Sunday, March 11, 2012

100k hits & 100 followers! :O

THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE, FOR SUPPORTING MY BLOG ALL THIS TIME!!! (I've been blogging for nearly 3 years now!)
ForeverLove!~ has over 100,000 blog hits, and 100 followers now!!

Lol, I'm sorry, but I honestly am so proud, right now!!! Getting this many views & followers didn't even seem POSSIBLE to me back a year ago.... It seemed like something that would take like 3 more years to get... Geez.... XD
Here's my thanks again to all of you that read and follow my blog!! You guys are awesome!! I love ya!! XDDD

(Oh, and I've got a question for all you bloggers out there..... What's more important to you when it comes to blogging.... Followers, comments, or hits? :D)


  1. I think the most important thing is comments because it is always interesting to see if people agree with your thoughts, and they are interesting to read!

  2. ^
    For me, followers are the most important, the least important would definitely be hits.
    While I do enjoy comments (they make me feel like someone actually cares enough about my post to comment), I'm not too fond of negative comments... For OBVIOUS reasons.... :P

  3. True, negative comments do suck, but most people don't post too much negative things. We would hope ^_^

  4. ^
    Yeah, yeah (Though I used to post negative posts when I first started blogging.. :P)... XD