Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Berryz Koubou - Member Ranking

So I've decided to re-rank Berryz Koubou's members(since now I know most of the members a lot better than my previous ranking).

My previous ranking:

1. Momoko Tsugunaga
NO ONE should be surprised to see her at no.1! I STILL love her to death! And that's NEVER gonna change!!

I personally think that Momoko is 2nd best(if not the best) singer AND dancer from Berryz Koubou and deserves respect from everyone(There are quite a bit of Momo haters on Youtube)!!
I also think she's the next big thing too(if things with Airi don't work out so well). She's got the looks(a unique look), the talent(she can sing AND dance), and the personality(NOTHING is ever boring when she's in it).
Yes, I know that Momoko overdoes the "cute thing" sometimes and it can get kinda annoying, but she does it all for the Lolz.
Momo''s an entertaining & talented idol who's NOT going anywhere anytime soon(she's gonna be in the idol industry for a LONG time, I can tell).

2. Saki Shizimu

Saki is a GREAT captain & idol!
Her singing is not bad, She's actually one of the more stable singers from Berryz Koubou(but her dancing ALWAYS overshaddow's her singing abilites, so people tend to pay more attention to her dancing skills instead of her singing which is sad because Saki is a rather good singer and she NEVER gets any credit for that.... sad). And her dancing is great(I'm sure EVERYONE knows that already, LOL). I hope UFA pushes Saki to the front a bit some(like they're doing with Yurina & Mai right now), but I'm REALLY doubting that they will since I don't think Saki herself really wants to be pushed to the front.

3. Miyabi Natsuyaki

Miya moved up a spot(she was ranked 4th in my last ranking).
I actually personally liked Miyabi more when she was younger, because she was more entertaining & energetic (also cuter). She's all mature acting and what not now. Not that i'm trying to say that's a bad thing, it's just I sorta miss "playful" Miyabi(i'm refering to how Miyabi acted from 2004 to about 2006), "playful" Miyabi was A LOT more entertaining than "mature" Miyabi.... But anyways.... It's OBVIOUS that Miya is the best singer from Berryz Koubou. and her dancing is pretty good too(not the best but it's still pretty good), It's too bad she's been being pushed back a lot recently.

4. Maasa Sudou

Ah~ Maasa moved down a spot(to allow Miya to move up).Honestly I'm sorta losing interest in Maasa a little bit(I know sad right?), but I still like her, I just like Miyabi a little more than her now. I think Maasa is pretty(especially since she lost weight), and a pretty good dancer. I also think she deserves MORE attention and solo lines.

5. Risako Sugaya

Risako was ranked 7th in my last ranking(so she went up 2 spots).

My opinion about Risako hasn't changed all THAT much, I still think she's sorta overrated, and that she can't dance. But her singing has improved quite a bit recently(I ADMIT) and that makes me like her & respect a bit more than I did when I did my last Berryz Ranking. Sooo.... GOOD JOB Risako(LOL).

I HOPE Risa continue's to improve her singing(and maybe start improving her dancing too?), If she does continue improving.... than MAYBE just MAYBE she could take Maasa's 4th position. And also honestly, Once I get past the fact that she ain't the greatest performer(her singing, her dancing), then I start to actually like her a bit(truth be told, unlike Maimi I ACTUALLY think her personality is somewhat appealing, BUT not as appealing as Airi's or Momoko's). So I guess as of right now, I like Risako(LOL, this is strange)......

6. Yurina Kumai

I used to think Yurina was boring(I still kinda do think that....), but recently she seems more "interesting"(it's probably the recent push that UFA is giving her that makes her more "interesting" to me, LOL), and THAT'S why I didn't put her at no.7(I was going to but changed my mind at the last minute).

I personally think Yurina is REALLY pretty(one of the prettiest girl's from Berryz Koubou), and very talented(her dancing is not really all that good, but her singing has recently become better than it used to be).

7. Chinami Tokunaga

I feel REALLY BAD for putting Chinami at the bottom of my list! But someone had to go down their and unfortunately that someone had to be her(SORRY CHII!!).

I don't hate Chinami or dislike her. Chinami seems like a nice girl(who smiles A LOT, lol). I think Chinami is GORGEOUS(especially since she has let her hair grow out), and I also think she has the best legs & body from Berryz Koubou(LOL, sorry I just had to get that out). Her singing isn't the best & neither is her dancing(but she's OK).

Well... that's it guys! I won't be posting another member ranking for Berryz til....... probably next year.....


  1. This list is almost the exact opposite of what my ranking would look like (Saki would be 3rd from the bottom, not 2nd).

  2. o.O
    Well... Everyone thinks differently I guess!LOL.
    Your C-ute ranking is similar to mine's isn't it?

  3. It's very hard to rate individuals in this group because they are all so dead-even. Momoko is the most entertaining of them all, but the other 6 are just too close to call.

  4. Yes, my opinion on C-ute members is the same as yours in the most important aspect - Airi wins. I have also never understood what so many people see in Yajima.

    I am not a BK fan. In fact, I have previously said that "BK is the worst permanent group" in H!P (please note that was before they announced S/mileage, so this statement is not true anymore).. so it's not like I haven't given them a chance. Out of both BK and C-ute, I initially liked only Yurina and Chinami and it took quite a while and effort to get me to like Airi and tolerate most of the other members.

    From BK, the ones that remain are Natsuyaki (way too boring for me to ever like her) and Tsugunaga (I can't stand that person).

  5. LOL, Airi's has BEST the personality and voice in C-ute and EVERYONE knows it! Yajima.... needs work on her personlity a bit more(I've said this before in my C-ute ranking but i'm gonna say it again, Maimi is BORING)& she also needs to sing LESS and dance MORE.

    I rather like Chinami myself! : ) she's funny & is ALWAYS smiling! And Yurina's alright as well! : )

    It only took me about 2 months to actually like Risako(I always thought of the negative things about her and never the postive, which made me dislike her even more when I first got into Berryz).

  6. And about Miya....
    Yes. I agree, Natsuyaki can be a bit boring sometimes(This was actually a reason why I used to have such a hard time getting into her when I first got to know Berryz. Buono is what's keeping her so high in my ranking honestly, when Buono disbands than Miya most likely will go down in my ranking).

    I'm guessing the reason you dislike Momo-chan is because she overdoes the "cute" thing a lot(this is why most people dislike her). Well.... She IS an idol you know(this is what most idol's do is it not?), she's just doing her job(She's a pro at being an idol and you know you can't deney that).

  7. WOW.......that was weird i liked your top 4 but im not sure abou the bottom 3

  8. Lol, my ranking is changing CONSTANTLY Kylon! so don't surprised if 4 to 5 change positions again, ok?

  9. Good thing that you like Momo (and Airi), it reminds me why I don't like her :):):):):):):)
    Who translated "My Boy" on your previous post? send that guy my thanks (also to you).

  10. Lost weight..? O_O Helllloooo It's muscle! Geez...x.x

  11. @Anonymous
    As I said BEFORE!!
    It's most likely not muscle... :p

    And btw... Do I know you? I think I do...

  12. No one needs to work on their personality at all.

    They are who they are and we love them for it.

  13. @Anonymous
    Opinions.. Opinions...