mouse... XD :O

And also, didn't Maimi release her 1st e-hello DVD about 5 months ago?? O.O
They kind of announced her 2nd one pretty quickly, didn't they (Her first E-hello DVD must have sold pretty well, for her to be getting a 2nd one this early... :O)... XD


It seems 'a foggy doll' is part of a 3-part series of Maimi Yajima DVDs which will each be released over the course of 3 months... :o
This means Maimi will definitely be releasing 2 more solo e-hello DVDs over the next 3 months... :O

Maimi fans are so lucky!! I really envy you guys right now!!! XD

(Credit goes to MaimiLOG)


  1. Maimi is beautiful & sexy ^^ too bad they sold it by E-line Up only, but if it´s e-hello series is good

  2. I will admit, she looks really pretty in this video! Though it's kinda boring after a while...but still, she's a very good dancer, and I love that outfit! I would so wear that if it wasn't so short!

  3. to be honest the video ended and i was still shocked mouth opend for about 5 min
    i didnt know maimi can be THAT HOT