Thursday, September 24, 2009

Risako Sugaya - Solo Image DVD

Risako's solo image DVD has been announced.
Release Date: 12/02/09
(Lol, I can guarntee to you guys that she will most definately get a PB along with it!)

I'm sure almost everyone has heard about this news already! but I'm still gonna post it in my blog anyway(LOL)!
I can't say I'm too surprised with this annoucement, because Risako WAS(and I think still is) losing quite a bit of weight, which kinda made me think she was gonna get one anyway(because like a couple of months before a PB H!P girls tend to lose a bit of weight for it).
I am happy about the news surprisingly though(because it's been like a year and a half since her last one, so I think it's time for a new one). I hope the PB will be as good as her last one and I also hope they make the solo DVD "entertaining"(because if it is boring than I'll probably just end up skipping through a couple of parts until I find and interesting part from it, lol)!

(...........FIT Risako >>>>>>> SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT Risako...........)


  1. ah Risako... i will forever try to be a fan of her's

  2. LOL that comparison isn't fair at all! XD I mean, official photo v/s dancing and totally unofficial pic? LOL xD

    Oh well what can I say. I'M LOVING THIS NEWS. I MEAN OMG. I'M TOTALLY BUYING HER NEW PB (I know she will have one).

  3. @ BerryzFan
    I'm trying to be a fan of her's as well right now...

    @ JiririKiteru
    I thought it was fair.. *whistles*

    Lol, Why am I NOT surprised to here you say that?

  4. ^ I wonder why aren't you surprised! xD

  5. That is so not slightly overweight, that's normal- but I agree she looked better before :)

  6. risako is the best singer ever!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ Konoka
    Maybe it's just me but that looks slightly overweight to me.....
    Or perhaps maybe I'm just comparing her size to other Berryz members size too much.....

    @ jiririkiteru
    Maybe it's because I know your a big fan of hers.... *whistles*

  8. To be honest she doesn't look fat to me, That's normal...x.x Skinny girls and big girls have legs like that oh and..Um, That could be muscle you know that right? x.x

  9. @Anonymous
    Muscle? Most girl's in H!P don't have much muscle! :p
    Only girl's who I know from H!P who have muscle is Maimi, Momoko, & Maasa.

    I don't think Risako has much muscle.. Sorry..