Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Airi Suzuki VS Chisato Okai

i've been thinking alot bout the vocals of chisato Okai and Airi Suzuki. and i've been seeing alot of "Chisato is so much better than airi she should have more lines than her" comments(it honestly annoys me to death when i see comments like that).
im not an expert on the vocals of idols but i think chisa and airi are pretty much on the same level when it comes to singing, not sure about personality and dancing skills though.

chisa has a more pleasant sounding voice than airi so i could understand why so many people think her vocals are better than Airi's. but honestly chisato can sound off sometime's while airi barely ever does. and i don't think her vocal range is as wide as airi's either(i could be wrong i've only listened chisa live a couple of times). but unlike Airi she seems to be really good with dancing(not that im trying to say airi is a bad dancer im just trying to say she's not the best, her dancing not anything spectacular), i actually think she's one of the best dancers in C-ute. but like airi she has sweet and funny personality she's not dull and boring like some people in C-ute(im not naming any names) and its the main reason why she ranks 2nd on my C-ute ranking.

Airi's voice is really nasly sounding and sometimes i honestly can't stand that about her voice. but she sounds great live and rarely sounds off(unlike Chisato). but i wish her voice sounded the way it used to in First Kiss. unlike chisa her dancing is well not all that great but its not HORRIBLE, its pretty average. but she has one of the realist personality's in hello!poject(she doesn't try to be super C-ute).

sorry guys, im horrible at comparing people especially my fav idols.


  1. airi's vocal would be the best if she didn't get so nasal like in namida no iro when she attempts to do high notes so I agree with you

  2. LOL. You agree with me?
    I didn't say in the post who I thought was the best singer! I was just naming both of their strengths and weaknesses! XD

    Overall, I think Airi is the better singer anyway!xD She has more control than Chisa!

  3. I like Airi's voice, but I feel so bad because I've never heard Chisa that much because Airi and Maima pretty much overshallow every one else in C-ute. They should try to get more mains to others in the group.

  4. I prefer Chissa...i think that in the same conditions Chissa and Airi are the same. I´m sure that if Chissa sang more she can improve her sing´s skill (cause her voice don´t need to improve XD), but we need an equal situation for compare (anyways my fav is Chissa xD)

  5. Without any doubt, Chissa is, by far, the best dancer in C-ute. FACT.

    However, her voice is not the best in the group, but without her contribution the overall " sound " of C-ute would not be right. She is loving and dedicated to the other girl's and I hope they have continued success as time goes by.

    Putting it simply....I love everything about Chissa xxxx

  6. ^
    Saki Nakajima is best dancer in C-ute. :P
    But I do agree... Chisa is loving and dedicated! <3