Saturday, April 18, 2009

Momo Pic Spam

Since i don't feel like doing a review on buono's new pv for their new single(MY BOY), I've decided to spam u guys wit pics of the cutest idol from hello!Project... Momoko Tsugunaga..

(Momo looks so kawaii here, especially wit her hair like that. momo looks great wit long hair, i don't know why she won't let it grow long again)

(this pic is from a berryz koubou dvd magazine, i forgot which one it was, but she looks so kawaii)

(luv her outfit)

(i luv her hair and her outfit, I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE'S WEARING, her outfit was the best outfit in dakishimete dakishimete)

(momo looks great in pink)

(i luv her puffy skirt and her shirt, don't really like her hairstyle that much)


(these are multiple pics of momo at the 2008 hello!Project winter concert)

(i have no idea where these r from, but the pic is adorable.)


(this is ummm...)

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