Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello!Project Cover Album

the cover for the hello!Project album has finally been released,
Here it is:

the cover looks nice, its not nothing special. though i did notice that the 2 most popular girls from each group seem to be at the front. but at least Captain Saki is in the 2nd row it sorta makes up for Maasa being so far in the back. though im sorta disappointed that Momoko is in the 2nd row because i thought she was gonna be in the 1st row cause she's like the 2nd most popular member in Berryz Koubou not Miyabi. And that awkward space beside Erika, makes it's so OBVIOUS that its kanna's place. and i realised that they arranged the girls in the way that it's Berryz Koubou -> Morning Musume -> Cute. I'm looking forward to this album. Hopefully the line-up for each song will be a surprise to me. And I hope that there is no solo songs(becuase it pretty obvious who they'd go to).


Here's The Tracklisting:

1. Diamond -> High-King
2. Ai wa Katsu -> °C-ute & Erina Mano
3. YES-YES-YES-> Aa!
4. Tentou Chuu no Sanba -> Minimoni
5. Kimi ga iru dake de -> Pucchimoni
6. Heya to Y shirts to Watashi -> Reina Tanaka
7. Mamotte Agetai - Risa Niigaki & Eri Kamei
8. Cosmos - Ai Takahashi
9. Mirai Yosouzu II - ZYX
10. ONLY YOU -> V-u-den (Heh??? New V-u-den or what???)
11. akai sweet pea -> Tanpopo
12. For You… -> Linlin
13. Kanpaku Sengen -> Berryz Koubou & Erina Mano
14. Sekai wa futari no tame ni - Sayumi Michishige, Koharu Kusumi, Risa Niigaki, Junjun

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  1. Why is Mano singing with Berryz!? I still don't get it xD Well it is nice though... seeing that Mano is a big fan of Berryz. That's the only reason I forget that decision xD !