Monday, April 6, 2009

Mano Erina's 2nd single Hajimete no Keiken PV Review

Mano Erina's second pv just came out today!!!!

(this pic is adorable)

Here's the Link to the PV:

Overall i think this was mano erina's best song and pv. is wasn't boring like her debut song and pv, and alot more thought was put into it. also the pv quality is a little bit cheap (the pv is sorta foggy looking), but thats the only thing i don't like bout it everything else was great. also i couldn't help but notice that there was less panio playing in this single and more dancing, which is a good thing(I've never really liked that panio playing thing they have her do, even if it makes her different from other H!P soloist). and i think i saw some H!P eggs dancing in the background.

Hajimete No Keiken Release's May 20, 2009
Hajimete No Keiken Single V Release's June 3, 2009