Monday, April 13, 2009

Berryz Koubou Seishun Bus Guide Preview

Berryz koubou's preview to their new song came out a couple of days ago.
Here's the link to it: Berryz Koubou - Seishun Bus Guide (Preview)

The song sounds awesome!! and YAY! Momo has alot more lines here(she barely had solo lines in dakishimete dakishimete), she's a lead singer in this new single(and so is risako as usual). and the song sounds mature(which is a good thing). but it sounds like the solo line's between everyone has gone back to normal, Miyabi and Chinami only have 1 solo line, and i think Saki and Maasa have none.

Overall it sounds pretty good i can't wait to see wat the pv looks like.

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