Thursday, June 18, 2009

Berryz Koubou - Otoko no ko Review

i know this was released a couple of months ago(released somewhere this year in January), but i just listened to it today and i have to say that im absolutely in love with this song. i love the guitar and i especially love Miyabi's voice here it fits the song better than any else in the group(even my precious Momoko). even though im hating that this song was basically a Miyabi&Risako Duet(Miyabi had 11 Solo Lines and risako had 10, while everyone else except momoko had 1, Momo had 4), im still loving it i can't wait to see it performed live(looks like it will have an interesting dance to it).

Here's the Lyrics if you guys hasn't seen them yet:


  1. This song is sure really awesome <3 I love it, though I haven't seen any live performance of it O_o huh?

    Otoko no Ko <3

  2. wow! i didn't knew this before. pretty good! rock on!

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