Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Airi Suzuki in Taiwanese News

According to what Mai17said(a user at hello-online), the lady who was talking about Airi's photobook wasn't saying anything nice.

what she said. (credit: the bloggers of helloproject.tw)

又有成員 喔~~才15歲呢 推出了寫真集了
而且它的拍攝地點呢 就在台灣
經紀公司強調說 雖然是未成年寫真
不過尺度絕對沒有問題 還保證有看頭


In the past there's this group morning musume right? Now don't know how many hundred generations after, Hello Project still have members. Oh~~ only 15 years old releasing photobook. We see that this 15 years old japanese idol Suzuki Airi's releases sexy underage photobook. Moreover, this photobook was shot in Taiwan. The company's management emphasized that although this is an underage photobook but the "size/inches" is not a problem and guarantees worth looking.

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  1. Oh that wasn't very nice O.o mmmm <.<