Saturday, May 2, 2009

C-ute Singles Ranking

Let's See......

1) Tokaikko Junjou

(Suprise Suprise *sarcasm*)
This is one of the greatest (if not the absolute best) H!P Kids single ever. The outfits, the song, the dance, and the PV are just an overall win. I have yet to see a dance that tops Tokaikko Junjou's.

2) Namida No Iro

The PV wasn't as entertaining as Tokaikko Junjou's, and that's why it falls behind it (that and the fact that I think TJ's dance is superior to Namida no Iro's), the dance is good though (one of C-ute's best), and I love the casual look that C-ute has going on for this single (I wanna see more casual outfits from them), the song is great (certainly one of their bests), but it seems to just be an Airi and Maimi duet though.. I wouldn't have minded a little Chisato or Saki here and there. xD


I love this song (I named my blog after it :P), it has this rockish, BADASS, feel to it (Like the intro sounds so badass to me for some reason xD)... If the PV had more of a story line to it, than it might have been ranked 2nd, the girls siting in front of computers and staring at screens isn't enough to catch my attention.

4) Edo No Temari Uta II

I loved the outfits for this single (I loved Airi's the most of course... Her's is more casual! :D), and the song too, even if it is different from their other songs (it's more traditional).
The dance btw was pretty good (not as mind-blowing as Tokaikko Junjou's, Namida no Iro's, or FOREVER LOVE's dance, but still). the PV was pretty well made as well (it suited the song, dance, and the outfits :D).

5) Bye Bye Bye

I love the song (The song is the reason why the single is ranked at no.5! xD), but I have to admit the PV was rather... ummm... How do I put this without sounding really rude... CHEAP. The backgrounds for close ups didn't suit the PV at all (it feels like they just randomly threw that in there). I loved the vocals for this single though (I loved Airi's "Jibun shinjite" line and I also loved Maimi's "Bye Bye~" at the end... Mai & Chisato sound pretty good too... Their voices suit this song.. Maybe even more so than Airi's and Maimi's does), the outfits... they're pretty cool, I like them.
The dance was totally wacky... Wacky is not necessarily bad in my books though... xD

6) Meguru Koi No Kisetsu

I love the rockish feel to it, I especially love the little scream all the members do right at the beginning of the song (it was very cute and quite surprising when I first heard it). The dance is very genki, it has the girls running around in circles at some parts (which I find very adorable), and the outfits.. well... I honestly don't like the white outfits all that much... I'm more for the outfits that say "C-ute" on them.. I think they're C-uter. :P

7) Sakura Chirari
(C-ute's debut single)

The song is C-ute!, the dance is well... boring, but it suits the song though... The PV is not bad (I wouldn't say it's cheap :P)... Overall a pretty good single...
I'm not that big of a fan of cutesy things these days (I used to be though), so that's why it's ranked at # 7... but this really isn't a bad single at all.. Just average for C-ute. xD

8) Lalala Shiawase No Uta

The song is OK, and the PV is not too bad (could have been better).. The outfits are really lame though... And I just find it really odd for UFA to release a single like this right after Tokaikko Junjou (A very mature single). It's ok though... It's grown on me a lot recently (been listening to it a lot).

I'll rank C-ute's indies single's tomorrow